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Groove Agent 3 Quick Product Guide 1 of 4 Steinberg Media Technologies July 2006 Wavelab Studio 6 Audio Editing and Mastering Product Summary Wavelab 6 is the editing software of choice in top-flight mastering and restoration facilities yet its affordability has made it the ideal choice for the experienced engineer or discerning musician. Wavelab Studio 6 builds on the outstanding reputation of Wavelab 6, providing many of its next-generation features and capabilities to make it one of the worlds best editing and mastering solutions in its price range. .. Wavelab Studio 6 follows the tradition of Wavelab 6 with its powerful and exciting features while focussing on the ease of use and workflow that makes Wavelab Studio 6 such a fast and powerful application. Wavelab Studio 6 defines a new standard in professional audio editing and mastering at an unbeatable price point. Wavelab Studio 6 has a tremendous feature set to fulfil the needs of most demanding customers. Professional PQ-editing, fast and intuitive handling of edits, fades and cross-fades and superior signal processing tools are shared with its bigger brother Wavelab 6. Top 10 Features Sample accurate audio editor with crystal clear audio processing at up to 192 kHz and 32 bit floating point resolution Stereo and multi-channel non-destructive editing with versatile clip grouping over multiple lanes Video track for sample accurate alignment of audio and video Powerful real-time engine with integration of clip-based, track-based and global effect plug-ins Superior audio processors including DIRAC time stretch and pitch shift algorithms State-of-the-art audio plug-ins for EQ, Resampling, Declicking, Denoising and many more Redbook compatible PQ editing including Audio-in-Pause, CD-Text and track sheet export Extended audio file handling and manipulation system including files sizes > 2 GB Sonogram-style Spectrum View for quick overview of the frequency structure of the audio file with simultaneous aligned use of Wave- and Spectrum View Extremely versatile batch processing and scripting features Groove Agent 3 Quick Product Guide 2 of 4 Steinberg Media Technologies July 2006 Product Highlights: Editing Non-destructive multi track Audio Montage for clip based editing Video track with thumbnail view for accurate alignment of audio to video Real time fades and cross fades with overlapping waveforms that follow fades Versatile grouping of clips across single or multiple lanes Supports combinations of mono stereo files Multi-zone mouse cursor based on position in each lane for fast workflows Fast dragging of clips with various configurable snap functions Easy and intuitive trimming of clips and cross fades Powerful tools for cross fade editing including slide and symmetrical resizing of fade area Slide function for audio files underlying clips Sophisticated rubber band editing for volume and panorama envelopes Processing Clip based, track-based and effects with support for VST and DirectX plug-ins Complete suite of sophisticated audio plug-ins included Dedicated DeNoiser and DeClicker plug-ins Audio restoration with various interpolation algorithms and presets Support of a multitude of different audio file formats (WAV, AIFF, SD II, AU, MP3, MP2 (M.U.S.I.C.A.M.), RAW, Windows Media 9, etc.) and resolutions (8/16/20/24/32 bits with up to 192 kHz) and W64 and RIFF 64 file formats Import of Steinberg Nuendo markers as Wavelab Studio CD markers Powerful batch processing and scripting features CD Mastering Complete red-book CD mastering including accurate PQ editing, CD Text, Audio-in-Pause CD Wizard and CD verification before writing UPC and EAN code support ISRC code support Independent Track and Index markers Track-sheet export CD cover layout editor DVD and CD editor for ISO and mixed-mode formats Groove Agent 3 Quick Product Guide 3 of 4 Steinberg Media Technologies July 2006 Creation of ISO images Wavelab 6 Version Differentiation WaveLab 6.0 WaveLab Studio 6 Suggested Retail Price 649 299 Purpose Audio editing system providing the most complete and exhaustive capabilities Provides the essential audio editing and burning tools for professional audio works and mastering Target Audience Demanding professionals, studios, small and large corporations. Professionals and semi-professionals, small studios. Usable as an auxiliary tool for structures using multiple audio editing stations. Maximum Sample rate 384 kHz 192 kHz Outputs 8 (montage) 2 Audio Markers Generic, Temporary, Region, Loop, CD, Mute, Playback Start Generic, Temporary, Region, Loop, CD, Mute, Playback Start Spectrum editing + - Can run multiple instances + - Number of slots 8 6 Smart Bypass + - Rendering of multiple regions + - Feature set Full Slightly reduced Output Channels 8 2 Max effect per clip/track 10 2 Audio tracks No limit 8 Vido track No limit 1 Picture track + - Text track + - XML import/export + - AES-31 import/export + - Batch processing + - Basic Audio CD + - DVD-Audio creation + - Batch renaming tools + - Hardware sampler support + - Integrated backup system + - Audio database + - Auto Split + - Audio file comparer + - Loudness distribution + - Monitor input + - Monitor rendering + - Monitor selection + - Monitor cursor + - Katz Metering + - Last recently used files 200 20 MIDI command support + - Workspaces save/load + - Time stretching / Pitch shifting DIRAC DIRAC (1 mode) Advanced Insert silence + - Pitch quantize + - Error detection and correction + - Effect Morphing + - Loudness normalizer + + Pan normalizer + - Crystal Resampler 4 qualities 3 qualities UV22 HR + - Externalizer + - Resampler 192 + - Audio Input plugin + - External gear plugin + - Transport command set Full Slightly reduced ASIO/MTC synchro + MTC ASIO instant switching + - Manual HTML help Full printed manual PDF manual HTML help Printed tutorial PDF manual Groove Agent 3 Quick Product Guide 4 of 4 Steinberg Media Technologies July 2006 Versions and Pricing Generic GB / D / F including printed Getting Started Manual J including printed Getting Started Manual Version Dongle included SRP in Euro (incl. VAT) Retail X 299,00 Educational X 149,00 Special Offer for Cubase and Nuendo customers - 199,00 Competitive Upgrade X 199,00 Upgrade from Wavelab Studio Essential X 199,00 System Requirements Windows Required: Intel Pentium / AMD Athlon 800 MHz 256 MB RAM 80 MB of free disk space Windows 2000 or Windows XP Graphic card with 24 bit or 32 bit resolution Display Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels Windows MME compatible audio hardware CD or DVD-ROM drive USB component port for copy protection key Recommended: Intel Pentium iV / AMD Athlon or Opteron 2.4 GHz or faster 1 GB RAM Graphics card with 32 bit resolution ASIO compatible audio hardware DVD writer Display Resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels, dual monitor setup Internet Connection for future updates


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