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Download viewтілінде Happy birthday Spot . Ал балалар Спотқа бәріміз ән айтып берейік. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Spotty Happy birthday to you. Мұғалім: Let’s play then Let’s take the chairs, put

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: My Happy birthday ( )



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: Apple, banana , potato, cup , fruit, present, birthday, orange,

party, bow, cake.

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: Hello children! Good to see you. Lets begin our English lesson.

Today well learn how to count to ten.

. Now close your eyes, lets count to

ten. One, two, three , four..ten. Open your eyes!

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, - .

( Hi Abzal , good to see you ! Hello Adelya , how are you? Great

to see you!)

: Spot , you look so smart today, and this beautiful bow! ( C



: Guess why?

: Why is Spot so smart today? I cant guess .


: .

: Do you have your birthday today?

: I am five today.

: ,

, ?

: Five

: Yes I am five . And you? How old are you?

: ?

How old are you? I am..


I am four , I am five.

I am six

. How old are you?

: Thats right , Spot is five years old today. Today is his birthday.

Lets make a birthday party for Spot.

. First , we need a present

for him. Oh, I see a

beautiful pink balloon. Its good present for Spot . (

). Lets give it to Spot as a present. Spot

Happy birthday, here is my present for you.

Spot : Thank you.

: .If its a birthday

party so we need flowers. Who wants to give a flower to Spot?

Here the flowers. Almas take this blue flower and give it to

Spot. And dont forget to say Happy birthday

Spot: Happy birthday Spot!

: Now Spot has got presents . Lets begin our Party

Spot: Its my birthday party.

: , .

, .

: OK , Its my birthday and our party . But where are all the tasty

things? Where sweets? Where the cake? I cant see anything.

: .

.Well make a tea. Now lets have some tea with cake, then

we can have some fruits. Who wants tea? Me ( I want tea)

Where is our teapot ? Oh, here it is And where our cups? Oh, here they are. How many cups have we got? One, two, three , four..And how many guests? There arent enough cups for all the guests. What shall we do? Well play. He who names a fruit or a vegetable in English , gets a cup of tea, OK? .

: Agreed. Ill bee the first one. A peach!

: Good Spot , a peach is a fruit , here s your cup of tea.

: A banana! An apple! A cabbage

: Very good , Zhanna a tomato is a vegetable.(


Happy birthday Spot .


Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear Spotty

Happy birthday to you.

: Lets play then Lets play swapping places . Take the flashcard ,

take the chairs, put them in a circle and sit down in a circle.

Make a circle big and round. OK, now listen to what I say. If I

say for example, an apple, the kids with a picture of an apple

on their flashcards stand up and quickly swap their places.

: It was fun , wasnt it?

, ?



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Now its time to say good bye . Happy birthday Spot !

Good bye, kids.