The 10 Commandments What are they? Where are they found? What do they mean?

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<p>The 10 Commandments</p> <p>The 10 CommandmentsWhat are they?Where are they found?What do they mean?</p> <p>Exodus &amp;DeuteronomyWhere are the 10 Commandments found?1st Commandment</p> <p>I am the Lord your God. You shall not have strange gods before me.This commandment invites us to have faith in God and tells us that he will always be there for us.</p> <p>2nd Commandment</p> <p>You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.This commandment tells us that the name of God is holy and we should only use it respectfully.</p> <p>3rd Commandment</p> <p>Remember to keep holy the Lord's day.This commandment encourages us to take a break every now and then to refresh our body, mind and spirit. For Catholics it tells us it is important to stop and worship God every Sunday.</p> <p>This commandment reminds us about how important and precious our family is and calls for children to respect their parents.4th Commandment</p> <p>Honor your father and your mother.</p> <p>This commandment tells us that human life is valuable and sacred and encourages us to care for ourselves by keeping healthy and avoiding activities that harm our body, mind and spirit.5th Commandment</p> <p>You shall not kill.</p> <p>This commandment tells us to keep our promises in marriage and stay faithful to our loved ones.6th Commandment</p> <p>You shall not commit adultery.</p> <p>This commandment affirms the value of honesty and trust.7th Commandment </p> <p>You shall not steal.</p> <p>This commandment reminds us of the value of truth and challenges us to be honest.8th Commandment</p> <p>You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.</p> <p>These commandments go together. They encourage us to be generous instead of being jealous and greedy.9th CommandmentYou shall not covet your neighbor's wife.</p> <p>10th CommandmentYou shall not covet your neighbor's goods.</p> <p>The BeatitudesWhat are they?Where are they found?What do they mean?</p> <p>The Beatitudes were told to us by Jesus. They show Christians how to live a blessed and moral life. They are rules to follow.What are the Beatitudes for?Blessed are thoseWhen we follow God's commands we will comfort others and care for them when they weep. In the Beatitudes, Jesus taught his followers how to make the reign of love a reality in our world.The Beatitudes call Christians to the love of God and neighbor because this will enable the Kingdom of God to be present on earth. They talk about the bad side of things because the Kingdom is near and love is soon to reign on earth. Why do we have the Commandments and the Beatitudes?When speaking of the Beatitudes, the Most Reverand J.A. Plourde said that even a person who has no faith can discover that mans happiness on earth demands love, justice and fraternity. By incorporating these values into our lives, we work to bring about Gods kingdom and then happiness of our brothers. We build Christs body and a whole new world.</p> <p>Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.1st BeatitudeAll we have is a total gift from God. We should use our talents, intelligence, possessions, and the like to help others.Blessed are thoseBlessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.2nd BeatitudeThose who mourn know how little they are without God. In their sorrow, they will be comforted. Their sorrow helps them to see others who are worse off and can move them to lend a helping hand to those who suffer.Blessed are thoseBlessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.3rd BeatitudeThe meek are gentle people, not self-centered or pushy. They do not gripe when hurting, and they identify with the Lord who suffered wrongs patiently and with forgiveness in his heart. Blessed are thoseBlessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.4th BeatitudePart of striving to do Gods will is to realize that God teaches that we prove our love for him by taking care of each other, as Mother Therese of Calcutta said, by doing something beautiful for God.Blessed are thoseBlessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.5th BeatitudeAs disciples of Jesus, we must forgive others, without strings attached, even our enemies. We must stop holding grudges and genuinely care for others. If we give mercy, God will be sure to be merciful to us as well.Blessed are thoseBlessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.6th BeatitudeBlessed are thoseThe pure of heart know what is important closeness to the Lord who alone can satisfy their inner longings for love and understanding. We should see God in others.Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.7th BeatitudeBlessed are thoseWe are Gods children. We should unite, not divide; we should cooperate, not compete. The Risen Lord says, Peace be with you.Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.8th BeatitudeBlessed are thoseWe should stand up for what is right, even in the face of rejection. To be willing to stand with him guarantees that he will never abandon us.Remember that some children do not have as much as you do, </p> <p>Bee nice to everyone and make Jesus happy.Bee Attitudes</p> <p>Remember that some children are sad when they have to send a special person home to God,</p> <p>Bee kind and friendly and Jesus will be kind to you.</p> <p>Remember to let others be first in the line-up, even when it is your turn to be first,</p> <p>Bee thoughtful and Jesus will smile on your actions. </p> <p>Remember that not all children have enough to eat,</p> <p>Bee giving and share your treats with them.</p> <p>Remember that there will always be a bully on the playground,</p> <p>Bee forgiving and Jesus will smile on you.</p> <p>Remember that there are children who will not be nice, because no one has ever been nice to them,</p> <p>Bee nice to everyone and Jesus will be happy.</p> <p>Remember when other children argue with you, they just might need extra attention, </p> <p>Bee a peacemaker and Jesus will bless you abundantly.</p> <p>The Beatitudes sound simple, be a peacemaker, be merciful and work for justice. Living the Beatitudes will make us stand out, living as Christians in an unChristian world can be difficult. </p> <p>They come early in the Gospel. </p> <p>This power point was created using: may go to the website for practice, flash cards, and a quiz.</p>