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NAGARA BOOKS …………………………………. 1 …………………………………. V SOUTH ASIA & SOUTHEAST ASIA 南アジア・東南アジア地域研究 4814 Abbas, Hassan The Taliban Revival: violence and extremism on the Pakistan-Afghanistan frontier. 296p New Haven 2014 978-0-300-17884-5 4,500 4815 Abbas, Shemeem Burney Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws: from Islamic empire to the Taliban. 222p Austin 2013 978-0-292-74530-8 8,250 :This pioneering study of the evolution of blasphemy laws from the early Islamic empires to the present-day Taliban uncovers the history and questionable motives behind Pakistan’s blasphemy laws and calls for a return to the prophet Muhammad’s peaceful vision of social justice. 4816 Abû 'l-Fazl 'Allâmî The Â'în-i Akbarî (A gazetteer and administrative manual of Akbar's Empire and part history of India). tr. by H. Blochmann 3 vols. Calcutta 2010 repr. 7,200 :Vol. I. Tr. by H. Blochmann, Vol. II & III. Tr. by H.S. Jarrett 4817 Ahmad Ibn Fadlan & Abu Zayd al-Sirafi Two Arabic Travel Books: accounts of China and India and mission to the Volga. ed. & tr. by James Montgomery & Tim Mackintosh-Smith (Library of Arabic Literature Series) 320p N.Y. 2014 978-1- 4798-0350-7 5,250 :Two Arabic Travel Books combines two exceptional exemplars of Arabic travel writing, penned in the same era but chronicling wildly divergent experiences. Accounts of China and India, Mission to the Volga 4818 Ahmad, Najma Perveen (tr. & cfomm.) Tashrih-ul-Moosiqui (persian translation of Tansen's original work "Budh Prakash"). 74p+117p(per) New Delhi 2012 978-81-7304-943-9 3,180 :One such rare manuscript if Tashrih-ul-Moosiqui, written by Hakeem Mohammad Arzani during the 17th century. It is the Persian translation of Tansen's work Budh Prakash. 4819 Ahmed, Iqbal Kashmir Coinage: Sultanate period (1339-1586). 124p ills. Srinagar 2013 978-81-8339-230-3 4,380 4820 Ahmed, Khaled Sectarian War: Pakistan's Sunni-Shia violence and its links to the Middle East. xxxvii,369p Karachi 2012(11) 978-0-19-906593-6 Pap. 1,920 :This book traces the roots of the sectarian conflict in the Muslim past in India, and throws light at the new developments in the Middle East after the replacement of the socialist Arab leaders with religious scholars, and the rise of Shia Iran under Imam Khomeini. 4821 Alam, Muzaffar & Sanjay Subrahmanyam Indo-Persian Travels in the Age of Discoveries, 1400- 1800. xvi,399p maps, ills. New Delhi/Cambridge 2008(07) 978-0-521-89852-2 3,180 :Indian ed. 4822 Alam, Muzaffar et al. Writing the Mughal World: studies in political culture. 536p Ranikhet 2014 978-81-7824-386-5 2,025 :This book contains nine jointly authored essays on the Mughal empire, framed by a long introduction which reflects on the imperial, nationalist, and other conflicted trajectories of history writing on the Mughals from the two leading historians of early modern South Asia. 4823 Algar, Hamid Jami. (Makers of Islamic Civilization) viii,152p New Delhi 2013 978-0-19-809044-1 1,580 4824 Ali, Kamran Asdar & Martina Rieker (ed.) Comparing Cities: the Middle East and South Asia. xix,349p Oxford 2009 978-0-19-547498-5 1,480 :The comparative framework builds on a shared history of the colonial encounter, modernity, nationalism and urbanity and is further deepened by the larger framework of Muslim culture that influences social life in both spaces. 4825 Allan, James W. The Art and Architecture of Twelver Shi'ism: Iraq, Iran and the Indian sub-continent. (Biennial Ehsan Yarshater Lecture Series, 5) viii,174p photos. London 2012 978-1-898-59229-7 9,000

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    4814 Abbas, Hassan The Taliban Revival: violence and extremism on the Pakistan-Afghanistan frontier. 296p New Haven 2014 978-0-300-17884-5 4,500 4815 Abbas, Shemeem Burney Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws: from Islamic empire to the Taliban. 222p Austin 2013 978-0-292-74530-8 8,250 :This pioneering study of the evolution of blasphemy laws from the early Islamic empires to the present-day Taliban uncovers the history and questionable motives behind Pakistans blasphemy laws and calls for a return to the prophet Muhammads peaceful vision of social justice. 4816 Ab 'l-Fazl 'Allm The 'n-i Akbar (A gazetteer and administrative manual of Akbar's Empire and part history of India). tr. by H. Blochmann 3 vols. Calcutta 2010 repr. 7,200 :Vol. I. Tr. by H. Blochmann, Vol. II & III. Tr. by H.S. Jarrett 4817 Ahmad Ibn Fadlan & Abu Zayd al-Sirafi Two Arabic Travel Books: accounts of China and India and mission to the Volga. ed. & tr. by James Montgomery & Tim Mackintosh-Smith (Library of Arabic Literature Series) 320p N.Y. 2014 978-1- 4798-0350-7 5,250 :Two Arabic Travel Books combines two exceptional exemplars of Arabic travel writing, penned in the same era but chronicling wildly divergent experiences. Accounts of China and India, Mission to the Volga 4818 Ahmad, Najma Perveen (tr. & cfomm.) Tashrih-ul-Moosiqui (persian translation of Tansen's original work "Budh Prakash"). 74p+117p(per) New Delhi 2012 978-81-7304-943-9 3,180 :One such rare manuscript if Tashrih-ul-Moosiqui,

