weekly hillcrest are have a few children with pityriasis alba. pityriasis alba is a common skin...

Download Weekly HILLCREST are have a few children with pityriasis alba. Pityriasis alba is a common skin condition mostly occurring in children and usually seen as round, oval, or irregular

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    27th January 2017 Issue No. 3

    PREPARATORYMrs. Gabrielle MainaHead Teacher0735 888 059headteacherprep@hillcrest.ac.ke

    Ms. Thelma MohamedDeputy Head0702 909 058deputyhead.academic@hillcrest.ac.ke

    School Contacts020 8067783/4020 807 08270724 256 1730736 256 173

    The week started on a high with the amazing day we all had at the Hog Charge. We had 11 teams participating and we had some great results. Congratulations everyone! You made us all very proud! A big shout out to Barbara, Jackie, Christina and all the parents who made the day such a huge success!

    The Under 13s attended the IAPS Swimming Gala on Monday. The B teams are attending the Brookhouse Hockey Festival this Saturday. Please come and show your support. The Nairobi Verse Speaking will also be held on Saturday.

    On Monday, we have two swimming events: the under 9 IAPS Swimming Gala at Peponi and the Upcountry Swimming Gala at St. Andrews. Next

    Tuesday, Mr John Eveson, the headteacher of Secondary, will be presenting a talk for senior parents at the Secondary school at 4.15 pm. I am sure the advice he has to offer will benefit you all.

    Next week, the Year 7s are heading off for their overnight trip to Sagana and on Friday there is the Hillcrest Annual Golf Day. Hope to see you all there. After School Swimming Training It is free .. Great for stamina for all sports .. Hot weather .. Solar heated pool .. Great exercise ..great coaches I mean what more could you want!

    Mrs Gabrielle MainaHeadteacher

    Headteachers message



    Junior School News YEAR 2 EXPLORE BUILDING MATERIALS Year 2 explored what buildings in the school are made of and generated questions about the absorbency of building materials. They then considered and investigated various hypotheses after which they made decisions about how to record the results of the investigation in a clear way for others to follow. With plastic, wood, metal, glass, stone and clay, the children devised a way to test these for their absorbent properties and discovered that not all hard materials are waterproof! They are all looking forward to the next investigation on exploring different fabrics and how waterproof they are using drops of water. Polly Maina Year 2 Class Teacher

    This week in our Junior school assembly organised by Ms. Polly Maina, the children watched an animated video on impulsivity. They then discussed what impulsivity is and ways to deal with it at school. Some of the ways that the children thought would help them included counting to 3 or 5, before uttering a word, especially when one is angry. That way they can have time to consider the consequences of their words or actions.

    We also discussed being kind and encouraging to others especially when they are struggling with certain skills. The children have been such good sports in implementing these lessons and I hope we will be hearing more of this positive behaviour from home.

    Kindly remember to send your child in to school with a hockey stick, shin pads and a mouth guard on the day they have games as they will not be allowed to participate in hockey matches without these. Have a great weekend..

    Mary Muchangi Head of Junior School


    Senior School News Science, environment and our carbon footprint! Year 7 have been learning about energy sources and energy transfers from one form to another in simple machines. As we began to understand the production of electricity from renewable and non-renewable resources the children are more conscious of the effect of using fossil fuels and both the advantages and disadvantages of the same. Year 8 is also very much aware of the carbon emissions during combustion reactions. On Friday we measured our carbon footprint and have discussed ways in which we can try and reduce it. But of course what is Science without some fun! So we all turned into forensic scientists and used our knowledge of chromatography to find out who had written a note to Mrs. V demanding that Challenge Friday lessons should be longer. It turned out to be Ms. Teresa who really enjoys all things Science!

    This weekend many of the senior school pupils will be busy either at a swimming competition, a hockey match, a verse speaking competition or giving their final interview for scholarships. We wish them all good luck and hope that they achieve their personal best.

    For the others who were not shortlisted or could not make it into the team I would like to say: Courage doesnt always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice, At the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow. Mary Anne Radmacher

    Have a good weekend.

