lesson 30 grandma’s birthday party. birthday lead-in happy birthday to you

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Lesson 30 Grandmas Birthday Party Slide 2 birthday Lead-in Happy birthday to you. Slide 3 partyThey are having a party. Presentation Slide 4 What are they doing? They are having a birthday party and singing a birthday song. Slide 5 Today is my grandmas birthday. My family is having a party. Its at my grandma and grandpas house. My mother and Aunt Jane are cooking. Slide 6 My brother, Bob, is setting the table. My grandpa, my father and Uncle Fred are talking and laughing. Slide 7 My sister, Lynn, is playing with my cousin Heidi. Slide 8 My grandma gets many presents. She loves the present from my muma little dog! His name is Teacup Slide 9 My grandma is old, but she likes to have fun. She is dancing with my cousin. We are all happy. I love my grandma. Happy Birthday, Grandma! Slide 10 Tell the students today is my birthday. Help the students to practice like this : T : Today is my birthday. S : Happy birthday to you ! T: Thank you ! Practice Slide 11 Whats my present for Jenny? balloons Guess Today is my birthday. I will have Slide 12 Homework : 70 1. 2. 3. Slide 13 The shortest answer is doing.


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