    written by Hakeem Mohammad Arzani during the 17th century. It is the Persian translation of Tansen's work Budh Prakash. 4819 Ahmed, Iqbal Kashmir Coinage: Sultanate period (1339-1586). 124p ills. Srinagar 2013 978-81-8339-230-3 4,380 4820 Ahmed, Khaled Sectarian War: Pakistan's Sunni-Shia violence and its links to the Middle East. xxxvii,369p Karachi 2012(11) 978-0-19-906593-6 Pap. 1,920 :This book traces the roots of the sectarian conflict in the Muslim past in India, and throws light at the new developments in the Middle East after the replacement of the socialist Arab leaders with religious scholars, and the rise of Shia Iran under Imam Khomeini. 4821 Alam, Muzaffar & Sanjay Subrahmanyam Indo-Persian Travels in the Age of Discoveries, 1400-1800. xvi,399p maps, ills. New Delhi/Cambridge 2008(07) 978-0-521-89852-2 3,180 :Indian ed. 4822 Alam, Muzaffar et al. Writing the Mughal World: studies in political culture. 536p Ranikhet 2014 978-81-7824-386-5 2,025 :This book contains nine jointly authored essays on the Mughal empire, framed by a long introduction which reflects on the imperial, nationalist, and other conflicted trajectories of history writing on the Mughals from the two leading historians of early modern South Asia. 4823 Algar, Hamid Jami. (Makers of Islamic Civilization) viii,152p New Delhi 2013 978-0-19-809044-1 1,580 4824 Ali, Kamran Asdar & Martina Rieker (ed.) Comparing Cities: the Middle East and South Asia. xix,349p Oxford 2009 978-0-19-547498-5 1,480 :The comparative framework builds on a shared history of the colonial encounter, modernity, nationalism and urbanity and is further deepened by the larger framework of Muslim culture that influences social life in both spaces. 4825 Allan, James W. The Art and Architecture of Twelver Shi'ism: Iraq, Iran and the Indian sub-continent. (Biennial Ehsan Yarshater Lecture Series, 5) viii,174p photos. London 2012 978-1-898-59229-7 9,000

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    4826 Alpers, Edward A. East Africa and the Indian Ocean. 240p Princeton 2007 978-1-55876-453-8 Pap. 4,342 :For centuries, East Africa has played a central role within the Indian Ocean world. The Arabs built the first trade networks there; these were laid siege to by the Portuguese in the 16th century, followed by British colonialists in the 19th century. 4827 Alpers, Edward A. The Indian Ocean in World History. (New Oxford World History) x,172p N.Y. 2013 978-0-19-533787-7 Pap. 2,992 4828 Alvi, Sajida Sultana Perspectives on Mughal India: rulers, historians, 'Ulama and Sufis'. xx,277p Karachi 20112012 978-0-19-547643-9 2,860 :A collection of essays that explore Mughal India through lenses varying from the historical to the political and spiritual. 4829 Anderson, Clare Subaltern Lives: biographies of colonialism in the Indian Ocean world, 1790-1920. (Critical Perspectives on Empire) 232p Cambridge 2012 978-1-107-64544-8 Pap. 5,197 4830 Anjum, Tanvir Chishti Sufis in the Sultanate of Delhi 1190-1400: from restrained indifference to calculated defiance. xv,433p Karachi 2011 978-0-19-906009-2 4,800 4831 Ansari, I.H., H.A. Qureshi & T. al-Siddiqi (tr.) Kirmani's Siyar-ul-Awliya'i. (IAD Religio-Philosophy (original) Series No. 46) x,474p Delhi 2013 2,600 :Sayyid Muhammad b. Mubarak b. Muhammad b. Mahmood Kirmani, was a successor of Hazrat Khwaja Nizam-ud-Din Awliya'i, wrote this book contains the description of the spiritual guides of the Chishtiyah silsila (chain). 4832 Ansari, Ishrat Husain & Hamid Afaq Qureshi (tr.) Medieval & Modern India: new sources (1000-1989 AD). (IAD Oriental (Original) Series, 41) 2 vols. Delhi 2009 3,000 :Translations of Vol. 1 - Tazkirat-ul-Asfiyah, Bagh wa Bahar-i-Abbasi, Faiz-ul-Jari, Akhbar wa Insab Sadat-i-Sandilah Mai' Deegar Khandan, Vol. 2 - Tazkirah Mashahir-i-Sandila, Nasbnama Hargam wa Khairabad

    wa Sandila, Khulasa Nasbnama Buzurgaun-i-Hargam, Tazkirat-ul-Ansab, Tazkirah Pakizah, Zia-i-Najm, London Sharjah, Spiritual tales-I. 4833 Aquil, Raziuddin In the Name of Allah: understanding Islam and Indian history. xi,289p New Delhi 2009 978-0-670- 08261-2 1,996 4834 Aquil, Raziuddin Sufism, Cultures, and Politics: Afghans and Islam in Medieval North India. (Oxford India Paperbacks) xiii,269p New Delhi 2012(07) 978-0-19-806915-7 Pap. 1,500 :the relationship between politics, Islam and Muslim religious leaders. 4835 Aquil, Riazuddin (ed.) Sufism and Society in Medieval India. (Debates in Indian History and Society) xxiv,184p New Delhi 2010 978-0-19-806444-2 2,580 :on the perennial debate regarding the different roles of Sufis played in medieval Indian society and culture 4836 Arif, Iftikhar & Waqas Khwaja (ed.) Modern Poetry of Pakistan. 352p Champaign 2011 978-1-56478-605-0 Pap. 2,542 :The first anthology of its kind to appear in English, Modern Poetry of Pakistan brings together not one but many poetic traditions indigenous to Pakistan, with 142 poems translated from seven major languages, six of them regional (Baluchi, Kashmiri, Panjabi, Pashto, Seraiki, and Sindhi) and one national (Urdu). 4837 Asha, Raham Jvedn Xrad: some fragments of the eternal wisdom of Aoshnara the wise which are extant in Prsg (Pahlavi), Arabic and Persian. 137p Mumbai 2011 978-81-905943-8-7 2,000 4838 Auer, Blain H. Symbols of Authority in Medieval Islam: history, religion and Muslim legitimacy in the Delhi Sultanate. 256p ills. London 2012 978-1-84885-567-0 14,170 :Investigates the ways three historians living in India during the 13th and 14th centuries, Minhaj Siraj Juzjani, al-Din Barani and al-Din Siraj, narrated the religious values of Muslim sovereigns through the process of history writing.

