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Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour


How To Apply Gel Hair ColourPreparing The Hair.

Prepare The Product.

Applying To The Hair.

Developing The Hair.

Rinsing & Protecting The Hair.

Preparing The Hair

Well before applying the colour, shampoo your hair, rinse it well and dry it.

Wear the supplied gloves. Apply cream or petroleum jelly to your skin along the hairline, ears and neck to prevent these areas from being colored.

Prepare The Product

Empty out the sachet of Herbal Permanent Hair Colour Powder in a non metallic (Glass or Plastic) Mixing bowl. Add to it Aloe Honey Gel. For one sachet, use part of tube (for touching the colour). For two sachet, use to part of tube (for men hair & hair upto shoulder for 4 sachet, use complete tube (for long hair) length)

Stir it until the mixture is of uniform consistency of herbal cream/paste.

Applying to the hair Using a non-metallic comb or brush, separate the hair into small sections of 1-2 inches.

Being applying mixture at the crown of the head, coating all strands with non-metallic brush (supplied with box) or fingers.

Keep metal hair pins, curlers, etc out of hair.

Use plastic clips or string. Using your gloved fingers, work the mixture into each section well from scalp to ends.

Repeat the process with each individual section until all your hair is thoroughly saturated with the mixture.

Carefully clean the skin around edge of the scalp with a wet cotton pad.

Developing the hair After application is complete, leave mixture on your head for 30 minutes.

Add heat if desired.

Rinsing & protecting the Hair When the mixture has optimally dried to the desired colour, get ready to rinse it off. Wear the gloves (if necessary).

Rinse hair thoroughly in water for several minutes, Then shampoo/ condition your hair with INDUS VALLY after colour protective shampooing conditioner.

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