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1. STC NETWORK Victims of Slave Mentality Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai Entrepreneur, SEO Consultant, Computer Engineer & Web Developer 2. 1. Going abroad for Higher Studies? 2. Finding a great Job at a Corporate Firm or Company? 3. Living your parents Dream? 4. Doing what your elders did? 5. Or 6. To become the first YOU! Whats Your Aim in Life? 3. PLAN A 1. Spoon Feeders (liyari, lalukait, 7 years) 2. Financially Dependent 3. Career Orientated 4. Taleem ( do ACCA, CA, PhD, scholarships) 5. Poor Marketers ( slice, baba Junaid Bangali) 6. Night Dreamers 7. Plan testers (moving round and round) 1. Self Fed 2. Financially Independent 3. Business Orientated 4. Ilm 5. Great Marketers 6. Day Dreamers 7. Plan Executors PLAN B Choosing the Right Queue 4. My Online Earning Strategy 1. Develop a Skill web development 2. Take Risks Start a Business! 3. Set a SIX MONTHS Target 4. Wuhoo00!!! 5. SIX MONTHS FORMULA TO SIX FIGURE INCOME (Workshop) 1. Create a blog (2+2+2= 6 Months) I. Customize it! (CSS3, HTML4, PHOTOSHOP) II. *Optimize it! (SEO, SMO, SEM) III. Monetize it! (Contextual Ads, Media Ads) >> continue. 6. SIX MONTHS FORMULA TO SIX FIGURE INCOME (Workshop) 2. Practice Trending technologies. Follow authorities only (2+2= 4 Months) 3. Sells your Skills (2 Months) 1. Readers - Offer Services 2. Linkedin build social network 3. *KickStarter get ideas 4. Android Play Store 5. iOS App Store After six months expect a lucrative income online.! 7. Thank you!