What Makes a Great Website? 8 Things you Need to Know

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<ol><li> 1. www.goldminddigital.com </li><li> 2. Technology is quickly becoming standard in everyones lives. Kids have iPads, and even our cars are equipped with Wi-Fi connections. Therefore, the internet is quickly becoming the next best place to ply your trade its like having millions of people passing by your storefront every day. www.goldminddigital.com </li><li> 3. Therefore, your storefront your website of course! needs to be appealing to make people want to visit it. However, are you curious about what it takes? Lets take a look at some of the things that go into creating an amazing website! www.goldminddigital.com </li><li> 4. Sad to say, but the average consumer judges your website by what its called. Therefore, a great digital marketing agency will help you to choose the right domain name that brings across the point of your website simply. YOUR WEBSITE IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE DOMAIN NAME AND WEB HOST.1 www.goldminddigital.com </li><li> 5. The best websites out there have extensive backend software management systems and software. YOU NEED AN AGENCY TO HANDLE TO THE BACKEND ASPECT OF IT.2 www.goldminddigital.com </li><li> 6. The best websites out there have extensive backend software management systems and software. DESIGN IS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND A GREAT WEBSITE5 www.goldminddigital.com </li><li> 7. Shifting from page to page within your website should be a seamless transition, the load time shouldnt be long or buggy and your viewers should be able to navigate it easily. HOW IT FEELS4 www.goldminddigital.com </li><li> 8. Colors, colors, colors and more colors! Your color scheme is probably even more important than the content you choose to put on your website even though thats important too. HOW IT LOOKS6 www.goldminddigital.com </li><li> 9. Whatever your company stands for has to be communicated through your logo; this is an essential part of branding. YOUR LOGO EMBODIES YOUR COMPANY AND WEBSITE7 www.goldminddigital.com </li><li> 10. Did you know that the coding that goes in your website has to be suited for search engine optimization as well? (Theres even a guide to it!) Therefore your web developer needs to be versed in this sort of thing. BOTH YOUR CODE AND CONTENT SHOULD BE SEO FRIENDLY8 www.goldminddigital.com </li><li> 11. As mentioned in here, about 80% of adults using the internet have a smartphone, and spend on average two hours each day using it for web-surfing. That means that if your website isnt mobile friendly, you could be losing a ton of potential customers. YOUR WEBSITE HAS TO BE MOBILE FRIENDLY3 www.goldminddigital.com </li><li> 12. People love variety and being able to choose. Therefore, you have to make your website adaptable to this basic human tendency. YOUR WEBSITE SHOULD BE SUITABLE FOR DIFFERENT BROWSERS3 www.goldminddigital.com </li><li> 13. You cant have a website without social media buttons. Its just incomplete. Therefore your website developers need to ensure that your website is equipped with all the social media necessities to enable your viewers to help spread the word about your content and website easily. EVERYTHING SHOULD BE SHAREABLE VIA SOCIAL MEDIA3 www.goldminddigital.com </li><li> 14. Truth be told, its hard to find website development agencies out there, who know what theyre doing well enough to deliver quality website design and build, without sacrificing some other key attributes. Read the entire article HERE. </li></ol>