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    What’s Inside

    TPL HOLDINGS Vol1•August 2011•


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  • A�er a gap of few years, I am pleased to re-launch our newsletter. We plan to have this on a bi-annual basis. So, where are we today? Our journey has begun. A journey towards taking you to the next level of services, products and standards.

    We started as a Vehicle Tracking Company (VTC) and now VTC only accounts for 30% of our revenues. This is a sign of success and not failure, it signifies changing needs, how technology is changing and where innovation is happening. In order to be on the top, we need to constantly innovate and build on our brand equity by not compromising on quality and standards.

    I am grateful to my customers, team members, vendors for being with us on our journey and for their support to make this organization a global company.

    With warm regards & best wishes, Ali Jameel

    CEO’s Message

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  • Object-Oriented Navigation System Using clever algorithms for optimum route calculation in quick time

    Advanced Search System ‘Near by’ search, ‘Categorical’ search (Banks, Mosques, Hotels, Marriage halls etc.)

    Street name search Search by distance. Alphabetic search etc.

    House Address / POI search Search by a house address or landmark

    Turn by Turn voice guidance Computer generated voice guides you to your destination

    Route Recalculation So�ware quickly recalculates your route if you’ve made an incorrect turn

    Covers 84 cities & all major highways in Pakistan By far the most extensive digital map coverage of Pakistan

    3D Landmarks

    Innovation in Products TPL Trakker is setting the benchmark for security in Pakistan by introducing innovative products.

    Trakker Nav is the most innovative GPS-based satellite navigation system available in the market today

    • Pakistan’s most advanced navigation system was launched in 2007 maintaining the reputation of being the first to introduce latest technology and innovative products.

    • Cell phone version launched in 2009 with Mobilink under the brand MobiTrack.

    • Now introducing the most comprehensive in-car navigation system in Pakistan.

    Coming Soon • Urdu Version • Real Time Traffic • Voice to Text Navigation


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  • Container Tracking


    TPL Trakker has teamed up with a leader in RFID and Container tracking, Global Trak, and has developed a sophisticated and groundbreaking container tracking solution which is preferred globally as well as in Pakistan for management, control and tracking of container shipments.

    Experience in monitoring more than 12000 containers of Afghan transit and NATO plus thousands more around the world being tracked.

    A new menace had recently gripped the VTS industry the world over, this menace was commonly known as the GSM Jammer which would stop the communication of vehicle unit with the server. TPL Trakker with its years of technical expertise has successfully designed and implemented an Anti-Jamming Device which detects GSM jamming and then immobilizes the vehicle immediately. This new Anti-Jamming function was offered immediately to all risk prone customers of TPL Trakker at an exceptionally low cost which resulted in a reduction of the number of cases affected by the GSM Jammers.

    Anti Jam

    New generation tracking devices for as low as Rs.35.000/-

    Generator Monitoring Solution TPL Trakker & UBL Launch C-track FinancingNo one wants to incur unnecessary costs. But not knowing the status of your

    remote critical equipment, such as generators, can lead to you paying a heavy price. Trakker offers a state of the art generator monitoring solution. A monitoring unit is installed on the generator which works in the following way:

    • So�ware to deliver Status Reports, Engine Run-Hour Reports, Alert Notifications, Maintenance Reminders, Service Logs, History Logs and more.

    • Real-time Alert Notifications delivered as text (SMS) messages to cell phones and / or via e-mail.

    Installing this remote monitoring device will reduce overheads, improve efficiency and increase the life of your mission critical power generators:

    • Less Fuel consumption

    • Schedule timely maintenances to prevent costly repairs and avoid breakdowns

    • Optimized asset usage -Monitor utilization to ensure effective operation

    • Save manpower by eliminating wasted time and labor to collect hour-meter readings

    TPL Trakker Limited and UBL signed an agreement whereby UBL Drive customers will be provided Ctrack financing facility. TPL is Pakistan’s first and largest vehicle tracking company. With over 150,000 clients in Pakistan and presence in Middle East, TPL is truly the region’s largest tracking solution provider. This innovative product is currently only offered by UBL, a leader in innovation.

    Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Ali Jameel, CEO, TPL said “TPL and UBL share a common vision to provide top class service to their customers, ensuring greater comfort and peace of mind”.

    Mr. Aameer Karachiwalla, Group Executive – Retail Bank, UBL, stated “We, at UBL, always strive to offer optimal solutions to our clientele. Through this alliance with TPL, we have offered an innovative product along with unique benefits”.

    UBL is one of Pakistan’s largest private banks with a network of over 1,100 branches across the country. Within the Consumer Banking industry, UBL consumer products like Chip Credit, UBL Drive, UBL Address and UBL Cashline have the widest recognition. UBL Drive is the undisputed leader in auto-financing.

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  • Corporate Security Conference - Karachi


    TPL Trakker held its Corporate Security Conference 2011 in Karachi at Pearl Continental Hotel on 17th Feb 2011. The conference entailed information about TPL Trakker’s innovative new products and the future developments they had to offer its stakeholders to further enhance their services. This is in line with TPL’s policy of sharing information, with the stakeholders pertaining to the latest security measures, crime patterns, business concerns and good practices which lead to enhanced efficiency. A panel of distinguished professionals from TPL Trakker’s top customers were formed to share their expertise and practices with meaningful advice. The hall was full with nearly 500 executives of the corporate world, financial institutions and other industries but more importantly the Auto Industry.

    The proceedings of the event began with a welcome note and presentation on TPL Trakker’s past performance as well as new product developments. It was then followed by a speech by Mr. Ahsan Sarwar, Executive Director – TPL Trakker who introduced the all new Trakker Nav to the guests and emphasized the exquisite functionality developed by TPL Trakker’s comprehensive GIS department.

    The panel of experts and their presentations were as follows:

    • Mr. Jameel Yusuf SSt., Chairman – TPL Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd “Present day crime trends and their preventive measures.”

    • Col (R) Masood Siddiq, Corporate Security Manager - ICI Pakistan “An insight on present day Security Measures taken up at ICI. How Trakker supports ICI’s initiatives and adds to their level of

    comfort and satisfaction.”

    • Mr. Asim Shakoor, Director Corporate Affairs – Shakoor & Co. “Use of Fleet Management for cargo security, timely transportation, driver and road safety as a corporate responsibility.”

    • Mr. Saad Nissar, CEO – TPL Direct Insurance “How customer convenience and satisfaction played a major part in TPL Direct Insurance’s phenomenal success with its direct

    insurance concept and how TPL Trakker’s services have helped the insurance industry in minimizing losses.”

    • Mr. Saud Mirza, Additional IG – Sindh Police “Use of modern technology to combat crime, help detection and increase the efficiency of the Sindh Police.”

    A�er the speeches and presentations the honorable panelists answered the audience’s questions. The Q & A session was followed by lunch to conclude the highly successful event.

    The sole purpose of this conference was to bring TPL stakeholders on a common platform with experts in various fields so they may have an insight on business practices and security concerns.