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WECC-0100 Posting 4 TPL-001-WECC-CRT-3 - Clean

WECC Criterion – TPL-001-WECC-CRT-3

Transmission System Planning Performance

Posting 4

October 27 through December 30, 2015

WECC Criterion – TPL-001-WECC-CRT-3 Page 10 of 20

Criterion Development

This section is maintained by the drafting team during the development of the document and will be removed on final disposition of the document.


Changes made to the document is response to Posting 3 were substantial. All changes can be seen on the redline version of the document posted at the WECC-0100 project page on the Posted for Comment accordion. An explanation of changes made can be found in the Posting 3 Response to Comments form located at the WECC-0100 project page on the Submit and Review Comments accordion.

Document Scope

This document is designed to address the substance of TPL-001-WECC-CRT-2.1 (TPL), Requirement WR3 and the requirements imposed by NERC TPL-001-4, Requirements R5 and R6. Standard Authorization Request (SAR) WECC-0100 also provides for review and disposition of Table W-1 associated with the WECC TPL. Table W-1 will not migrate to this document; rather, combined interactive language of WR1, WR2, and WR3 is designed to meet that intent.

Procedural Background

On September 5, 2012, the WECC Board of Directors (Board) adopted a recommendation by the Regional Criteria Work Group (RCWG) changing the designation of this document from a WECC Criterion (CRT) to a WECC Regional Business Practice (RBP). On June 24, 2014, the Board reversed that decision and designated this document as a CRT.

In further keeping with the September 5, 2012 recommendation, on November 28, 2012, a Standard Authorization Request (SAR) was submitted to evaluate whether this document should be drafted as a WECC Regional Reliability Standard (RRS).

On December 19, 2012, the WECC Standards Committee (WSC) accepted the SAR as drafted with specific approval to assign an evaluation team to review the subject matter and return a recommendation to the WSC as to whether the document should be redrafted as an RRS.

On June 26, 2013, the WSC approved the evaluation team’s recommendation to ballot the retirement of TPL-001-WECC-RBP-2.1, WR1, WR2, WR4 and WR5. If approved the retirement would become effective coincident with the Effective Date of NERC’s TPL-001-4, because the content of the WECC Requirements will be resident in the NERC TPL-001-4.

On August 8, 2013, the WSC assigned the original drafting team, augmenting the team during later weeks.

On October 8, 2013, a WECC Ballot Pool voted to retire TPL-(012 through 014)-WECC-RBP-2.1, WR1, WR2, WR4 and WR5 of the Effective Date of NERC TPL-001-4. (The Effective Date is projected for approximately January 1, 2016. It should be noted that the TPL has a staggered Effective Date.)

On November 1, 2013, the WECC-0100 Drafting Team (DT):

Reported completion of the tasks assigned in the WECC-0100 Standard Authorization Request (SAR);

Requested the WECC Standards Committee (WSC) deem the WECC-0100 SAR complete; and,

Requested the WSC accept the DT’s recommendation to proceed with informal drafting in support of an iterative SAR tailored to the remedial needs of TPL-001-WECC-RBP-2.1, System Performance, WR3 as well as a more granular implementation plan of TPL-001-4, Transmission System Planning Performance Requirements Requirement R5 and R6.

The WSC agreed to expand the WECC-0100 drafting team to include the entire Reliability Subcommittee, and accept the drafting team’s recommendation that further drafting continue on remedial language for:

1. TPL-001-WECC-RBP-2.1. WR3;

Table W-1; and,

TPL-001-4, Requirements R5 and R6.

On December 5, 2013, the Board approved the decision to retire portions of the WECC TPL upon the Effective Date of the NERC TPL.

During June 2014, the Planning Coordinating Committee (PCC) conducted a straw poll concluding the most appropriate document categorization for this document should be that of a WECC Regional Criterion.

On June 24, 2014, the Board changed the designation of this document from that of a RBP to that of CRT.

