welcome to freyda siegel’s 100 th birthday celebration

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  • Welcome to Freyda Siegels100th Birthday Celebration

  • When Freyda was born July 27, 1909 Theodore Roosevelt was replaced by William Taft

    Marconi won the Nobel prize for the invention of the radio

    The Wright Brothers buzzed the Statue of liberty dragging a canoe as an emergency personal flotation device.

  • 1909 crop of babies are quite memorable!Errol FlynnJoseph R. McCarthyAl Capp Benny Goodman Joseph L. Mankiewicz Jessica Tandy Eugene Ionesco Freyda Siegel

  • The early yearsBorn in West Medway, MAMother went into labor when she fell out of hammock2 months early- Freyda was in a hurry !Grew up in North End, West End, then Winthrop

  • Very Close Knit Family Great Sense Of Humor And Wit:

  • A young talentElocution lessons 25c eachDancing, Theater, Radio

  • EducationEmerson College, Bachelor of Literary Interpretation, 1930

    Boston University Masters in Education, 1954

  • Married Pete (Herman) Siegel1938

  • George Siegel born in 1940

  • Moved to Chicago in 1943 Courageous move to go so far away! A great life in Chicago speaking, active in PTA, friends, etc.

  • Kindergarten teacher in WinthropSteve Rosenthal was a studentSchool Adjustment Counselor in WinthropHead Start Program in the summer

  • Lexington Schools recruited her to be an elementary guidance counselor

  • Remarkable career there Popular, respected, effective, insightfulMany accolades from parents and students"It's (Freyda's office)a place where I can go and talk about something bad and not get in trouble for it."

  • Dozens of parents expressed how their child would never have succeeded without Freydas caring and support. We are so very lucky to have you as an advocate what a feeling of comfort your presence provides both to students and their parents.

  • One parent wrote about Freydas talents in helping her daughter overcome a very difficult time: It is very rare to find someone who is able to combine unusually sharp insight and the ability to communicate this in a way that becomes very useful.

    You always manage to bring the focus back to the child as a child!

  • From a 1994 letter from parents of a graduating Lexington High senior:You are in large part responsible for who he has become. When things werent going well for our son, adults had disappointed him and confusion seemed to be the rule you believed in him. That has always meant so much to him and to us!

  • Developed highly regarded talks Based on her training and experienceReducing Parental FrustrationWhat Not to Say to ChildrenThe Pros and Cons of Children FriendshipsDiscipline That WorksRaising Money-Wise ChildrenMinimizing Sibling RivalryRaising Children in a Modern World

  • Talks for local schoolsRevere, Natick, Wareham, Springfield, W Townsend, Newton, Lenox, Hamilton, Provincetown, Marlboro, Lakeville, Duxbury, Needham, Worcester, Wareham, Somerville, Sturbridge, Foxboro ....and dozens more !

  • One school system superintendent wrote:Thank you for inviting me to your parent meeting . I was impressed by your gentle, straightforward manner and your ability to engage parents in discussion and problem-solving.

  • Courses Freyda has taughtLeadership workshop (BU School of Nursing) The 4 L's: Love, Listen, LimitLet Go!

  • Talks over the years - all over the US!Lesley, Wheelock, Middlesex, Framingham, Boston CollegesMass. Conference on Social WelfareMA Girl Scout ConventionOswego NY - special conference on emotional developmentAmerican Society for School Health, Las VegasParent Effectiveness Training, California

  • National PTA Active Board member for over 50 yearsNational PTA Chairman of Parent and Family LifeHonorary Life Member, 1993Life Achievement Award in 1998Special Recognition Award in 2003 for 50 years of service

  • Co-author of 3 books

  • AwardsCounselor of the year, Mass. State Guidance Counselors Assoc.

    Oswego University - One of 3 top guidance counselors in the US!

    Massachusetts State Legislature

  • Most important accomplishmentsHelping parents to see kids as kids, not adults

    Conveying the importance of respect for every individual

  • HobbiesGardeningReadingSocializingCrochetGames - cribbage , upwardsBargain hunting

  • Family - so important to Freyda!Siblings, Son, nieces and nephews, grand-nieces and nephews, great grand nieces and nephews

  • Freydas Positive Impact Affects So Many Lives- Family, Friends, Children, ParentsAll Of Us Here Are Better Because Of Our Relationship With Freyda !

  • LIVING A LONG LIFE WELL18 Tips by Freyda

  • 1.Live in the present, not the pastTrans- Generation Living !

  • 2.Enjoy personal relationships

  • 3.Respect every individual regardless of age, status, education, ability, or political affiliation

  • 4.Stimulate your mind (reading, games, politics, sports)

  • 5.Help other people5.Help other peopleThanks to everyone who has given Freyda such wonderful care !

  • 6.Eat well

  • 7.Splurge once in a while

  • 8.Exercise and get fresh air

  • 9.Avoid perfectionism

  • 10.Find the positive in situations

  • 11.Don't waste energy on things you can't change12.Avoid bearinggrudges13.Kvetch not

  • 14.Be a good listener

  • 15.Beware of giving unsolicited advice (especially in political campaigns)

  • 16.Think creatively

  • 17.Remain curious

  • 18.Have fun !

  • Happy Birthday Freyda!

  • When Freyda was born there were noTVsComputersCell phonesCommercial air planesDishwashers or clothes driersVoting rights for women

    *Annatypical Jewish mother- devoted all her time and energy to her kidsEvery morning rose early to get fresh bread from the bakery.Beggars - she would invite them in to have a meal !

    *Freyda follows in her parents footsteps- Charitable and kind to those in needActive in the community Devoted to making the world a better place

    *Career:Taught nursery school in RoxburyNaomi Stonberg, Jack Pransky are 2 of her famous studentsSubstitute teacher in Georges classGeorge chose her clothes!

    *Quoted readers digestWrote Childrens poetry recorded own cd ch ildrens poetry*