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<p> 1. A wave of technological development has shifted the tides of the payment industry in favor of cashless payment.With simple,innovative and secure ways of making payments,consumers now depend on cashless payment methods like never before. MOST COMMON FORMS OF MOBILE PAYMENTChip in your phone Swipe your credit Send a text message Pay during checkout Install an app called holds your credit or card through a device with authorization by authorizing card case,and debit account and is attached to a smart- code,amount and retailer to debut from merchants can pick scanned by another phone,recipient,No smart your bank account or up your phone device that houses a phone needed.prepaid balance.through location transmitter chip.proximity servers to Square.lnpul charge you.Zaypay Dwolla,Starbucks.Goog| ewallet Googie Square Card Case..1 1' 1 l 11 IMergers and AcquisitionsVisa is partnering with Samsung whose phones will use NFC (near-field communication) to implement a tap-to-pay protocol that is compatible with many existing merchant terminals. Apple Pay gained 1.7% market share within six weeks after its release.Google aims to resurrect mobile payments with Softcard purchase. Sensing systems are crucial hardware components that detect and identify the users identity by sensing their record carriers such as their credit or debit cards etc.Visa,MasterCard,LG Electronics,Gemalto and Ill Holdings 1 LLC are some of the companies that hold patents related to sensing systems.Specialized Processors category covers dedicated processing units for performing separate computations such as graphics and vector processing.lntertrust Tech Corp,IGT Reno Nev and Sony Corp are some prominent assignees in this domain. 5Licensing Heat Map IPayment architecture provides a mechanism for electronic transactions between a bank and a user,including verificationand authentication of entities involved.Logomotion SRO,Visa,Mastercard,Nokia Corp,IBM,eBay and lntertrust Tech Corp are the top contributors in this sub-domain. Lexlnnova 2015www. |ex-innova. com:0 9 yo</p>