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    4839 Awan, Samina Political Islam in Colonial Punjab: Majlis-i-Ahrar 1929-1949. xxxvi,190p Karachi 2010 978-0-19- 906011-5 2,160 :The investigation of an ideologised and activist organization like the Majlis-i-Ahrar-i-Islam (MAI) proves a journey through several inter-related domains including political Islam, South Asian Muslim identity politics and the transformation of Punjab from a bastion of the Raj to a sword arm for Pakistan movement. 4840 Azim, Firdous (ed.) Islam, Culture and Women in Asia: complex terrains. 114p London 2013 978-0-415-52826-9 22,100 :An examination of the place of religion, especially Islam, in political and cultural life took on a special urgency after the events of 9/11. 4841 Banerji, Arup Old Routes: North Indian nomads and bankers in Afghan, Uzbek and Russian lands. 260p Gurgaon 2011 978-81-88789-72-6 1,800 :This book is a study of commercial relations between North India, the Uzbek Khanate of Bukhara and Russian between the 17th and 19th centuries 4842 Bano, Masooda The Rational Believer: choices and decisions in the Madrasas of Pakistan. xii,250p Ithaca 2012 978-0- 8014-5044-0 5,992 4843 Barani, Zainuddin Tarikh-i-Firoz Shahi. intro. by S.M. Azizuddin Husain (Rampur Raza Library Publications) 3p(eng)+ 344p(facs.) Rampur 2013 978-93-82949-02-2 4,800 :Facsimile edition, Tughlug dynasty, 1320-1413 -- Delhi (Sultanate) -- History 4844 Bashir, Kanwal & Abbas Kazmi Punjabi-English Dictionary. x,667p Hyattsville 2012 978-1-931546-89-8 18,750 :This work is the first edition of the continuing series of the Punjabi-English Dictionary. It contains approximately 2,500 main entries. The purpose of this book is to assist beginning and intermediate students of Pakistani Punjabi. Two main sources of written data are the daily Punjabi newspapers Khabran and Bhulekha published in Lahore, Pakistan between January and December, 2009. Another source is the audios of unrehearsed conversations of

    native Punjabi speakers living in Punjab province in Pakistan. 4845 Beach, M.C., E. Fischer & B.N. Goswamy (ed.) Masters of Indian Painting, I: 1100-1650, II: 1650-1900. (Artibus Asiae Supplementum Series 48 I-II) 839p in 2 vols. ills. Zurich 2011 978-390707750-4 30,000 4846 Beach, Milo C. The Imperial Image: paintings for the Mughal court. rev. & exp. ed. 232p ills. Washington, DC 2012 978-1-935677-16-1 10,500 4847 Bhargava, Meena (ed.) The Decline of the Mughal Empire. lvi,235p New Delhi 2014 978-0-19-809056-4 3,180 4848 Bilgrami, Noorjehan The Craft Traditions of Pakistan: clay, cloth, wood, metal stone. 206p ills. photos. Karachi 2006 969- 8987-00-2 8,980 4849 Al-Brn Al-thr al-Bqyah 'an al-qurn al-khlyah. ed. by C.E. Sachau lxxiii,30p+362p Beirut repr. (1923) 3,300 :[Chronologie Orientalischer Vlker von Alberni] 4850 Boivin, Michel L'gh Khn et les Khojah: Islam Chiite et dynamiques sociales dans le sous-continent Indien, 1843-1954. (Terres et Gens d'Islam) 351p Paris 2013 978-2-8111-0958-5 5,887 :Khojas -- Isma'ili -- Pakistan 4851 Boivin, Michel Le Soufisme Antinomien dans le sous-Continent Indien: la l'Shahbz Qalandar et son heritage XIIIe-XXe siecle. (Patrimoines, Visages de l'Islam) 240p Paris 2012 978-2-204-09750-5 5,684 4852 Boivin, Michel & Matthew A. Cook (ed.) Interpreting the Sindhi World: essays on society and history. xx,226p Karachi 2010 978-0-19-547719-1 2,300 4853 Bokhari, Afshan Imperial Women in Mughal India: the piety and patronage of Jahanara Begum. 320p. ills. London 2013 978-1-84885-950-0 15,470

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    4854 Bose, Neilesh Recasting the Region: language, culture, and Islam in colonial Bengal. 288p Oxford 2014 978-0-19- 809728-0 7,492 :Rare study of late colonial Muslim Bengali politics and intellectuals 4855 Brown, Nathan J. When Victory Is Not an Option: Islamist movements in Arab politics. xii,260p Ithaca 2012 978-0-8014- 7772-0 Pap. 3,742 :How do Islamist movements change when they plunge into freer but unfair elections? How do their organizations (such as the Muslim Brotherhood) and structures evolve? What happens to their core ideological principles? And how might their increased involvement affect the political system? 4856 Buzurg ibn Shahriyr (m. 342 h.) 'Aj'ib al-Hind barr-hu wa bahr-hu: Livre des Merveilles de l'Inde. ed. & tr. by P.A. van der Lith (Silsilat al-Jughrfyah wa ak-Rihlt 'inda al-'Arab, 5) xiv,310p Beirut 2009 repr. 2,200 4857 Calendar of Persian Correspondence: Being letters, referring mainly to affairs in Bengal, which passed between some of the company's servants and Indian rulers and notables, 1759-1780. with an intro. by M. Alam & S. Subrahmanyam (Archives in India Historical Reprints) 5 vols. Delhi 2013 repr, 978-93-80607-54-2 34,920 :Vol. I: 1759-1767, Vol. II: 1767-1769, Vol. III: 1770-1772, Vol. IV: 1772-1775, Vol. V: 1776-1780. 4858 Chandra, Satish State, Society, and Culture in Indian History. (Oxford Collected Essays) xii,191p New Delhi 2012 978-0-19-807739-8 2,600 :examine the complex interlinkages between state, society, and culture in medieval and modern India. Part I: Social Change, Part II: The Mughals, Part III: Cultural Traditions 4859 Chawla, Joginder K. India's Overland Trade with Central Asia & Persia, during the 13th & 14th Centuries. xix,198p map New Delhi 2006 81-215-1160-7 1,700 4860 Chhibber, Pradeep Religious Practice and Democracy in India. 232p