    Mrs Surbhi VashishtHead of Senior Schoolsurbhi.vashisht@hillcrest.ac.ke


    Rainbow Room News

    Noortje Janssen Pedagogue, Hillcrest International Schools noortje.janssen@hillcrest.ac.ke 0726401943

  • It has been another busy, fun-filled week in HEY! Nursery 1 brought in their bikes from home and went for a Big Bike Ride around the school to support their Wonderful Wheels project. Reception class went on a fantastic trip to Karura Forest to learn about forest plant life to support their Rumble in the Jungle project. Year 1 have been making fairytale castles and developing their own stories and Nursery 2 have been learning about growth; looking at photographs from when they were babies.

    We had two brilliant workshops, Introduction to Reading Parent Workshop and Promoting Independence for nannies and drivers. Both were a great success and we are looking forward to our Super Saturday where we are inviting parents to learn more about early childhood development. Please come along and bring a friend! The session will run from 9:30-12:00 with coffee and snacks provided whilst the children can play in the supervised HEY garden.

    Next Weeks Important Dates: Thursday 2nd Feb - Nursery 1 trip to see a fire engine Friday 3rd Feb - The Big Write Year 1 Parent Workshop Have a great weekend!

    Jenna Rawlings Head Teacher Early Years


  • Dear Parents/Guardians,

    We are have a few children with pityriasis alba. Pityriasis alba is a common skin condition mostly occurring in children and usually seen as round, oval, or irregular patches of pale pink or red skin. The patches are usually scaly and dry. They may appear on the face, upper arms, neck, chest or back. The pale pink or red spots may fade into light coloured patches after several weeks. These patches usually clear up within a few months, but they can last for several years in some cases. Theyre more noticeable in the hotter months.

    There is no known cause. The condition is not contagious, and no infectious agent has been identified. Contributing factors include; excessive and unprotected sun exposure, poor hygienic habits, and environmental influences such as temperature, humidity, and altitude. Wearing sunscreen may make patches less noticeable in the hotter months. The light patches tend to be more noticeable in people with darker skin. It is usually self- limiting, however, a moisturising cream may improve the dry appearance. A mild topical steroid (Hydrocortisone 1%) cream may reduce redness and itch.

    Victoria Waithira Prep School Nurse

    Message from the School Nurse


  • Sports & Activities News

    Sports News: We have had another great week in Games and PE and the hot weather has not deterred us from full and active participation. Thank you to all the students who came properly kitted out all through the week and moreso to the ones who brought their sun-hats and sun-screen.

    Results week Our U13 Boys and U11 girls registered convincing wins against Peponi House both in score and in the quality of play. Our other teams and all coaches deserve to be commended for great improvement, display of skills and understanding of rules and tactics of play, though they lost on the score-line. Keep it up teams.

    A big well done to all our U13 Boys and Girls who participated at the IAPS warm up Gala at the Banda. All the best to our U13 2nd Boys and Girls who play on Saturday 28th at Brookhouse. We also wish 2 of our Swimmers - Maya Melesi and Yelen Pognon all the best at the KSF Level 2 Swimming Gala this weekend. The Gala will be held at Makini School.

    Next week we have Hockey matches against Braeburn Garden Estate on Tuesday for U11s and Wednesday for U13s. On Friday, we have Nairobi Schools Football League Triangular versus St. Christophers and Nairobi Academy. Our U9 Swimmers will be out at Peponi House for the IAPS Swimming Gala come Monday.

    Reminders: Morning sessions (7.15-8.00am): Monday is Rugby, Wednesday is Athletics and Friday is Hockey Evening sessions (3.30-4.30): Swimming for Novices (Monday & Wednesday), Swimming for School team/ Elite (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) Lunch time sessions: Swimming and Football for all

    Naftali Ndirangu Head of Physical Education and Sports Department


  • Art on Canvas ! This is a new activity for students in Years 5 to 8 and any parent across the school. Day - Every Wednesday Time - 3.30 p.m - 4.30 p.m Cost - 6000 KSH The cost goes towards purchasing four pieces of canvas and paint. You will go home with your art!

    Yoland Masidza Creative Arts Coordinator

    Creative Arts News


  • ECA/Trips News:Th


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