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    LENOvO iS A pERfEct fit


    fOR YOuR buSiNESS.

  • built-in savings throughout your pcs life.

    Lenovo Solution Centre and Lenovo Solutions for Small Business can help you significantly lower your PC support costs.

    A LucRAtivEiNvEStmENt.





  • LENOvO SOLUTION CENTREEven though your business may not have enough man-power, you can still monitor the overall health of your system with Lenovo Solution Centre. In case of an operating system crash, you can recover your entire system with one click. While the easy-to-use single-view dashboard helps you manage and control the condition and performance of your whole system.

    It also allows you to access frequently used system management tools including Recovery Media Creation, Password Manager, Backup and Restore, Internet Connections, Antivirus/Firewall Settings, and Device Manager Drive. And Lenovos Secure Data Disposal makes removing confidential information on a hard disk drive fast and simple and the data, irretrievable.

  • LENOvO SOLUTIONS FOR SMALL BUSINESSLenovo Solutions for Small Business (LSSB) is designed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses, like yours. Available on Lenovo PCs with 3rd generation Intel Core processor and powered by Intel Small Business Advantage, LSSB offers enhanced performance, easy maintenance and an added layer of security in one amazing package. The combination of advanced performance and hardware-based protection make your Lenovo PCs the ideal choice to keep your business running and your data safe.

    for maximum user productivity, pc performance and data security. powered by intel Small business Advantage.



    Lowers Power Usage

    Enhances Small Business Security

    Protects Small Business Data

    Enhances Employee Productivity

    Keeps PCs Running at their Peak

    PC Health Centre

    Energy Saver

    Data Backup and Restore

    Wireless Display

    Software Monitor

    USB Blocker

    Keeps Critical Software Running

  • Put your concerns over digital security to rest with Lenovos comprehensive security solutions. The suite of security solutions from Lenovo helps you to protect your PC from ID theft, data theft and any other possible data safety issue. Lenovo provides security solutions for specific areas of concern, such as:

    Data Protection Encryption, secure disposal of used PCs, anti-malware (spyware), theft recovery and physical security.

    Access Controls and Authentication Passwords, biometrics, smart cards/tokens and audit trail for authentication.

    Data Integrity and Availability Data backup/recovery/migration, disaster recovery, digital signing and antivirus. S




    fORtifiEdAGAiNSt ExtERNAL AttAckS.

    2protect your business against data security risks.

  • Absolute Software specialises in software and services that provide an easy way to manage and secure PCs. Absolute Softwares unique Computrace Technology helps protect your ThinkPad laptops against data security risks. Once activated, Lenovos Lost and Found makes it easier for anyone who finds a lost ThinkPad to return it to the owner. And with Computrace Technology in the ThinkPad BIOS, you can track, manage, protect a stolen PC and even recover the stolen assets. You can also remotely delete the data or disable the PC with the help of Intel Anti-Theft Technology.

    WINMAgIC SECUREDOC FOR LENOvOThe exclusive SecureDoc for Lenovo disk encryption software package allows you to protect and seamlessly manage Windows, Mac OS and Linux. This disk encryption solution not only encrypts your PCs, but also protects your removable media including CDs/DVDs, USB thumb drives and SD cards.

    SECURE DATA DISPOSALBefore disposing of old PCs, you need to ensure that all data has been removed from the hard disk drive. If the data hasnt been removed properly, it can be retrieved by unauthorised users at a later stage. Even after formatting your hard disk drive the data can be retrieved. Lenovos Secure Data Disposal makes removing confidential information on a hard disk drive fast and simple and the data, irretrievable.

    LENOvO ENHANCED EXPERIENCE 8 FOR WINDOWS 8Lenovo has combined the best hardware and software features to create Lenovo Enhanced Experience 8 for the smoothest Windows 8 experience yet. It offers you superior ergonomics, seamless Cloud connectivity and easy access to custom-made apps for seamless business computing.



    HARD DISK DRIvE RETENTIONIf your hard disk drive fails and it is covered under warranty, Hard Disk Drive Retention lets you keep your old drive. HDD/SSD retention helps you comply with current data privacy and data retention requirements, thereby helping to mitigate civil liability risks. So you can decide how and when to dispose your data, on your own terms.

    PORTABLE EXTERNAL SECURE HARD DISK DRIvEA Lenovo secure HDD allows you to perform a full system backup. All stored data is then fully encrypted and secured with a unique six-digit pass code.

