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  • 7/31/2019 What We Learn With Pleasure We Never Forget


    Report on industrial visit conducted at


    Submitted by,

    Nikhil P,


    S8 ME,

    Marian engineering college.

  • 7/31/2019 What We Learn With Pleasure We Never Forget



    The company, Euro Marine Products Limited, was originally incorporated

    as a private limited company on 22nd March, 1991 by Mr. S. Andrews andMr. Antony George. The company was subsequently converted into a

    public limited company on 13th September, 1994. The company in November 1991 initiallystarted its operations out of a leased plant at Quilon and in February 1993 the Company set up anintegrated marine food processing unit at Puthenthope, Trivandrum, Kerala for processing

    shrimps, lobster, squids, cuttlefish, octopus, crabs, seer fish and other fish varieties.

    The first phase of the existing facility has been set up at a cost of Rs.106.00 lakhs which was

    financed through a term loan from Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC)

    aggregating Rs.70.50 lakhs, State Subsidy of Rs.6.00 lakhs and promoters contribution at

    Rs.29.50 lakhs. The second phase of the existing facilities was set up in December 1993 at acost of Rs.30.30 lakhs which was financed through a KSIDC term loan aggregating to Rs.18

    lakhs, State Subsidy of Rs.2.50 lakhs, internal accruals to the extent of Rs.4.50 lakhs and

    Promoters contribution of Rs.5.30 lakhs.

    The existing infrastructure of the company include 1.44 acres of land in freehold basis, a

    processing unit with a built up area of 8500 square feet with two plate freezers of 5 tons each,

    two tunnel freezers of 7.50 tons each, a matching coldstorage of 150 tons, a fleet comprising of 4 insulated vans, 2 LCVs and a standby generator of

    capacity 160 KVA.

    Technical reviews:

    The type of refrigeration system used in Euro Marine products limited is of vapour compression


    The main advantages of using such type of system are:

    Relatively inexpensive. Can be driven directly using mechanical energy (water, car/truck motor) or with electrical


    Efficient up to 60% of Carnot's theoretical limit

    The suction pipe ofvapour compression system is insulated this is to minimize sweating of the

    air around the pipe. When the air comes in contact with a cool surface, its water vapor

    condenses. Insulation material used is Aluminium and in between a material called PUFF is also


  • 7/31/2019 What We Learn With Pleasure We Never Forget


    Vapour compression system:Here the refrigerant used is ammonia. A vapour compression refrigeration system uses a

    refrigerant sealed in an airtight and leak proof mechanism. The refrigerant is circulated through

    the system and it undergoes a no of changes in its state while passing through variouscomponents of the system. Each such change in the state of vapour is called a process. The

    process of repetition of a similar order of operation is called a cycle.

    The compression cycle is given this name because it is the compression of the refrigerant

    by the compressor which permits transfer of heat energy. The refrigerant absorbs that from oneplace and release it to another place. In other words the compressor is used to put the heat laden

    refrigerant vapour in such a condition that it may dispute the heat it absorbed at low pressure

    from the refrigerated space, to an easily available cooling medium.

    Most of the modern refrigerators work on this cycle. In its simplest form there are four

    fundamental operations require to complete one cycle.





    Compression: The low pressure vapor in dry state is drawn from the evaporator during the

    suction stroke of the compressor. During compression stroke the pressure and temperatureincrease until vapor temperature is greater than the temperature of condenser cooling medium.

    Condensation: When the high pressure refrigerant vapor enters the condenser heat flows from

    condenser to cooling medium thus allowing the vaporized refrigerant to return to liquid state.

    Expansion: After condenser the liquid refrigerant is stored in the liquid receiver until needed.From the receiver it passes through an expansion valve where the pressure is reduced sufficiently

    to allow the vaporization of liquid a low temperature of about -10C.

    Vaporization: The low pressure refrigerant vapour after expansion in the expansion valveenters the evaporator or refrigerated space where a considerable amount of heat is absorbed by it

    and refrigeration is furnished.

    There are two sections in Euro Marine Products Limited one dealing with production of iceflakes and the other in cold storage of marine food products.

    They use two cylinder single stage vapour compression system in producing ice flakes. The

    schematic diagram of two cylinder single stage vapour compression system is shown

  • 7/31/2019 What We Learn With Pleasure We Never Forget


    From the cold water tank the water is delivered partly directly to the scale of the batching plant

    and partly to the flake ice plants. Ice plants are installed inside of 8-ft.container. All flake ice

    plants are equipped with ice makers with non-rotating drums avoiding the danger of leakage

    through a shaft-seal.

    The flake ice is removed by ice removal tools on the inside of the drum. The optimum ice

    thickness is 1.5 mm which guarantees the highest possible output and the shortest possible

    mixing and melting time inside the mixer. The flake ice is sub-cooled to approx. - 7C thus

    remaining chilled during storage and transportation.

    The cold storage is done by four cylinder two stage vapour compression system. In between anintercooler is used.

    The type of condenser system used is of two kinds

    1. Plate type condenser system: The plate-and-frame heat exchanger consists ofnumerous plates that are gasketed in such a way that when these plates are

    bolted together one of the fluids flows between two of the plates and the other

    fluid between the pairs of adjacent plates. The plates are corrugated with a

    herringbone pattern that physically strengthens the plates and also promotesturbulence of the fluids, providing excellent convection heat-transfer coefficients.

    This type of heat exchanger is appealing to such food industries as dairies

    because at the end of a work shift the bolts holding the plates in position can be

  • 7/31/2019 What We Learn With Pleasure We Never Forget


    loosened, permitting access to all surfaces for cleaning.

    2. Coil type evaporator system:

    The evaporator coil is a series of piping connected to a furnace or air handler that blows indoor

    air across it, causing the coil to absorb heat from the air. The cooled air is then delivered to the

    house through ducting. The refrigerant then flows back to the compressor where the cycle startsover again.