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<ul><li><p>THE ISSAQUAH PRESSSECTION B THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2016</p><p>B1</p><p>Greg Farrar / gfarrar@isspress.com</p><p>Nick Grossi of Issaquah was wounded when his squad took a direct hit from a German shell during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. </p><p>LEST WE FORGET</p><p>Battle of the Bulge veteranwas too young to be scared</p><p>By Christina Corrales-Toyccorrales-toy@isspress.com</p><p>Issaquah resident Nick Grossi was 18 years old when he got the call to serve his country.</p><p>It was 1943 and Grossi was a student at ODea High School. He was drafted to fight for the U.S. Army in World War II and then shipped off to California for training.</p><p>I was too young to be scared, the 91-year-old Spiritwood at Pine Lake resi-dent said, but I didnt like the fact that I couldnt finish high school.</p><p>He would eventually get that diploma, but not before an 18-month service stint that resulted in a Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his bravery during the infamous Battle of the Bulge.</p><p>The largest battle the U.S. Army ever fought began in December 1944. All ap-pearances suggested that World War II was coming to a close before the German </p><p>American infantrymen navigate the snow-covered Belgian countryside near the German border during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. Courtesy of U.S. Army</p><p>army launched a counteroffensive attack.Adolf Hitlers surprise invasion attempt-</p><p>ed to split the Allied armies in northwest Europe. </p><p>The Germans had made a break-through on the front line, thats why they call it the Battle of the Bulge, Grossi said.</p><p>Grossi, a member of the 80th Infantry Division, worked in a heavy weapons com-pany. He stood about 1,500 yards behind the front lines and manned the 81mm mortar. Someone closer to the action would wire him information on where to shoot the mortar shells.</p><p>He was wounded when his squad took a direct hit from a German shell. As Grossis lap was bleeding and wracked with shrap-nel, he ventured back to headquarters to alert superiors about the attack. Its one of the reasons he received a Bronze Star.</p><p>Dont ask me how I did it, because I was </p><p>Courtesy of Nick Grossi</p><p>Nick Grossi was a member of the 80th Infantry Division and was a member of a heavy weapons com-pany in December 1944. See GROSSI, Page B11</p></li><li><p>B2 Thursday, May 26, 2016 The Issaquah Press </p><p>B2</p><p>Robert WatsonStaff sergeant, U.S. Army Air Force375th Bombardment Squadron,</p><p>308th Bombardment Group (Heavy)Born: Nov. 6, 1908</p><p>Missing in action: Jan. 25, 1944Declared dead: Jan. 26, 1946</p><p>Was aboard B-24 ferry flight from Kunming, China that never arrived at destination of Chabua, India. Tablets </p><p>of the missing are at Manila American Cemetery, Manila, Philippines.</p><p>John Raymond Smart2nd lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Force</p><p>443rd Bombardment Squadron320th Bombardment Group</p><p>Missing in action Oct. 23, 1943, over the Tyrrhenian Sea near Giannutri </p><p>Island, Italy. The crew of downed B-26 was seen in life rafts but rescue boats </p><p>could not locate them, and no one from the crew was ever seen again. Tablets </p><p>of the missing are at Florence American Cemetery in Florence, Italy.</p><p>Robert PhilpStaff sergeant, U.S. Army Air Force589th Bombardment Squadron,</p><p>387th Bombardment GroupShot down near Mayan, Germany, where </p><p>his crew was attacking a railroad via-duct, on Dec. 23, 1944.</p><p>Jack McQuadePrivate, U.S. Army Air Force481st Service Squadron46th Air Service Group</p><p>Born: Nov. 28, 1920Died: April 18, 1945</p><p>Killed in accidental bomb explosion on the Philippine island of Luzon. Buried in </p><p>Hillside Cemetery.</p><p>Emmett R. McDonaldCaptain, U.S. Air Force</p><p>61st Troop Carrier SquadronBorn: July 27, 1939</p><p>Missing in action: May 31, 1966Declared dead: Feb. 11, 1975</p><p>Served as crew member aboard a C-130 that crashed during a nighttime </p><p>attack on the Thanh Hoa Bridge in North Vietnam.