    Cambridge 2014 978-1-107-04150-9 13,500 :Focuses on religious practice rathern than religion 4861 Choksy, Jamsheed K. & Jennifer Dubeansky (ed.) Gifts to a Magus: Indo-Iranian studies honoring Firoze Kotwal. (Toronto Studies in Religion, 32) 364p N.Y. 2013 978-1-4331-2051-0 14,092 :The topics covered range from the prophet Zarathushtra (Zoroaster) and the ancient Indo-Iranians to the modern Zoroastrians and the Jews of Iran and India. 4862 Choughley, Abdul Kader Islamic Resurgence: Sayyid Abul Hasan 'Ali Nadwi and his contemporaries. xv,299p New Delhi 2011 978-81-246-0573-4 4,500 4863 Choughley, Abdul Kader Sayyid Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi: life and works. (Islamic Heritage in Cross-Cultural Perspectives, 7) xxvii,313p New Delhi 2012 978-81-246-0611-7 4,500 4864 Cimino, Richard Mystical Science and Practical Religion: Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh discourse on science and technology. 114p Lanham 2014 978-0-7391-8227-7 10,500 4865 Commissariat, Khan Bahadur M.S. Imperial Mughal Farmans in Gujarat. ed. by M. Bombaywala 112p photos. Ahmedabad 2012(11) 920 4866 Curzon, George Nathaniel On the Indian Frontier: Lord Curzon of Kedleston. ed. with intro. by Dhara Anjaria (Oxford in Asia, Historical Reprints) xxxv,283p Karachi 2012 978-0-19-906357-4 1,960 4867 Daechsel, Markus Islamabad and the Politics of International Development in Pakistan. 320p Cambridge 2014 978-1-107-05717-3 14,850 4868 Daftary, Farhad (ed.) A Modern History of the Ismailis: continuity and change in a Muslim community. (Ismaili Heritage Series) 300p London 2010 978-1-84511-717-7 9,100 :The Nizari Ismailis came to have a line of imams now represented by the Agha Khans, while the Tayyibi Ismailis - known in South Asia as the Bohras - came to be led by da'is (vicegerents of the concealed imams).

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    This collection is the first scholarly attempt to survey the modern history of both Ismaili groupings since the middle of the 19th century. 4869 Dalrymple, William & Yuthika Sharma (ed.) Princes and Painters in Mughal Delhi, 1707-1857. 212p 150 color New Haven 2012 978-0-300-17666-7 9,000 4870 Drb Estehbnt, Mohd. bn Mohd. (written 1076-1078 h.q.) Tadhkereh-ye Latyef-e al-Khiyal. ed. by Y. Bayg Bbpr 2 vols. Qom 1391 978-964-988-268-0 2,100 4871 Dash, P.L. (ed.) India and Central Asia: two decades of transition. xiii,230p New Delhi 2012 978-0-19-808963-6 2,380 4872 Datla, Kavita The Language of Secular Islam: Urdu nationalism and colonial India. 248p Honolulu 2013 978-0-8248- 3609-2 7,350 4873 de Bruijn, Thomas Rubu in the Dust: poetry and history of Padmvat by the south-Asian Sufi poet Muhammad Jyas. 376p Leiden 2012 978-908-72-8112-0 9,733 :presents a reading of Padmavat that challenges existing interpretations of Jayasi's work and describes how its semantic polyphony reflects the poet's role as mediator between his spiritual and worldly patrons. 4874 Devji, Faisal Muslim Zion: Pakistan as a political idea. 250p Cambridge, MA 2013 978-0-674-07267-1 3,292 :Revealing how Pakistans troubled present continues to be shaped by its past, the book is a penetrating critique of what comes of founding a country on an unresolved desire both to join and reject the world of modern nation-states. 4875 Dharampal-Frick, G., Ali Usman Qasmi & Katia Rostetter (ed.) Revisioning Iqbal, as a poet and Muslim political thinker. 231p Karachi 2011(10) 978-0-19-906293-5 1,580 4876 D'Souza, Diane Partners of Zaynab: a gendered perspective of Shia Muslim faith. (Studies in Comparative Religion) 264p

    ills. Columbia 2014 978-1-61117-377-2 7,492 :An examination of the complex devotional lives of Shia women in urban India 4877 Eaton, R.M., M.D. Faruqui, D. Gilmartin & S. Kumar (ed.) Expanding Frontiers in South Asia and World History: essays in honour of John F. Richards 288p Cambridge 2013 978-1-107-03428-0 14,850 4878 Eaton, Richard M. (ed.) India's Islamic Traditions, 711-1750. (Themes in Indian History) vi,439p New Delhi 2006(03) 0-19-568334-x Pap. 1,700 :For a thousand years before the advent of British power, a great variety of Islamic traditions appeared in India-letters and conversations of Sufis, vernacular epics, visual arts, qawwali music, commentaries on the Quran, historical chronicles, romance literature, folk ballads, and much more. 4879 Esmaili, Mozhgan Chancellery System and Its Sigillography during the Contemporaneous Reigns of the Safavids Iran & the Great Mughals in India. 256p ills. Delhi 2008 81-85004-67-6 3,160 :Based on scholarly analysis of the seals and other documents, such as royal decrees, treaties, official orders, judicial reports, etc., it is an important work on chancellery practices of the Safavid in Iran and Mughals in India. 4880 Evans, Walter B. The Genesis of the Pakistan Idea: a study in Hindu- Muslim relations. lviii,324p New Delhi 2013 978-0-19-906808-1 2,780 :trace the course of Hindu-Muslim relations in India, from the Lucknow Pact of 1916 to the demand for Pakistan made by the All-India Muslim League in 1940. 4881 Facey, William & Anthony R. Constable (ed.) The Principles of Arab Navigation. 160p maps London 2013 978-0-95710-601-7 9,100 :Bringing together six scholars specializing in the maritime history and culture of the Arabs (Anthony R. Constable, William Facey, Yacoub Al-Hijji, Paul Lunde, Hassan Salih Shihab and Eric Staples), this book makes a new and vital contribution to the study of a nautical culture that has hitherto not received its due share of attention, and which is vital to an understanding of Indian Ocean history.

