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Teaching Notes by Joyce MeyerJoyce Meyer Ministries Nanakramguda Hyderabad - 500 008 Andhra Pradesh INDIA 91-40-2300 6777 www.jmmindia.org TN32

July 25-28, 1996 Modesto, California

WILDERNESS MENTALITYI. Passing Through Or Taking Up Residence? A. Deuteronomy 1:2 It took forty years to make an eleven-day trip 1. B. Deuteronomy 1:6 . . . You have dwelt long enough on this mountain.

Proverbs 23:7 As a man thinks, so is he or so does he become. 1. 2. 3. Mindsets are very important (Colossians 3:1-2). Ephesians 4:22-24 Change of behavior is directly related to change of mind. Romans 12:2 Be transformed by the entire renewal of your mind.


Hebrews 11:15 Looking back gives constant opportunity to return. 1. 2. Get your mind on the Promised Land and off of Egypt and the wilderness. Isaiah 43:18-19 Do not seriously remember nor consider the things of old. I am doing a new thing. He makes a way in the wilderness for the new thing. Learn to cooperate.


The Wilderness Types And Shadows A. A literal place, or it can be the wilderness in the inner man.




Is your inner life a wilderness or a fruitful field a desert or a river flowing forth? 1. John 7:37-38 Now on the final and most important day of the Feast, Jesus stood, and He cried in a loud voice, If any man is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink! He who believes in Me [who cleaves to and trusts in and relies on Me] as the Scripture has said, From his innermost being shall flow [continuously] springs and rivers of living water. 2. Unbelief creates disobedience and keeps you in the wilderness.

C. D. E.

What are you full of? Gods will or yours? Is your land flowing with milk and honey, which is righteousness, peace, and joy? Have you crossed over the Jordan (made the transition from wilderness living to Promised Land living)?


Wilderness Mentality #1 My future is based on my past and my present. A. The Israelites had no positive vision for their lives no dreams. 1. Ephesians 5:17 Therefore do not be vague and thoughtless and foolish, but understanding and firmly grasping what the will of the Lord is. Be people of purpose.

2. B.

Everything was based on what they had seen and could see. 1. 2. They did not know how to see with the eyes of faith. Isaiah 11:3 He did not judge by sight.


Numbers 14:2-4; 20:3-4; 21:4-5 They never saw beyond their circumstances.2


1. D.

Genesis 13:14-17 Abraham had to start over and God said, All you can see, I will give you.

Is your attitude WAIT and SEE OR SEE and WAIT? 1. Take a positive look at the possibilities of the future and begin to call those things that be not as if they are.


Wilderness Mentality #2 Someone do it for me; I dont want to take the responsibility. A. Responsibility Respond to the ability God has placed in you, or respond to the opportunity God has put in front of you. 1. Genesis 11:31; 12:1-2 Abrams father offered an opportunity to go to Canaan, BUT he settled in Haran. Abram took responsibility. B. Proverbs 6:6-11 The ant takes responsibility without oversight. 1. C. Matthew 20:16b For many are called, but few chosen.

Joshua: Chapter 1 They were on the border of the Promised Land. 1. Moses is dead This meant a lot of new responsibility.


From twigs to trees 1. God removes props (people and things we lean on that make it easy for us).


Joshua 1:2 Arise Get up; or a spiritual awakening from lethargy 1. 2. Lethargy Sluggish indifference, apathy, forgetfulness, passive, procrastinating, lazy and lukewarm. Haggai 1:2-9 They procrastinated eighteen years doing what they felt like doing.3


3. 4. F.

Ecclesiastes 11:4 Dont wait until all conditions are favorable to sow. Will you be mediocre or excellent?

People with a wilderness mentality want to have everything and do nothing. 1. Plenty of wishbone, but not much backbone

G. V.

John 5:1-8 Man crippled thirty-eight years had a wilderness mentality.

Wilderness Mentality #3 Please make everything easy. I cant take it if things are too hard. A. How you behave in the wilderness determines whether or not you are ready for the Promised Land. 1. B. C. This is too hard is one of the biggest excuses I hear.

Numbers 21:4 They always get discouraged and depressed during trials. They lived by feelings and not the Word of God. 1. 2. Deuteronomy 30:11 My commands are not too hard. Psalm 143 and Psalm 42 are good psalms on depression and what our response should be.


Exodus 13:17 God led them the hard way on purpose. 1. 2. Hard Demanding great effort, endurance; difficult, harsh, severe; resistant to pressure; troublesome. They were not ready for war. They wanted to possess but did not realize that meant dispossess.