</p><p>Laurence J. Lortie2nd lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Force,</p><p>45th Fighter Squadron15th Fighter Group</p><p>Missing in action June 1, 1945, some-where between Iwo Jima and Osaka, Japan. Weather may have been the </p><p>reason for the loss.</p><p>George C. LarsenPrivate first class, U.S. Army184th Infantry Regiment,</p><p>7th Infantry DivisionBorn: Feb. 17, 1926 Died: June 14, 1945</p><p>Killed in action by a grenade while attacking Hill 181 on Okinawa, Ryukyu </p><p>Islands, Japan. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery.</p><p>Peter EricksonPrivate, U.S. Army</p><p>18th Engineer RegimentDied: Aug. 10, 1918</p><p>From the Sept. 27, 1918, edition of the Press: A large congregation attended the memorial service Sunday afternoon at </p><p>Issaquah in honor of Peter Erickson, the first of the boys from Issaquah to die in the service of his country. Buried in Suresnes </p><p>American Cemetery, Suresnes, France. </p><p>Elizabeth EricksonWoman Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs)</p><p>Born: April 24, 1921Died: April 16, 1944</p><p>Killed in a mid-flight collision while fly-ing an AT-6 in a training exercise over Sweetwater, Texas. Buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Seattle. Because WASPs were considered civilians, she did </p><p>not receive a military burial. She was awarded a Congressional Gold Medal.</p><p>James Patrick BradyCorporal, U.S. Army</p><p>Scotch Platoon, C Company2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment</p><p>1st Cavalry DivisionBorn: March 7, 1949Died: June 18, 1969</p><p>Killed in action in Tay Ninh, South Vietnam. Buried in Greenwood </p><p>Memorial Park, Renton.</p><p>Robert BaskettSergeant, U.S. Army</p><p>8th InfantryBorn: April 7, 1925Died: July 15, 1944</p><p>Graduated from Issaquah High School in 1943. Killed in action in Normandy, France. Buried in Hillside Cemetery.</p><p>Paul Alfred AmbrosePrivate, U.S. Army</p><p>701st Tank Destroyer BattalionBorn: July 9, 1924</p><p>Died: May 31, 1944Graduated from Issaquah High School in 1942. Killed in action in Anzio, Italy. </p><p>Buried in Hillside Cemetery.</p><p>Robert ArndtCorporal, U.S. Army</p><p>C Company3rd Battalion, 47th Infantry Regiment</p><p>9th Infantry DivisionBorn: May 6, 1946 Died: July 29, 1967 </p><p>Shot in early 1967 but recovered and was back in action only a few days when he was killed in Dinh Tuong province, South </p><p>Vietnam. Buried in Hillside Cemetery.</p><p>Freedom isnt free. Since the birth of this country, men and women </p><p>have been willing to fight and die for Americans to be free to live their </p><p>lives as they choose. </p><p>And the number of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice is stag-</p><p>gering. More than 1.3 million men and women have died in wars fought </p><p>by or on behalf of this country since 1775.</p><p>Men and women have also been willing to sacrifice their personal time, </p><p>by serving in times when war was not on or imminent. They have done </p><p>all types of jobs that people in the civilian sector do, but instead did them </p><p>in service to this country while they stood ready to defend our lives, lib-</p><p>erty and the pursuit of happiness.</p><p>We at The Issaquah Press salute, honor and thank the men and women </p><p>from our community who have paid all types of sacrifices to keep them-</p><p>selves, their families and everyone else free. We hope you will do the same.</p><p>THEY PAID THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE </p><p>Information is incomplete and/or </p><p>conflicting for the 19 local veterans killed </p><p>while serving in wartime. Photos also could not be located </p><p>for three of the deceased. If you have information or photos, please email editor@isspress.com or call 392-6434, ext. 227.</p><p>Louis PetersenFlight officer, U.S. Army Air Force422nd Bombardment Squadron</p><p>305th Bombardment GroupDied: Aug. 6, 1944</p><p>Killed when the B-17 he was co-piloting was hit by flak and crashed near Vollradisroda, Germany. Interred </p><p>in Germany and later brought home to Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton.</p><p>Joseph Albert TondreauFireman first class</p><p>U.S. Navy/Naval ReserveMissing in action or buried at sea Dec. 18, 1944. Tablets of the missing are at Manila American Cemetery in Manila, </p><p>Philippines.