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<ul><li> 1. What makes aGREAT Website!By: Sanjivani Seereeram</li></ul> <p> 2. The OBJECTIVE of your websiteThe fundamental question you must askyourself is:How can my website help my customers?For e.g. Is the goal to help customers find info on myproducts? Can the website save them time or money? Is the website a means to reach customers? 3. Effective website design can allowan org to achieve5SsSELLSales through a clearOVPOnline services for relevant &amp; upConversationsto date info SERVESPEAKopened up between customers and org and even customers and Saved customers costprint, post, face toSAVE SIZZLE face, salesHelps build brand transactions value 4. CRM Objectives = SiteObjectives Customer Customer CustomerAcquisition RetentionExtension * Keeping*Selling otherStep TWOStep ONE Step THREE * Winningrelevant products customers customersto customers - Timely, personalized, * Convertingrelevant emails prospects &amp; offers 5. 4 factors believed to encourage return visits1. High Quality Content- The right info at the right time2. Ease of Use- Good navigation3. Quick Download time- Visitors wont wait for site to download4. Frequently updated- Site stays fresh- New and relevant info updates 6. * Efficient* Gives UserSatisfaction* Memorable * Learnable Usability?The extent to which aproduct can be used byspecified users to achievespecified goalswitheffectiveness,efficiencyand satisfaction in aspecified context of use(BSI 1999) 7. Web accessibility?All about allowing all users of a website to interactwith it regardless of disabilities 8. http://www.hobo-web.co.uk/design-website-for-blind/ 9. Buying Modes:Databases:Communications:Both online &amp; CustomerOnline Value offline buyingdatabases mustPropositionsmodes must be be integratedfacilitated INTEGRATED WEBSITE DESIGN 10. Online Value PropositionsOVPs should be : Unique Clear and Strong A proposition to yourvisitor Different fromcompetitors Not available in the realworld Impactful to the lives ofcustomers 11. Online Value PropositionsOVPsshouldBeplaced: On URLs andTraffic buildingtools Clearly on websites: homepages On all interactions online and offlineto deliver the message effectively 12. Options for Personalization COOKIESCOUNTRYCUSTOMERPREFERENCES RECOMMENDED ALGORITHMS 13. Website OR Documentary??? http://waterlife.nfb.ca/ Great information Dramatic imagery Interactive However, complicatedconfusingpoints toa situation of imbalance between visualdesign and accessibility &amp; usability I literally re-visited this site four times toappreciate its content and to understand it 14. Excellent Website 15. Site PersonalityHow would you describe a website? Formal? Interactive? Fun? Engaging? Entertaining? Professional? Serious? 16. Informational Websites 17. Interactive WebsiteTHE CHART 18. http://www.oxochart.com/ 19. THE END! </p>