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<p>Closing Achievement Gaps at HASD</p> <p>What Others Say About Me</p> <p>EC: S/L and Elementary SpEd Teachers Mr. Cook is a highly competent, skilled, and approachable co-worker. He provides direction in a respectful manner.He is approachable, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. There has not been a time when I felt uncomfortable asking him a question.</p> <p>4th grade teacher, interventionist, member of RTI Committee and parent of a student with TBI</p> <p>Joe was an amazing advocate for both students and teachers.</p> <p>K Teacher and Member of RTI CommitteeI worked with Joe on an RTI committee when it was just being introduced to our district. Joe was an excellent leader and very knowledgeable about the rules and policies related to RTI and special education.</p> <p>A H.S. English TeacherI highly value and respect his opinion in all educational matters. On the rare occasion he does not know the answer he will get back to me with a researched answer in a timely fashion.</p> <p>8th Grade S.S. TeacherI have appreciated his leadership in helping me understandhow I can work with special ed staff and students.</p> <p>ECSE TeacherJoe has been very helpful with paperwork questions, policies, and communicates effectively. We have been blessed with his expertise and help when our directors were absent.</p> <p>A Different H.S. English TeacherJoe Cook is without a doubt the most knowledgeable, caring, and collaborative teacher in our district. Without him, our district--not just our special education department--would cease to run as smoothly as it currently does. </p>


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