Deuteronomy: Chapter 8 God led them in hard times to test them and to see if they would keep His commandments or not.4


1. 2. F. G.

I Peter 4:12 Fiery ordeal that tests our quality You never know what you really know until you take the test.

John: Chapter 6 They loved miracles but turned back when Jesus said hard things to them (Verses 6:1-2, 9-11, 18-21, 48-66). Exodus 14:10-15 With the Red Sea in front and the Egyptian army at their rear, they wanted to turn back. 1. 2. 3. They got emotional and had a fit; they were whiners. God said, Tell them to go forward. Proverbs 24:10 If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.


Press on Press through. 1. You do not get translated into the Promised Land; you go through the wilderness to get there. a. b. c. Mark 5:24-34 The woman with the issue of blood had to press through the crowd. Genesis 32:24-26 Jacob refused to let God alone until He conferred a blessing on him. Philippians 3:14 Paul pressed on toward the goal.


Go all the way through (Hebrews 10:38-39) Dont draw back to eternal misery. 1. 2. Hebrews 6:11 Go all the way through. Mark 4:35-38 Crossing over to the other side does not mean there will be no storms. It actually means just the opposite.


Matthew 20:20-22 They wanted promotion. Jesus replied that they did not know what they were asking for.5



Wilderness Mentality #4 Grumbling, faultfinding, and complaining A. Until our attitude can glorify God during suffering, we will not get delivered. 1. I Peter 2:19-21 It is not suffering that glorifies God, but a godly attitude in suffering that glorifies Him. Glory = Excellence. B. Jesus suffered gloriously. 1. 2. 3. 4. C. Without complaint With trust no matter how it looked Silently Isaiah 53:7 and John 14:30 He remained the same (I Peter 4:19) Those who are illtreated must do right and deposit themselves with God.

We often (or usually) suffer grotesquely. 1. Murmuring, grumbling, deploring our situation, faultfinding (we find fault with God), or complaining (Philippians 4:6; 2:14-15, and I Corinthians 10:9-11) a. b. 2. 3. I Peter 5:9-10 Everybody suffers; you will be delivered soon. I Peter 5:8-9 Resist the devil means resist the wrong attitude.

Reporting to all who will listen to every little detail of our trials, often over and over Fearful, worried, and negative


Complaining can be considered praising the devil. We should give thanks and, therefore, praise God.



1. 2. E.

The Israelites complained and remained in the wilderness. Jesus praised and was raised from the dead.

Romans 12:12 Be steadfast and patient in suffering.

VII. Wilderness Mentality #5 Dont make me wait for anything; I deserve everything immediately. A. This attitude is the fruit of pride. 1. 2. B. James 1:2-4 Rejoice in trials; they are bringing out patience. This will bring you to an area where you lack nothing. Deuteronomy 8:7-9 God leading them through the wilderness to a land where they would lack nothing

James 5:7 Patience is HOW YOU ACT while youre waiting not just waiting. 1. It is a Fruit of the Spirit that grows only under trial.

C. D.

Hebrews 10:36 You need steadfast patience and endurance so you can inherit the promises (the Promised Land). Pride (I Peter 5:6) Therefore humble yourselves [demote, lower yourselves in your own estimation] under the mighty hand of God, that in due time He may exalt you. 1. Learn to enjoy where you are while you are getting to where you are going to be. Pride says, I am ready now. Humility says, God knows best. 3. Romans 12:3 Do not have an exaggerated opinion of your own importance.




4. 5. 6.

Proverbs 16:2 All our ways are right in our own eyes, but God knows us much better than we know ourselves. Proverbs 16:9 We plan our way, but God directs our steps and THANK GOD HE DOES. Proverbs 16:25 The way that seems right to us would end in death. (My way could have killed the ministry.)

VIII. Wilderness Mentality #6 My behavior may be wrong, but its not my fault. (Evading the real issues in life) A. B. C. D. Genesis 3:12-13 Adam and Eve blamed each other, God, and the devil; therefore, evading personal responsibility for their actions. Genesis 16:1-6 Abram and Sarai blamed each other. Numbers 21:5 All the Israelites problems were Gods and Moses fault. They successfully evaded their errors. I acted terrible, but it was always: 1. 2. 3. 4. E. Because I was abused Because Dave was not doing something or was doing something Because of my kids Because, because but freedom did not come until I faced the truth about me.