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    4882 Farmichi, Chiara Islam and the Making of the Nation: Kartosuwiryo and political Islam in 20th-century Indonesia. 250p Leiden 2013 978-90-6718-386-4 6,600 4883 Faruqi, Ziya-ul-Hasan (tr. & intro.) Faw'id al-Fu'd - spiritual and literary discourse of Shaikh Nizmuddn Awliy. originally compiled by Amir Hasan 'Ala' Sijzi Dehlawi. (Islamic Heritage in Cross-Cultural Perspectives, 2) ix,495p New Delhi 2011(1996) 81-246-0042-2 2,600 4884 Faruqui, Munis D. The Princes of the Mughal Empire, 1504-1719. xvii,348p Cambridge 2012 978-1-107-02217-1 14,850 :This rigorous new interpretation of the Mughals, from the founding of empire to its decline, explores the pivotal role of the Mughal princes. Challenging previous scholarship, the book suggests that far from undermining the foundations of empire, the political intrigues of courtly life boosted Mughal power through an empire-wide network of friends and allies. 4885 Feener, R. Michael Sharia and Social Engineering: the implimentation of Islamic law in contemporary Aceh, Indoensia. 368p Oxford 2014 978-0-19-967884-6 12,750 :examines the implementation of Islamic law in post-tsunami Aceh 4886 Fisher, Michael H. (ed.) Beyond the Three Seas: travellers' tales of Mughal India. xviii,219p New Delhi 2007 978-81-8400-010-8 1,400 :with a preface by William Dalrymple 4887 Flood, Finbarry B. Objects of Translation : material culture and medieval "Hindu-Muslim" encounter xv,366p photos. Princeton 2009 978-0-691-12594-7 7,875 :offers a nuanced approach to the entanglements of medieval elites in the regions that today comprise Afghanistan, Pakistan, and north India. 4888 Formichi, Chiara & Michael Feener (ed.) Shi'ism and Beyond: 'Alid piety in Muslim Southeast Asia. (Shi'i Heritage Series) 288p London 2013 978-1-78076-507-5 7,670

    4889 Formichi, Chiara & Michael Feener (ed.) Shi'ism in South East Asia: 'Alid piety and sectarian constructions. 368p London 2014 978-1-84904-436-3 10,400 4890 Frembgen, Jrgen Wasim At the Shrine of the Red Sufi: five days and nights on pilgrimage in Pakistan. 181p Karachi 2011 978-0- 19-906307-9 2,380 :Frembgen's visit to the shrine of the "Red Sufi" Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in the little town of Sehwan in southern Pakistan shows a side of Islam which-translated into its western equivalent would closely resemble the carnival in Rhineland or the anarchic potential of Flower Power. At the same time, the event abounds in superstition, asceticism, and spirituality-the kind which have long since disappeared in the West. 4891 Frembgen, Jrgen Wasim Nocturnal Music in the Land of the Sufis: unheard Pakistan. 160p photos. Karachi 2012 978-0-19- 906506-6 2,080 :tr. from Germany by Jane Ripken 4892 Frembgen, Jrgen Wasim The Friends of God: Sufi Saints in Islam: popular poster art from Pakistan. x,158p photos. Karachi 2012(06) 978-0-19-906594-3 Pap. 4,320 :In cooperation with the Museum of Ethnology, Munich 4893 Al-Ff, 'Al ibn Hmid ibn Ab Bakr (m. 613 h.) Fath al-Sind: Jaj-nmah. ed. by Suhayl Zakkr 394p Beirut 1992 repr. 4,580 :Arabs -- Sindh (Pakistan) -- History -- Early works to 1800. 4894 Gabbay, Alyssa Islamic Tolerance: Amir Khusraw and pluralism. (Iranian Studies) 160p London 2014(10) 978-1-13-878927-2 New in Pap. 6,742 :This book explores the development of pluralism in Islam in South Asia through the work of the poet, historian and musician Amir Khusraw and sheds new light on how Islam developed its own culture of tolerance. 4895 Gang Zhao The Qing Opening to the Ocean: Chinese maritime policies, 1684-1757. 312p Honolulu 2013 978-0-8248-

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    3643-6 8,400 4896 Ganguly, Sumit Deadly Impasse: Kashmir and Indo-Pakistani relations in transition. 280p Cambridge 2014 978-0-521-12568-0 Pap. 4,348 4897 Ghalib Lakhnavi Dastan-e Amir Hamza. (Urdu Klasik) 533p Karachi 2011 978-0-19-906001-6 3,300 :In Urdu, Dastan-e Amir Hamza is one of the seminal classics of Urdu literature which exists in a number of renderings by Urdu prose writers. 4898 Ghazal, Amal N. Islamic Reform and Arab Nationalism: expanding the Crescent from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean (1880s-1930s). (Culture and Civilization in the Middle East) 178p London 2014(10) 978-1-13-878929-6 New in Pap. 6,742 4899 Ghth Shattr Mndav, Mohd. Hasan bn Ms (m. 1022 h.q.) Golzr Abrr f Seyar al-Akhyr (dar sharh-e ahvl-e 'erf va moshyekh-e Hend). ed. by Y. Beyg Bbpr 740p Tehran 1391 (2012) 978-600-220-149-2 5,620 :[On the life of mystics and Sheikhs of India] 4900 Gln, Nizm al-Dn Ahmad (d. 1071 h.q.) Al-Harrat al-Gharzyah. ed. byH.S. Zell al-Rahmn (Mrth-e Qutbshh, 4) 16p(eng)+71p Qom 2012 978-964-988-263-5 620 :Medicine, Arab 4901 Gilani, Ijaz Shafi (ed.) The Voice of the People: public opinion in Pakistan 2007-2009. xvii,222p Karachi 2010 978-0-19- 547510-4 1,980 4902 Gould, William Religion and Conflict in Modern South Asia. 368p Cambridge 2012 978-0-521-70511-0 Pap. 4,648 4903 Green, Nile Bombay Islam: the religious economy of the West Indian Ocean, 1840-1915. 344p ills. Cambridge/New Delhi 2013(11) 978-1-107-62779-6 Pap. 3,838 4904 Green, Nile Making Space: Sufis and settlers in early modern India. xvii,339p New Delhi 2012 978-0-19-807796-1