    LENOvO LOCKThe Lenovo Security Cable Lock helps reduce theft and increases safety of your ThinkCentre desktop, ThinkPad laptop or ThinkVision monitor.

    PRIvACy SCREENKeep on-screen information private with Lenovo ThinkPad Privacy Filters. Designed to fit select ThinkPad models, the filters stay in place even when the ThinkPad is closed.


    PRE-LOADED SyMANTEC NORTON ANTIvIRUSYour Lenovo Think-branded PCs come with pre-installed Symantec Norton Antivirus. So just activate the antivirus software and protect your machine from virus and security threats.

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    3tOuGH bY NAtuRE.Ensure nothing comes between you or your work.

    Lenovo PCs with their state-of-the-art technology, cost-cutting tools and energy-efficient features have created an unmatchable benchmark with respect to quality, durability and reliability. But it doesnt end here. This world-class PC manufacturer also brings you a host of world-class services and solutions to help you bring down maintenance costs and reduce downtime. All to keep you productive through the highs and lows.

  • DO NOT HANDLE WITH CARELenovo laptops are renowned for their durability; every machine can withstand serious physical wear and tear. Baked, battered, blistered and blown with sand,they have passed the military level Lenovo Tough Test before reaching you and can be relied upon to stay tough.

    The ThinkPad goes through eight rigorous tests:vibration: Shocks between 1000 and 2000Hz for 3 hoursHigh temperature: Heated to 60 C for 4 hoursLow temperature: Chilled to -20 C for 4 hoursthermal Shock: Temperature fluctuation between -20 C to 60 C over three 2-hour cyclesmechanical Shock: 20kg/11ms shocks to each axis (18 in total)Low pressure: Subjected to an altitude of 4500mdust: Blown with small particle dust (140 mesh silica) for 12 hours with more than 30km/hHumidity: 95% humidity for 240 hours

    SPILL-RESISTANT KEyBOARDAny accidental spillages on your Lenovo keyboard will be driven out through drain holes at the bottom of the system, thus minimising damage and keeping yoursystem going.

    ACTIvE PROTECTION SySTEMBuilt to withstand drops or knocks, the Active Protection System acts like an airbag. Whenever it detects a shock, it immediately freezes the hard disk drive to prevent damage. In addition, magnesium roll cage technology has 20% improved strength resulting in a 50% increase in tolerance for drop-tests.

    LENOvOS HARD DISK DRIvE PERFORMANCE BOOSTERWith storage capacity of up to 1TB and SSD-like performance, it enhances the performances by 184% compared to normal hard disk drive systems.

    Active protection System

    island-style backlit keyboard

    Spill-resistant keyboard

  • SE



    4pEAcE Of miNd. GuARANtEEd.Services for small businesses.

    When you have business to attend, you can leave your IT support to Lenovo. Our comprehensive portfolio of award-winning services offers flexible options to support the specific needs of small businesses like yours. Financing to disposal, and all steps in between, you can count on Lenovo to keep your data safe and your business productive.

  • WARRANTy EXTENSIONS AND UPgRADESSometimes the standard warranty coverage is not enough. Lenovo offers Warranty Extensions for periods of up to five years giving you a fixed-term, fixed-cost service solution that allows you to accurately budget for equipment expenses and cover your system for as long as you plan to use it.

    The Warranty Upgrades provide flexible options to ensure repair response time and level of service that match your business needs. It even provides technician installation for all warranteed parts.

    ACCIDENTAL DAMAgE PROTECTIONIn a highly mobile world, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Lenovos Accidental Damage Protection Service helps you prepare for the unexpected and budget for non-warranteed PC repairs, allowing your business to continue running smoothly, while minimising unexpected PC repair costs. ADP protects your investment from operational or structural damage due to common accidents like drops, spills, electrical surges or failure of the integrated screen. It can save significantly, compared to the cost of repairs or new PC purchase.

    PRIORITy TECHNICAL SUPPORTPriority Technical Support is an enhanced warranty plan that provides direct anytime-access to the right level of tech support on the first call, making your priority their priority. With a dedicated phone number, customers bypass basic troubleshooting to reach advanced technicians and experience shorter hold times, reduced repair times and higher first time fix rates. Priority Technical Support allows your small business to free up essential resources to focus on growing your business.

    KEEP yOUR DRIvE SERvICEIn the unlikely event of drive failure, retain your hard disk drive and data with Lenovos KYD. It improves data security and potentially mitigate civil liability risks if your organisation handles sensitive information. You can dispose of business data on your terms, when and how you need to. KYD saves you the need to track failed hard disk drives in transit and eliminates associated paperwork, freeing up IT resources for critical business needs.