Completed Actions


1. SAR Filed.

November 28, 2012

2. Review Team files Preliminary Recommendation.

June 20, 2013

3. WSC approves ballot to retire WR1, WR2, WR4 and WR5.

June 26, 2013

4. Notice of Joint Session to discuss retirement.

August 2, 2013

5. Ballot Pool opens asking for retirement of WR1, WR2, WR4 and WR5.

August 5, 2013

6. WSC approves Drafting Team.

August 8, 2013

7. Ballot Pool closed asking for retirement of WR1, WR2, WR4 and WR5.

September 3, 2013

8. Joint Session to discuss retirement.

September 5, 2013

9. Ballot opens asking for retirement of WR1, WR2, WR4 and WR5.

September 16, 2013

10. Drafting Team – First Meeting – Orientation.

September 26, 2013

11. Ballot closed asking for retirement of WR1, WR2, WR4 and WR5. Retirement approved.

October 8, 2013

12. Posting 1 - Open 45-day

October 15, 2014

13. Posting 1 – Closed

December 1, 2014

14. Posting 1 – Response to Comments Posted

February 4, 2015

15. Posting 2 – Open 30-day

February 4, 2015

16. Posting 2 – Closed

March 6, 2015

17. Posting 2 – Response to Comments Posted

March 17, 2015

18. Posting 3 – Open 30-day

July 24, 2015

19. Posting 3 - Closed

August 24, 2015

20. Posting 3 – Response to Comments Posted

October 16, 2015

Anticipated Actions


1. Version 4 Posted – Open 30-Day Comment Period

October 27, 2015

2. Version 4 Posted – Closed

November 30, 2015

3. DT meets for final Comments / Forward to WSC

December 3, 2015

4. WSC Meets

5. Open Ballot Pool

6. Joint Session – Notice

7. Close Ballot Pool

8. Joint Session

9. Open Ballot

10. Ballot Closed

11. WSC Meets

12. Notice to WECC Board of Directors

13. Board

Implementation Plan

Approvals Required

TPL-001-WECC-CRT-3, Transmission System Planning Performance

A WECC Criterion

Prerequisite Approvals

· WECC Ballot Pool

· WECC Standards Committee

· WECC Board of Directors

Applicable Entities

Planning Coordinator

Transmission Planner

Conforming Changes to Other Standards

None required.

Effective Date

The Effective Date is the later of January 1, 2016 or the Effective Date of TPL-001-4, Transmission System Planning Performance, Requirements R2-R6 and R8, subject to required approvals.


The effective date is targeted to coincide with the effective date of TPL-001-4, Transmission System Planning Performance.

Consideration of Early Compliance

The DT foresees no reliability-related issues if an entity chooses to implement the document early; however, entities should continue to adhere to approved WECC Criteria until they are retired.


This document will replace TPL-001-WECC-CRT-“2” that is to be retired as of the Effective Date of this project.

New or Modified Term(s) Used in the WECC Glossary for WECC Criteria and Naming Conventions (WECC Glossary).

This section includes all new or modified terms used in the proposed criterion that will be included in the WECC Glossary upon applicable approval. The new or revised terms listed below will be presented for approval with the proposed document. Upon WECC Board of Director (Board) adoption, this section will be removed and the approved terms will be moved to the WECC Glossary.

Term(s): None proposed

A. Introduction

1. Title: Transmission System Planning Performance

2. Number: TPL-001-WECC-CRT-3

Purpose: To facilitate coordinated near-term and long-term transmission planning within the Interconnection of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC), and to facilitate the exchange of the associated planning information for normal and abnormal conditions.

This document applies to all transmission planning studies conducted within the Interconnection of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC).

This is a planning criterion. This document does not designate the entity responsible for system remediation.[footnoteRef:1] [1: TPL-001-WECC-2.1, System Performance, WECC’s Disturbance Performance Table (Table W-1) of Allowable Effects Other System (Table) was retired by the WECC Ballot Body on October 8, 2015 with WECC Board of Director approval on December 5, 2013. ]

3. Applicability:

4.1. Functional Entities:

4.1.1. Planning Coordinator

4.1.2. Transmission Planner

4.2. Facilities:

4.2.1. This document applies to Bulk Electric System (BES) Facilities.

4.2.2. Each of the following buses is specifically excluded from this Criterion: Non-BES buses. Line side series capacitor buses Line side series reactor buses Dedicated shunt capacitor buses Dedicated shunt reactor buses Metering buses, fictitious buses, or other buses that model point of interconnection solely for measuring electrical quantities; and, Other buses specifically excluded by each Planning Coordinator

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