</p><p>Carl Albert LarsonCorporal, U.S. Army,</p><p>361st Infantry Regiment91st Infantry Division</p><p>Died: Oct. 9, 1918Buried in Meuse-Argonne American </p><p>Cemetery, in Romagne, France.(no photo available)</p><p>Robert HoskinsLance corporal, U.S. Marine Corps,</p><p>H&amp;S Company3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment</p><p>1st Marine DivisionBorn: Sept. 14, 1949 Died: Nov. 25, 1968</p><p>Mortarman killed in action in South Vietnam. Buried in Hillside Cemetery.</p><p>(no photo available)</p><p>Harold GleasonPrivate first class, U.S. Army</p><p>301st Infantry Regiment94th Infantry Division</p><p>Born: Feb. 6, 1916 Died: March 2, 1945</p><p>Killed in action while serving as a medic near Serrig, Germany. Buried in </p><p>Hillside Cemetery. (no photo available)</p><p>Paul Clifford Benson2nd lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Force</p><p>737th Bomb Squadron454th Bomb Group</p><p>His B-24 bomber was shot down over Yugoslavia on April 21, 1944, and he died from his wounds in a German </p><p>prison camp one week later.</p><p>Read stories and view photos from past Lest We Forget sections online at</p><p>THEEASTSIDE.NEWS/LESTWEFORGET</p></li><li><p> The Issaquah Press Thursday, May 26, 2016 B3</p><p>B3</p><p>Archie AdairBorn: May 5, 1911Died: Feb. 18, 1985Branch of service: </p><p>U.S. ArmyWhere served: </p><p>Germany in World War IIDetails of service: While with the 83rd Infantry Division in </p><p>Germany, was awarded the combat </p><p>infantrymans badge for displaying exemplary </p><p>conduct in action</p><p>Allen Sherman AndersonHighest rank achieved: </p><p>E-3Branch of service: </p><p>U.S. NavyDates of service: Dec. 2, 1972 to April 7, 1977</p><p>Details of service: Hull tech, was on the </p><p>USS Samuel Gompers, USS John Paul Jones, </p><p>USS Kitty Hawk; was off the coast of Vietnam from late 1973 until mid-1975; finished </p><p>enlistment in dry dock at Bremerton shipyard</p><p>Buford R. (Bud) AmbroseDeceased</p><p>Highest rank achieved: SK2 (store keeper </p><p>second class)Branch of service:</p><p>U.S. NavyWhere served: </p><p>South Pacific USS Saginaw Bay</p><p>Dates of service: Feb. 15, 1943 to </p><p>Feb. 5, 1946</p><p>Daniel T. AndersonBranch of service: U.S. </p><p>NavyHighest rank achieved: </p><p>ET2Where served: Atlantic </p><p>Theater two years aboard USS Pocono, flagship of the Atlantic </p><p>FleetDetails of service: Served as electronic </p><p>technician (UHF specialist); President </p><p>Truman was often aboard the ship, using my radio shack and </p><p>equipment.Years of service: </p><p>1946-1948</p><p>Albert AndersonBorn: Feb. 28, 1892</p><p>Died: Oct. 1969Highest rank achieved: Fireman Second Class</p><p>Branch of service: Navy</p><p>Where served: U.S.S. New York</p><p>Dates of service: May, 17, 1917 to </p><p>May 7, 1918</p><p>William Ernest Arndt Highest rank achieved: </p><p>Baker second class Branch of service: U.S. </p><p>NavyWhere served: </p><p>Pacific Dates of service: March 1943 to December 1945</p><p>Edward E. AuthierHighest rank achieved: </p><p>Lieutenant colonelBranch of service: </p><p>U.S. ArmyWhere served: Germany, Korea, Vietnam and U.S.Dates of service: </p><p>1960 - 1980Details of service: Was a senior Army </p><p>aviator</p><p>John ArnoldHighest rank achieved: Lieutenant Commander Branch of service: U.S. </p><p>Navy Where served: </p><p>U.S., Cuba, three tours in Vietnam </p><p>Dates of service: August 1955 to January 1982</p><p>John Michael BarryHighest rank achieved: </p><p>CorporalBranch of service: U.S. </p><p>Marine CorpsWhere served: Vietnam Details of service: 1st Marine Air Wing, 3rd </p><p>Marine Division; served in combat at Khe Sahn Combat Base during Tet and the Siege of Khe </p><p>Sahn in February 1968; I Corps below the DMZ; in combat in Vietnam from December 1967 </p><p>to August 1969Dates of service: February 1966 to February 1972</p><p>Rodney Albert Anderson Born: Apr. 16, 1925Died: Nov. 16, 2000Branch of service: </p><p>ArmyWhere served: Europe</p><p>Details of service: served in World War </p><p>II in the 97th Infantry Division and drove a </p><p>Jeep</p><p>Vern G. AndersonBorn: Nov. 23, 1927Died: May 16, 2008</p><p>Highest rank achieved: Corporal</p><p>Branch of service: Navy and Army</p><p>Where served: Fort Lewis, Fort Lawton, </p><p>Whittier (Alaska), Port of Embarkation in SeattleDates of service: 1946 (Navy) then discharged </p><p>after eight months, drafted again in 1951Details of service: in Seattle, was a military police officer at the main gate, in Alaska </p><p>unloaded ships</p><p>Vigo E. AndersonBorn: Sept. 1, 1944</p><p>Highest rank achieved: 1st Lieutenant </p><p>Branch of service: Marine Corps</p><p>Where served: motor transportation, First Marine DivisionDates of service: March 1967 to </p><p>June 1970Details of service: spent 25 months in </p><p>Vietnam</p><p>Gilbert R. AndressHighest rank achieved: Carpenters mate third </p><p>class Branch of service: U.S. Navy, SeaBees Naval </p><p>Construction Wounded in action: </p><p>Gun explosion caused tinnitus </p><p>Where served: Pacific Ocean, Hawaii, </p><p>Guam, OkinawaDates of service: July 7, 1943 to March 6, 1946</p><p>William Allen AndersonBorn: Jan. 23, 1934Died: Dec. 26, 2005</p><p>Highest rank achieved: sergeant</p><p>Branch of service: U.S. Army</p><p>Dates of service: Feb. 3, 1953 to Jan. 26, </p><p>1956Details of service: </p><p>served in Korea</p><p>Angelo BoniBorn: Dec. 26, 1926</p><p>Died: July 24, 2006 in Issaquah</p><p>Highest rank achieved: Private</p><p>Branch of service: Army</p><p>Dates of service: June 22, 1945 to </p><p>Nov. 11, 1946</p><p>Dan BoniBorn: Aug. 25, 1924</p><p>Branch of service: U.S. Navy</p><p>Where served: Motor machinists mate second class unitDates of service: Sept. 17, 1943 to March 31, 1946</p><p>Details of service: served in combat in the South Pacific for </p><p>two years; Ship PGM8 received two letters </p><p>of commendation for services in Northern Solomons and the </p><p>Philippines</p><p>David Wayne BrackenBorn: 1917</p><p>Died: 1979 (in Issaquah)</p><p>Highest rank achieved: PFC</p><p>Branch of service: U.S. Army</p><p>Where served: Aleutian Islands</p><p>Details of service: Signal Corps</p><p>Dates of service: 1942 to 1945</p><p>Paul Thomas BooneBorn: Sept. 26, 1924Died: Oct. 7, 2009</p><p>Highest rank achieved: Flight officer</p><p>Branch of service: U.S. Air Force</p><p>Where served: P-51 pilot in combat </p><p>in the Philippines, New Guinea and other </p><p>places in the South Pacific</p><p>Details of service: He was in Japan after the bomb was dropped, </p><p>and ferried numerous planes from the islands </p><p>to storage areas.Dates of service: </p><p>1943-1946</p><p>Louis BoniBorn: Nov. 24, 1918</p><p>Died: 2003 in IssaquahBranch of service: Navy, water tender</p><p>Dates of service: April 3, 1942 to Nov. 29, </p><p>1945, and the Korean War</p><p>Details of service: served in combat in the Pacific during World War II and the Korean War</p><p>Harold Bloom Jr.Born: 1948</p><p>Died: Sept. 25, 2014Branch of service: </p><p>U.S. Air ForceHighest rank achieved: </p><p>CaptainDetails of service: Aircraft Commander flying the KC-135 around the world, </p><p>breaking the speed of sound in a T-38</p><p>Florence BlankenshipBorn: 1922</p><p>Highest rank achieved: Storekeeper First Class</p><p>Branch of service: Navy</p><p>Where served: Washington, D.C., Bureau of Ships </p><p>Dates of service: 1944-46</p><p>Michael BlochBorn: Oct. 25, 1939</p><p>Highest rank achieved: Airman First Class Branch of service: </p><p>Air ForceWhere served: Hahn </p><p>Airbase, GermanyDates of service: </p><p>1960-64Details of service: assisted in base </p><p>chapel and forecasted weather for pilots</p><p>Gordie BlumeBorn: Aug. 25, 1948</p><p>Highest rank achieved: Captain</p><p>Branch of service: Air Force</p><p>Where served: Southeast Asia, Alaska, Europe, Mediterranean, </p><p>Pacific, U.S.Dates of service: </p><p>January 1973 to June 1979</p><p>Harry G. Behrens Highest rank achieved: </p><p>LTJGBranch of service: </p><p>U.S. NavyWhere served: </p><p>One year in Korea Dates of service: </p><p>1953-1955Details of service: </p><p>Was landing craft con-trol officer on the USS </p><p>Logan</p><p>William BentzHighest rank achieved: </p><p>Staff sergeant Branch of service: </p><p>U.S. Army Where served: </p><p>South Pacific, New Guinea Philippines; Fort </p><p>Lawton, Wash. Dates of service: </p><p>1943-1946, 1948-1949</p><p>Greg BemanBorn: Aug. 17, 1948</p><p>Hi...</p></li></ul>