    3,180 :The essays in this volume deal with the role of the Sufis, the texts about them or the narratives about the saints, and their shrines to throw light on the history of South Asian Muslims. 4905 Green, Nile Terrains of Exchange: Muslim encounters from India and iran to America and Japan. 288p London 2014 978-1-84904-428-8 6,500 :examines how encounters throughout Eurasia and beyond transformed Muslim practice and the history of Islam. 4906 Gupta, Harim Ram Panjab, Central Asia and the First Afghan War (based on Mohan Lal's observations). xv,381p Chandigarh 1989 1,200 :2nd edition (1st (1943): Life and Work of Mohan Lal Kashmiri. 1812-1877) 4907 Guy, John & Jorrit Britschgi Wonder of the Age: master painters of India 1100- 1900. 224p ills. N.Y. 2011 978-0-300-17582-0 6,750 4908 Habib, Irfan The Agrarian System of Mughal India, 1556-1707. 3rd revised edition (Oxford India Paperbacks) xvi,547p ills. maps New Delhi 2013(1999) 978-0-19-807742-8 Pap. 2,780 :This is a new, updated edition of a classic work first published in 1963. A major synthesis of the economic and political history of Mughal times, it contains a detailed description of agricultural production, peasant life, land rights, trade and prices, the land-revenue administration, and the role of the state. 4909 Hjj Seyyed Javd, Kaml Farhangnmeh-ye Zabn va Adab-e Frs dar Shebh-e Qreh-ye Hend: bar ass-e farhang-e adab hend va frs-ye athar-e parfosr nab hd. 672p Tehran 1390 978-600-222-030-1 4,100 :[Indo-Persian Literature Dictionary] Authors, Persian -- India -- Biography 4910 Hameed, Yasmeen (ed. & tr.) Pakistani Urdu Verse: an anthology. xxiii,513p Karachi 2010 978-0-19-547891-4 3,380 :Poetry from Pakistan. Urdu poems with English translations

  • NAGARA BOOKS . 8 .

    4911 Hanif, N. Biographical Encyclopaedia of Sufis (South Asia). xiv,402p New Delhi 2011(00) 81-7625-087-2 5,000 4912 Haqqi, Syed Anwarul Haque Chingiz Khan: the life and legacy of an empire builder. xxx,326p Delhi 2010 978-81-908918-9-9 3,980 :provides an evocative account of Temuchin Chingiz Khan, who knitted the warring Mongol tribes into well-trained warriors, and who went on to establish an empire from the Great Wall of China to the Caspian Sea and the Indus River. 4913 Harms, Robert, Bernard K. Freamon & David W. Blight (ed.) Indian Ocean Slavery in the Age of Abolition. 264p New Haven 2013 978-0-300-16387-2 Pap. 4,500 :While the British were able to accomplish abolition in the trans-Atlantic world by the end of the nineteenth century, their efforts paradoxically caused a great increase in legal and illegal slave trading in the western Indian Ocean. 4914 Haroon, Sana Frontier of Faith: a history of religious mobilisation in the Pakhtun tribal areas c. 1890-1950. xv,239p maps Karachi 2011(07) 978-0-19-906025-2 Pap. 2,080 :examines the history of Islam-especially that of local mullas, or Muslim clerics- in the North-West Frontier (now Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa) 4915 Hartung, Jan-Peter A System of Life: Mawdudi and the ideologisation of Islam. 320p Oxford 2014 978-0-19-936177-9 11,250 4916 Hasan, Arif The Unplanned Revolution: observations on the processes of socio-economic change in Pakistan. xxxiii,307p Karachi 2012(09) 978-0-19-906590-5 Pap. 2,150 4917 Hasan, Samiul Philanthropy and Social Justice in Islam: principles, prospects, and practices. ix,342p Kuala Lumpur 2007 983-065-217-3 1,710 4918 Hasrat, Bikrama Jit Dr Shikh: life and works. xxvii,312p New Delhi 2013 (1979) 978-81-2150160-6 5,400

    4919 Hawkins, Michael C. Making Moros: imperial historicism and American military rule in the Philippines' Muslim South. xi,185p DeKalb 2012 978-0-87580-459-0 5,700 4920 Hayat, Sikandar The Charismatic Leader: Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the creation of Pakistan. xxi,386p Karachi 2008 978-0-19-547475-6 2,100 4921 Hermann, Denis & Fabrizio Speziale (hrsg.) Muslim Cultures in the Indo-Iranian World during the Early-Modern and Modern Periods. (Islamkundliche Untersuchungen 290/Bibliotheca Iranienne, 69) 596p Berlin 2010 978-3-87997-364-4 12,141 :I. Politics and Society in Iran and India during the Safavid-Mughal Period, II. The Shi'i Legacy in the Decca, III. Indian and Iranian Sufis, IV. The Religious Milieu and the Reformist Discourse. V. Scientific and Philosophical Studies, VI. Encounters with the Indian Traditions. 4922 Hibbard, Scott W. Religious Politics and Secular States: Egypt, India. and the United States. 328p Baltimore 2012 978-1- 4214-0577-3 Pap. 4,500 :This comparative analysis probes why conservative renderings of religious tradition in the United States, India, and Egypt remain so influential in the politics of these three ostensibly secular societies. 4923 Hisanori Kato (ed.) The Clash of Ijtihad: fundamentalist versus liberal Muslims: the development of Islamic thinking in contemporary Indonesia. (Religion, Politics and Society Series, No. 3) xxxvi,214p Delhi 2011 978-81-8465- 140-9 1,200 4924 Hoffstaedter, Gerhard Modern Muslim Identities: negotiating religion and ethnicity in Malaysia. (NIAS Monographs # 119) 304p Copenhagen 2011 978-87-7694-081-2 Pap. 4,937 :Explores the relationship between the Malaysian state and its citizens in creating and maintaining fixed identities. 4925 Hossain, Rokeya Sakhawat The Essential Rokeya: selected works of Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain (1880-1932). ed. & tr. by Mohammad A. Quayum (Women and Gender: The Middle East and the Islamic World. 13) 240p Leiden

  • NAGARA BOOKS . 9 .

