QRCodes: What They Are and What They Mean for Communications

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This is a powerpoint I put together after first leaning what QRCodes were. I was the President of the UWF chapter of the American Advertising Federation and gave the presentation to the Club. The overwhelming response lead me to giving the same presentation 4 times to different classes within two weeks. I hope you enjoy.


<ul><li> 1. QR Codes<br />A growing medium for communication<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. What are QR Codes<br />QR Stands for Quick Response<br />QR-Codes are two dimensional barcodes (data matrix) that are designed to hold content. They are designed to transfer the content quickly and efficiently.<br /> 3. Uses<br />Used to distribute information quickly <br />Currently most popular in technological industries<br />Started as codes used in the car industry but has started to mainstream into consumer use around the world ( Asia &gt; Europe &gt; U.S.)<br /> 4. Where are QR Codes being utilized today? <br />Business Cards<br />Magazines<br />Advertisements<br />Billboards<br />Busses<br />Other Signs<br />Monitor Screens<br />T-Shirts<br />And almost anywhere else with a flat surface!<br /> 5. What kinds of info can be held in a QR Code? <br />A QR Code can hold up to 7,089 characters<br />Pictures, information, numeric information, web sites, ads, coupons can all be stored in these codes- and more!<br />Regular barcodes can only hold up to 20 characters<br /> 6. Basically <br />Any flat surface is scan-able<br />You can stick them anywhere!<br />They are normally not specifically labeled<br />Entices curiosity<br />Information is picked up and stored <br />It stays with them and is stored in the smart phone until deleted!<br />Medium for information distribution<br />They can be scanned by more people<br />than ever now <br />due to the boom of smart phones! <br /> 7. What does this mean for Communications? <br />Lots of reasons why it is great! <br />It is an opt in scenario<br />Allows qualified customers immediate access to info right at the Moment of Truth (when they recognize a need/want) <br />It allows us to link the customers directly to where we want them<br />As of now it is cool and new! People love that!<br />It allows us to attach the company to the prospect individually<br />It allows us to leave a future reference with the customer we become accessible at any moment through the phone<br />It is inexpensive in fact its FREE<br />It is location specific as well as behavior specific<br /> 8. You can have your own QR Code !<br />QR codes are open to anyone! <br />To make a basic one start with this site<br />http://qrcode.kaywa.com/<br />Other sites with more advanced features are available and you can have as many as you want! Just Google it.<br /> 9. You can put them anywhere!<br />The options are endless! <br /></p> <ul><li>E-mails </li></ul> <p> 10. Thank you letters 11. Car magnets 12. Photos 13. FSI 14. PowerPoint's 15. Word Documents 16. And Stickers, in case you think of another great place to stick them! 17. Business cards 18. Resumes 19. Portfolios 20. Commercials 21. Print Ads 22. Collateral 23. Clothing 24. Buildings 25. Posters 26. Billboards 27. Products</p>