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  • Raleigh GreenVisual Design, UI/UX, Technology, Art, Music, Education

    (617) 230-8673

    AWARDS • Professional Music Award, Berklee College of Music (2002) • Quincy Jones Award, Berklee College of Music (2002)

    EDUCATION • UI/UX frontend Design Track (2017) • Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, Professional Music Diploma, Summa Cum Laude (2002) • University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, Bachelor of Fine Art (1998)


    • Browser-based guitar scale web app fretShapes (2017) • Interactive eBook Sing and Trace ABC for iOS and macOS (2013) • Kids Switcheroo iPhone app for iOS (2012)

    SELECTED DESIGN / DEVELOPMENT COLLABORATIONS • Song Analyzer web app for NPR critic Tim Riley (2016) • One-hour original animation for 'Every When at Once' multinational live performance (2015) • 'Weightless/Endless', abstract music sequencing web app designed and developed

    in collaboration with UK band Marconi Union and the Marina Abramovic Institute (2014)

    AUTHOR / MUSIC TEACHER / PROFESSIONAL MUSICIAN • Author of 'The Guitar Style Resource' (2012) and 'Guitar Atlas: Jamaica' (2009) • Phillips Andover Academy music faculty and ensemble leader (2004 - 2016) • Phillips Exeter Academy (2004), National Guitar Workshop (1999 - 2010) • Product endorsee for D’Addario Strings, Hercules Stands and Planet Waves

    SKILLS / TOOLS • Photoshop • Illustrator • Sketch

    • HTML • CSS • JavaScript

    • Visual Design • UI/UX Design • Web Design

    SUMMARY I am a visual designer and a UI/UX creative. I have a passion for applying these skills to music, art and education.