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DESCRIPTION is providing you the best solution to color your hair with health, shin and growth. We have Vegetal Bio Hair Colour having 3Colours and Certified Organic Indigo Powder which are 100% natural and composed from natural herbs. Must try! These are free from synthetic chemicals.


  • 1. Online Organic Store
  • 2. If you really care for your hair, then you have to make sure that you get hold of the vegetal hair dye. This would help you to get the maximum benefits that would help you to feel the best for the right product that you have got for you. Unless you try to research hard, it would not be possible for you to get the ultimate one for you that would only lead to loss of your money and time. It is therefore important to make sure that right attempts are made to look at its portfolio that would help you to bring a big smile to your face without any problem at all. Thus it is your choice that would help to get the right one that would make your hair stronger and healthier. It is important to ensure that you try to get rid of any chemical substances that would lead to a lot of problem to your hair as well as your skin. Once you are able to find the right source, it would be able to make you get the ultimate advantage without any problem at all.
  • 3. You have to get the right idea that would help you to know that it provides you with guarantee for the products that you wish to buy. If you are not able to get the right idea about the products then you have to look at their testimonials. If you are able to get good and positive reviews then it would help you to make your perfect decision. Thus you need to be serious if you attempt to put your best foot forward to get the perfect and natural product without any problem at all thereby making you get satisfied by using it in the right way.
  • 4. You need to ensure that good attempts are made to find the best source where you can get free delivery of your products without any problem at all. Therefore you have to know all their terms and conditions that would make you get the right idea whether you can get the ultimate advantage out of it. When you try to look forward to buy vegetal bio hair colour for you, it would not only help you to get the perfect color but also make you get he healthy hair. Therefore you have to make sure that you try to know how to find the perfect and genuine source that would bring a big smile to your face. Getting the perfect one at the best price would also help you say on a much safer and profitable side without any problem. So, you have to find the right one that would make you get the ultimate satisfaction.
  • 5. If you are not satisfied with your hair dye and looking for better option then we can recommend you vegetal hair color because this is the best brand to get the 100%satisfaction. We can understand what kind of problems which you can face with your cheap dye products. They can easily available in very shop but they are not safe for health at all. These are made up of with the components of artificial ingredients with toxic color. These can damage your hair and lose your natural shine. That is why; we are giving the best products in the form of vegetal hair dye of natural component. We are launching the new products which we will give you better results than any other local brand.
  • 6. Vegetal Bio Hair Colour (Burgundy): If you want permanent solution for your white hair with burgundy color then choose this brand. This is best to control against the UV rays. This is made up of natural ingredients which contain proteins and vitamins, which gives the nourishment to your scalp. So, if you dont want to increase your white hair and want to improve your appearance then must try this natural dye.
  • 7. Vegetal Bio Hair Colour (Dark Brown): If you are looking for the natural dye in dark brown color which can not only give you color of your choice but can also keeps your hair growing then this product is best for you. This can not only control dandruff but can also nourish your hair. You can buy this online at low market price and save money.
  • 8. Vegetal Bio Hair Colour (Soft Black): Now you have third option to color your hair with soft black dye. This vegetal product is one of the best options for the people who would like to have only black hairs. This contains no harmful synthetic chemical and free from hazardous chemicals. You can get this at only Rs 599 and boost your hair growth.
  • 9. Vegetal Hair Food : This product is composed from different types of herbs. It contains shikakai, Jatamansi, and aloe vera. This product is contains proper dietary supplements which are essential to keep your hair shine and growing. You can get this at anytime from our online store at Rs208 only.
  • 10. Certified Organic Indigo Powder: This is the alternative best solution for the people who cant use chemicals containing products. This is absolutely free from hazardous chemicals, composed from indigo. This is suitable for all hair types, which is given by Radico- specialized company in natural hair colours. If you are still not satisfied, then dont worry we have many other options for you which you can see or buy from our organic store . Quality is our commitment and promotion of eco-friendly product is our motto to give your healthy life.
  • 11. Hurry! If you want to take the advantages of heavy discount on our different products then take your phone and call us on +91-9810145540. You can also mail us your queries at
  • 12. You can reach us by: Phone: 011 26441352 +91 9810145540 (24 Hours 7 Days a Week) Email: Headquarters 9/5, Nehru Enclave East New Delhi 110019. Official Site: Social Profiles:
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