    WITH LENOvO SERvICES, REST ASSURED yOUR BUSINESS WILL BE:ANXIETy-FREEMinimise unplanned operating costs and control maintenance expenses with ThinkPlus warranty extensions and upgrade break/fix options.

    RISK-FREEReduce total cost of ownership and save up to 28% on repair costs with ThinkPad Protection. Also get coverage for non-warranteed operational or structural failures due to drops, minor spills, electrical surges or failure of the integrated screen.

    THREAT-FREELenovos Hard Disk Drive/Solid State Drive Retention allows you to keep your old hard disk drive and thus prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands upon replacement.

    PROBLEM-FREEGive your business the exclusive advantage of 9x5 on-site service, 24x7 technical phone support, priority call routing to advanced level technicians, third-party software support and more with ThinkPlus Priority Support.

    HAzARD-FREEBe environmentally responsible and follow data security regulations at the same time. Dispose and destroy your obsolete IT systems safely with Lenovo Asset Recovery Service. Lenovo also offers a cashback credit for future technology investments.

    CRISIS-FREESafeguard sensitive data from accidents, operating system and application errors, HDD failures and other unexpected risks with a smart, easy and economical data backup and storage solution that uses a web-based administrative consoleLenovo Online Backup Enterprise Edition.

  • MO



    5FOR BUSINESS ON THE MOvE.carry on with your business while you travel. Now you can work productively on the move with ultraportable ThinkPad laptop with up to 12 hours of battery life and enhanced VoIP tools. ThinkPad laptops with embedded and enabled Computrace Technology provide the ultimate protection for your data.

  • TRAvEL LIgHT WITH ULTRAPORTABLE THINKPAD LAPTOPS AND TABLETSThinkPad laptops pack a powerhouse of features into ultra-light form factors. Choose from our range of UltraBook PCs and tabletsthe ThinkPad X1 Carbon (at 1.36kg) or the new ThinkPad Tablet 2 (less than 600g).

    TRAvEL ALL-DAy LONg WITH UP TO 12-HOUR BATTERy LIFEEnjoy all-day computing with ThinkPad laptops, thanks to extended battery life options and a built-in Power Manager. For instance, ThinkPad X Series can deliver up to 12 hours of battery life.


    ThinkPad laptops feature Access Connections, so you can stay connected no matter where you are. This unique solution lets you set-up various location profiles. So when youre working on the move, you can select the profile and your PC will automatically adjust the network configuration to match the specific IT needs of the location.

    TRAvEL CONNECTED WITH LENOvO MOBILE ACCESSThis flexible, no-contract, pay-as-you-go mobile broadband service gives you greater choice and flexibility when connecting to valued online services away from your home, office or public WiFi hotspots. Powered by a scalable Cloud-based platform from Macheen Inc., the service comes with select models of the ThinkPad laptops.

    STAy IN TOUCH WITH THINKPAD OPTIMISED FOR MICROSOFT LyNCOptimised for Microsoft Lync, the ThinkPad PCs enable you to use your laptop as a complete unified communication endpoint. These machines deliver high-definition audio and rich widescreen video, at a variety of resolutions to make video conferencing easier and more useful. While the optimised microphone and speaker placement allows you to hold a conference call without the need for a USB peripheral. Whats more, the enhanced processing power facilitates easy audio and video conferencing with rich collaboration features.

    TRAvEL PRODUCTIvELy WITH INTEL CORE PROCESSINg POWERIntel Core processors make ThinkPad laptops faster and more responsive. Designed to keep up with growing organisations, they offer unbeatable multitasking capabilities and minimise IT disruption.

    TRAvEL SAFE WITH COMPUTRACE TECHNOLOgyThinkPad laptops with embedded and enabled Computrace Technology provide the ultimate protection for your data. You can centrally manage your IT assets within a single interface, identify computers that may have gone missing and easily enforce software policies. Best of all, in the event of PC theft, Computrace Technology can track the location of the stolen PC and remotely delete your data.

    TRAvEL WORRy-FREE WITH LENOvO ONLINE DATA BACKUPLenovo Online Data Backup Enterprise Edition (OLDB EE) is a Cloud-based, secure online data backup service. Its a simple, smart and economical way to protect your data from file corruption, accidental deletion, viruses or hardware failure. OLDB EE regularly backs up your files to secure servers automatically, so that you never have to worry about losing important data.

