happy birthday to you happy birthday to you friend happy birthday to you. let’s sing a birthday...

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Good morning

Good morningRatan Kumar BashakAssistant TeacherSantahar Harvey GPSIdentityHappy birthday to youHappy birthday to youHappy birthday to you friendHappy birthday to you.

Lets Sing a birthday song

Subject: EnglishClass: FiveUnit: 19 (Happy Birthday)Lesson: ALesson identityLearning OutcomesStudents will be able to- Read the lesson with correct pronunciation.

Learn some vocabulary and their use.

Understand the text.

Happy Birthday

Open your book at page 69Children

KidsChildren are joining in a party.Parents

Father and motherParents love their children.MemorableBirthday is a memorable event.The thing that remembered


JoyThey sing a song in happiness.Various

DifferentChildren enjoy in different ways.depend

The number of birthday candles depend on how old a child is.

Depend on /support

Teachers model reading

Students loud readingChoose the best answer:1. What are lit on birthday?

2. What is a memorable day in ones life?

3. What do the children around the world do on birthday?

a) Candlesb) torch c) lightd) hurricane a) A parents dayb) a holy day c) A birthdayd) a different day a) Funb) joke c) noised) disturbance Group work (5 groups)Answer the following questions:

1.In this lesson, how old the boy is?

2. How do the children enjoy the birthday?

3. How do you know the age of ones birthday?

Group work (sgw)Students silent reading

MemorableJoyChildrenVariousParentsEnjoyment DifferentKidsHappinessThing that is rememberedFather and motherMerrimentMatch the word with their similar meaningAnswer the following questions1. How can a birthday be enjoyed?2. Who wish happiness?3. What is the song of birthday?4. How many candles would be if one is three years old?5. Why is a birthday memorable?Game (Bingo)Write any five word from below in your exercise book. Ill read out one by one. If it will match all words with your exercise book then say Bingo.

BirthdayDifferentBornDependMemorableChildrenPartyCandleHome workWrite 5 sentences about your birthday with answer this questions.1) When is your birthday?2) Whom are your invited friends?3) What is the color of your birthday cake?4) How many candles you use?Lets finish the class by singing this song Happy birthday to youHappy birthday to youHappy birthday to you friendHappy birthday to you.

Thank you very much

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