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What do they mean???. Welcome to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyonecanedit. Well then, lets edit !!. On Wikipedia anyone can edit any article. Note the edit this page tab. 8/28/06 I edited Big Bird article. Changed yellow to blue and size 82 to 54. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


What do they mean???Welcome to Wikipedia,the free encyclopedia that anyonecanedit. Well then, lets edit !!On Wikipedia anyone can editany article.Note the edit this page tab.8/28/06I edited Big Bird article.Changed yellow to blueand size 82 to 54.After editing, how article appearedto Wikipedia users.9/05/06Over the Labor Day weekendthe mistake was corrected.How good is the informationon Wikipedia? Suggestion: Comparewith a minimum of two printsources before you use Wikipedia info.Wow, you mean that old lady, I mean library lady actually knows something!!Maybe I should be more careful when using information from web sites..You complete this slide.How should users verify Wikipedia information?____________________________________________________________________________________