    WORK WHILE yOU TRAvEL WITH SECURE CLOUD ACCESSAccess your data, applications and services from a multitude of devices and platforms. Using just a browser, the user can authenticate and gain access to relevant applications and data from mobile devices, desktop computers and remote servers. Secure Cloud Access delivers a context-aware web-desktop, with broad device and operating system support. The focus is on integrating and intelligently delivering applications and services you already use and own.

    TRAvEL WITHOUT PAUSE WITH LENOvOS RAPIDCHARgE TECHNOLOgyLenovo RapidCharge Technology recharges 80% of your ThinkPad X1 battery in just 30 minutes. Whats more, the RapidCharge battery is designed to last 3 times longer than a standard laptop battery.

    MULTI-TASK WHILE yOU TRAvEL WITH WINDOWS 8 PROLenovo PCs come with Windows 8 Pro, which lets you keep everything at your fingertips, wherever and whenever you need it. Work fast and more securely from virtually anywhere with Mobile Broadband, WiFi and VPN clients. Access your PC, files, apps and media with Remote Desktop. While the BitLocker drive encryption helps you to protect data along with ThinkPad PCs that include a TPM chip.

  • EN





    6CARES FOR THE ENvIRONMENT.Go green with dO machines. Lenovo machines not only care for your business, but they also protect our planet. Engineered with the environment in mind, Lenovo PCs are built with components that contain lower levels of cadmium, lead and mercury. Newer technologies ensure cooler, quieter systems. Tools like Power Manager allow you to maximise power savings. Even our packaging process has gone green with almost 95% recycled materials used. You can contribute to the cause by minimising waste packaging at your site when you bulk ship our products.

  • PRODUCT RECyCLINg PROgRAMMEOur end-of-life product take back solutions are aimed at maximising the reuse, recycling and/or environmental disposal of replaced and unusable products, parts and waste. This has resulted in the avoidance of nearly 18,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions since we first began in May 2005.

    PRODUCT DESIgN AND MATERIALSThe ThinkPad Green Team focuses on producing environmentally friendly ThinkPad laptops. They develop products with reduced energy consumption, eliminating materials of concern and taking sustainability into account by using innovation and continual improvements. Were also proud to be anindustry leader in using post-consumer recycled content (PCC) plastics in the manufacture of laptops, desktops, workstations, monitors and options.

    LENOvOS POWER MANAgERHelps optimise energy used by a running machine and even saves you up to 69% on energy consumption per desktop, per year.

    ACTIvE THERMAL MANAgEMENTAdjusts processor and fan speeds based on ambient temperature and noise levels.

    DyNAMIC BRIgHTNESS CONTROLConserves battery by lowering LCD brightness during transient states like startup, shutdown, log off, screen lock and screensaver mode.

    ASSET RECOvERy SERvICESRecover the maximum possible value from your replaced equipment.

    ACTIvE DIRECTORy AND LANDESKFor remote deployment of power schemes and global settings. So you can control and enforce ThinkPad energy savings company-wide.

    gREEN PERIPHERALSBulkmemoryreducesenvironmental impact and improves the overall performance of select laptops and desktops. It also results in 80% packaging reduction. AC adapters are ENERGY STAR 2.0 compliant.ThinkVantage Power Manager enables you to manage power for laptops and desktops throughout the company.ThinkVisionmonitorscomewith ENERGY STAR 5.0 and EPEAT Gold qualifications.


    Post-Cosumer Content Engineered green Low Halogen Reusable Shopping Bag

  • CERTIFICATIONSLenovo is the first brand to announce a full line-up of ENERgy STAR 5.0 compliant PCs. Whats more, the Lenovo monitors are 38% more efficient than the required ENERGY STAR criteria.

    Lenovo is leading the industry by providing a mercury-free, low halogen monitor as well as the first 19" wide 2CCFL vESA standard adoption.

    Lenovo was the first manufacturer to deliver an EPEAT Gold rated monitor and now has a full lineup of EPEAT Gold commercial monitors.

    Lenovos ThinkVision L2251x wide monitor with zero virgin plastics was certified as the worlds first TCO Certified EDGE monitor in October 2009.

    In 2011 Lenovo became the first computer manufacturer to obtain UL Environments Sustainable Products Certification to the Gold level for the IEEE 1680.1 standard for criterias such as energy efficiency, design for recycling and material usage. Since obtaining this industry first, Lenovo has gone on to certify with ULE several additional models of ThinkPad laptops as well as Lenovos full lineup of ThinkVision monitors.