    2013 978-90-04-25585-2 20,909 :Quayum brings together, for the first time, some of the best work by one of South Asias earliest and most heroic feminist writers and activists, who was also a leading figure of the Bengal Renaissance in the nineteenth and early twentieth century ? Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain (1880-1932). 4926 Hudawi, K.M. Bahauddeen The Development and Impact of Shafii School of Jurisprudence in India. xxv,210p New Delhi 2014 93-5018-352-8 4,815 4927 Hughes, John Islamic Extremism and the War of Ideas: lessons from Indonesia. 180p Stanford 2010 978-0-8179-1164-5 2,992 :examines lessons learned from the practice of public diplomacy-especially international broadcasting-in the cold war and tells how the United States could more effectively counter extremism, promote democracy, and improve understanding of itself in the Islamic world. 4928 Hull, Matthew S. Government of Paper: the materiality of bureaucracy in urban Pakistan. 320p Berkeley 2012 978-0-520-27215-6 Pap. 4,042 4929 Husain, Ali Akbar Scent in the Islamic Garden: a study of literary sources in Persian and Urdu. intro. by William Dalrymple 2nd edition 300p plates Karachi/Oxford 2012(00) 978-0-19-906278-2 7,020 :on literary, particularly poetic, perceptions of the Indo-Islamic garden, using a knowledge of Islamic horticulture and medical botany to gain added insights. 4930 Husain, Iqbal Studies in Polity, Economic and Society of the Trans-Gangetic Valley: fifteenth-nineteenth centuries. xxiv, 432p Delhi 2013 978-93-80607-51-1 5,000 :The Essays deal with the diffusion of Islam in India, and highlight its varied, indigenous character, focusing on both, the revivalist and reformist trends within South Asian Islam. Based on a wide variety of extant Persian archival records-family papers of the revenue-grantees in Lucknow, Firangi Mahal papers, Urdu and Persian manuscripts, the essayss in this collection are of immense significance to historians of early modern and colonial India.

    4931 Ilahi Hamadani, Mir Imaduddin Tazkira-e-Ilahi, Volume I, Part I & II ed. by Abdul Haq (Prakashika Series, 6) 2 vols. (facs. ed.) New Delhi 2013 978-93-80829-16-6 8,000 :Facsimile edition Tazkira-e Ilahi is a 17th century work by Imaduddin al- Husaini, originally from Iran, anthology of literatures who wrote poetry as well as those who wrote prose. 4932 Inomkhojayev, Rahmon PASHTO: an elementary textbooks. Volume 1 & 2. 2 vols. (+CD-ROM) Washington, DC 2011 978-1-58901-773-3, 774-0 20,985 :Designed to cover one year of beginning-level language instruction, Pashto: An Elementary Textbook provides learners and instructors with a wide selection of task-oriented, communicative language materials to facilitate the development of language learning. 4933 Iqbal, Muhammad The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam. with intro. by Javed Majeed (Encountering Traditions) 256p Stanford 2013 978-0-8047-8147-3

    Pap. 3,292 4934 IRCICA Proceedings of the International Symposium on Islamic Civilisation in South Asia, Dhaka,16-18 November 2008. 224p Istanbul 2013 978-92-9063-260-3 5,990 4935 Jackson, Peter Studies on the Mongol Empire and Early Muslim India. (Variorum Collected Studies Series 923) xii,334p Surrey 2009 978-0-7546-5988-4 9,310 4936 Jahn, Karl (ed.) Rashid al-Dn's History of India: collected essays with facsimiles and indices. (Central Asian Studies 10) cxix,153p Berlin 2013(1965) 978-3-11-125734-1 19,274 4937 Jain, Prakash C. & Kundan Kumar (ed.) India Trade Diaspora in the Arabian Peninsula. xv,352p New Delhi 2012 978-81-86772-48-5 6,380 4938 Jain, Rahul Mughal Patkas, Ashavali Saris and Indo-Iranian Metal-Ground Fragments in the Collection of the Calico Museum of Textiles and the Sarabhai Foundation. (Woven Textiles, Technical Studies Mono. No. 1) 241p

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    photos. New Delhi 2008 81-86980-40-7 12,000 4939 Jal, Murzban (ed.) Zoroastrianism: from antiquity to the moder period. (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization, V. VII, pt. 8) xxxv,379p New Delhi 2012 978-81-87586-57-9 6,800 4940 Jalal, Ayesha The Struggle for Pakistan: a Muslim homeland and global politics. 420p photos. Cambridge, Mss. 2014 978-0-674-05289-5 5,250 :Now, in a probing biography of her native land amid the throes of global change, Ayesha Jalal provides an insiders assessment of how this nuclear-armed Muslim nation evolved as it did and explains why its dilemmas weigh so heavily on prospects for peace in the region. 4941 Jamal, Amina Jamaat-e-Islami Women in Pakistan: vanguard of a new modernity? (Gender and Globalization) 296p Syracuse 2013 978-0-8156-5237-3 5,992 4942 Johnson, T.H. & Barry Zellen (ed.) Culture, Conflict, and Counterinsurgency. 288p Stanford 2014 978-0-8047-8595-2 8,250 :The authors contend that an enduring victory can still be achieved in Afghanistan. However, to secure it we must better understand the cultural foundations of the continuing conflicts that rage across Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan, and shift our strategy from an attritional engagement to a smarter war plan that embraces these cultural dimensions. 4943 Kalam, Tabir Religious Tradition and Culture in Eighteenth Century North India. 187p Delhi 2013 978-93-80607- 39-9 4,650 4944 Kalra, Virinder S. (ed.) Pakistani Diasporas: culture, conflict, and change. (Oxford in Pakistan Readings in Sociology and Social Anthropology) xiii,379p Karachi 2009 978-0-19-547625-5 1,680 :Part 1: Labour narratives, Part 2: Gendered accounts, Part 3: Transforming rituals, Part 4: Shifting identities 4945 Kamerkar, Mani & Soonu Dhunjisha From the Iranian Plateau to the Shores of Gujarat: the story of Parsi settlements and absorption in India. (The K.R. Cama Oriental Institute) xvi,220p photos