    Lenovo has introduced low halogen products in several product families. At the commodity level, many models of Lenovo ThinkPad laptops contained hard disk drives, optical disk drives, solid state drives, LCD screens, memory, CPUs, chipsets, and several communication cards that met the iNEMI definition of low halogen. At the product level, Lenovo introduced its first low halogen product, the ThinkVision L2440x wide monitor, and followed this product with the ThinkVision L2251x wide monitor. In late 2010, Lenovo introduced the low halogen ThinkCentre M90p desktop. In 2011, all ThinkPad laptops have been released with low halogen PCBs.

    Lenovo have partnered with Tv Rheinland, to certify the new ThinkCentre M92z and ThinkVision LT2323z under the Green Product Mark. Green Mark verifies that electronic products like the ThinkCentre M92z meet the best in class parameters for energy efficiency, toxic components, recycled material use and product carbon footprint.

    gREENgUARD certificates are awarded by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute for contribution towards improving public health and quality of life through improvement of indoor air. Performance-based standards are incorporated in the selection criteria for products with low chemical and particle emissions.

    Lenovo leads in the Nordics with most products registered with Nordic Ecolabel 60 products including the first registered tablet. The Nordic Ecolabel enables consumers and businesses to easily select products that are developed using sustainable production methods, and therefore have less environmental impact.

    Lenovo is recognised as an industry leader in using PCC and designing environmentallysustainable products. Lenovos use of post-consumer recycled content and plastic in its products exceeds 61 million pounds since early 2005. Lenovo is committed to incorporate some amount of PCC into every PC product and continuously increase use of PCC in each product family.

    Declarations/Certications As a summary, Lenovo claims the following declarations and certifications on current ThinkPad models.

    X Series (X201/X220)


    UL Environment

    Nordic Swan**


    ECMA 370


    PCC Use***

    Reduced Halogen

    *Rating in USA**Contains outlook

    ***PCC: Post-Consumer Recycled Content

    T Series(T410/T420,T510/T520)

    W Series(W510/W520)

    L Series(L412/L420,L512/L520)

    Edge Series(11", 13", 14", 15")

  • AC





    7ACCESSIBLE FROM ANyWHERE.Effortlessly monitor and manage your pcs. Lenovo PCs manage themselves. They are designed to discover glitches, and prevent future recurrences, without you being present at your PC. So you can effortlessly secure and protect your PC and data from getting lost or landing in the wrong hands. You can configure, update and manage software, all from the comfort of your desk. Possibly the easiest and most cost-effective way to manage IT setup of your business, the LANDesk Management Suite is a comprehensive, integrated management console. It allows you to manage all your PCs together from one location, by automating all your processes, system checks, updates and security controls.

  • MORE BENEFITS OF A THIN CLIENT SOLUTION.Secure Applications and data are stored and secured centrally. Risks posed by data theft and viruses are minimised or eliminated.

    Manageable Thin Clients can be managed remotely. Devices can be deployed out-of-the-box and automatically configured.

    Scalable Thin Clients can grow as fast as you do, as is proven with many multi-thousand seat deployments.

    Cost-effective Thin Computing reduces the cost of delivering and maintaining desktop computing by more than 40% over traditional methods.

    greener Thin Clients use as little as six watts of power and off-load processing tasks from the server, creating a true low-carbon solution, reducing energy bills at the same time.

    CLOUD COMPUTINgLenovo provides Thin Client Computing Solutions, special software and services, a smart options portfolio and our extended partner and alliance ecosystem to ensure you have the best possible Cloud Computing experience.

    Optimised to interact with the Cloud, they give you the best possible experience when accessing applications and services. The Cloud Ready Clientan enterprise-class innovation developed with Intelincludes all ThinkPad laptops and ThinkCentre desktops powered by 3rd generation Intel

    Core or Intel Core vPro processors and unique Intel-developed Application Programming Interfaces that expose key hardware attributes of the client to Cloud applications.

    Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice. Any models pictured are for illustration purposes only. Lenovo is not responsible for photographic or typographic errors. Lenovo, the Lenovo logo, For Those Who Do, ThinkCentre, ThinkPad, ThinkPlus, ThinkVision, ThinkVantage, Active Protection System, Access Connections, Power Manager, Secure Data Disposal and LANDesk are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lenovo. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Core, Core Inside, Intel vPro and vPro Inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Lenovo 2013. All rights reserved.