    Mumbai 2002 81-7764-301-0 1,560 :The authors have shown how the Parsis settled in the towns and prospered as traders, farmers, and administrators and contributed to the all round development of the towns of Gujarat, such as Surat, Khambhat and Bharuch. 4946 Kaptein, Nico J.G. Islam, Colonialism and the Modern Age in the Netherlands East Indies: a biography of Sayyid 'Uthman (1822-1914). (Brill's Southeast Asian Library, 4) 330p Leiden 2014 978-90-04-27869-1 23,345 4947 Kaul, Divya Mansingh Hindustani and Persio-Arabian Music: an indepth, comparative study. xviii,246p ills. New Delhi 2007 81-7391-923-2 2,600 4948 Kavuri-Bauer, Santhi Monumental Matters: the power, subjectivity, and space of India's Mughal architecture. x,232p ills. Durham 2011 978-0-8223-4922-8 Pap. 3,592 :Built in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Indias Mughal monuments-including majestic forts, mosques, palaces, and tombs, such as the Taj Mahal-are world renowned for their grandeur and association with the Mughals, the powerful Islamic empire that once ruled most of the subcontinent. 4949 Kazi, Seema Between Democracy & Nation: gender and militalisation in Kashmir. xxxiii,199p Karachi 2010(09) 978-0-19-547835-8 Pap. 2,200 4950 Kersten, Carool Islam in Indonesia: the contest for society, ideas and values. 224p London 2014 978-1-84904-437-0 6,500 4951 Keynfar, Jamshd (ed.) Ganjneh-ye Bahrestn, 17: Trkh 3 (A collection of 3 treatises on history and geography of Indian subcontinent). 5p(eng)+445p Tehran 1388(2009) 978-600-5594-22-5 1,540 4952 Khan, Hamid Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan. 2nd edition xxix,812p Karachi 2009(01) 978-0-19- 547474-9 4,400

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    4953 Khan, Hussain Ahmad Artisans, Sufis, Shrines: colonial architecture in nineteenth-century Punjab. 256p London 2014 978-1-78453-014-3 14,100 4954 Khan, Nasir Raza (ed.) India, Central Asia and the Worlds Powers. 156p Delhi 2013 978-93-80607-63-4 2,780 :offers a fresh insight to India-Central Asia relations and a deeper understanding of the developing political and economic scenario of the region. 4955 Khan, Naveeda Muslim Becoming: aspiration and skepticism in Pakistan. 272p Durham 2012 978-0-8223-5231-0 Pap. 3,592 :Naveeda Khan challenges the claim that Pakistan's relation to Islam is fragmented and problematic. Offering a radically different interpretation, Khan contends that Pakistan inherited an aspirational, always-becoming Islam, one with an open future and a tendency toward experimentation. 4956 Khan, Riaz Mohammad Afghanistan and Pakistan: conflict, extremism, and resistance to modernity. vii,385p Karachi 2011 978-0-19-807384-0 3,980 :This book surveys the conflict on Afghanistan from Pakistan's point of view and analyses the roots of that country's ambiguous policy-supporting the United States on one hand, and showing empathy for the Afghan Taliban on the other. 4957 Khan, Shaharyar Cricket Cauldron: the turbulent politics of sport in Pakistan. 320p London 2013 978-1-78076-083-4 5,197 :This is an essential and riveting work for all cricket enthusiasts but with a vital additional dimension of social history and international relations. 4958 Khanam, Azra Muslim Backward Classes: a sociological perspectives. x,298p Los Angeles/New Delhi 2013 978-81-3211-167-2 4,455 :This sociological study of the Muslim Other Backward Classes (OBCs) view them as a category determined by the Indian state.

    4959 Koch, Ebba Mughal Architecture: an outline of its history and development, 1526-1856. Rev. ed. xi,165p ills. New Delhi 2014 978-93-8060-753-5 7,800 4960 Kondo Osamu The Early Modern Monarchism in Mughal India, with a bibliographical survey. vii,327p New Delhi 2014 repr. 978-81-2151276-3 5,850 4961 Kuczkiewicz-Fras, Agnieszka (ed.) Islamicate Traditions in South Asia: themes from culture & history. 414p New Delhi 2013 978-81-7304-975-0 3,980 4962 Laffan, Michael The Makings of Indonesian Islam: Orientalism and the narration of a Sufi past. 328p Princeton 2013(11) 978-0-691-16216-4 New in Pap. 3,742 :Indonesian Islam is often portrayed as being intrinsically moderate by virtue of the role that mystical Sufism played in shaping its traditions. 4963 Laksana, Albertus B. Muslim and Catholic Pilgrimage Practices: explorations through Java. (Ashgate Studies in Pilgrimage) 270p ills. maps Aldershot 2014 978-1-4094-6396-2 16,900 :Exploring the distinctive nature and role of local pilgrimage traditions among Muslims and Catholics, Muslim and Catholic Pilgrimage Practices draws particularly on south central Java, Indonesia 4964 Lal, Mohan Travels in the Panjab, Afghanistan and Turkestan to Balk, Bokhara and Herat. (Archives in India Historical Reprints) xxv,279p New Delhi (2011) 978-81- 922275-1-1 3,000 4965 Lane, Kris Colour of Paradise: the emerald in the age of gunpowder empires. xiv,280p maps, photos, New Haven 2010 978-0-300-16131-1 8,250 :traces the complex web of global trading networks that funnelled emeralds from the South American back country to populous Asian capitals between the 16th and 18th centuries. 4966 Lawrence, Walter R. The Valley of Kashmir. 478p iulls. map New Delhi

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    2005(1895) 81-206-1630-8 5,980 4967 Lindsey, Tim & Kerstin Steiner (ed.) Islam, Law and the State in Southeast Asia. (Islam and the Law in Southeast Asia) 1248p in 3 vols. London 2012 978-1-8488-5068-2 65,000 :Southeast Asia has the world's largest Muslim population - Indonesia alone is home to more Muslims than the entire Middle East - yet nowhere in the region has a theocratic government emerged. Instead, Southeast Asian Islam is characterized by heterodox local traditions. 4968 Losty, J.P. Indian Miniatures, from the James Ivory Collection. 220p ills. London 2011 978-0-9553306-7-4 9,750 4969 Machado, Pedro Ocean of Trade: South Asian merchants, African and the Indian Ocean, c.1750-1850. 336p Cambridge 2014 978-1-107-07026-4 14,850 :an innovative study of trade, production and cosumption across the Indian Ocean between the years 1750-1850. 4970 MacLean, Derryl & Sikeena Karmali Ahmed (ed.) Cosmopolitanisms in Muslim Contexts: perspectives from the past. (Exploring Muslim Contexts) 208p Edinburgh 2013 978-0-7486-4456-8 15,600 :This volume focuses on instances in world history when cosmopolitan ideas and actions pervaded specific Muslim societies and cultures, exploring the tensions between regional cultures, isolated enclaves and modern nation-states. Models from the past are chosen from 4 geographic areas: the Swahili coast, the Ottoman Empire/ Turkey, Iran and Indo-Pakistan. 4971 Mailaparambil, Binu John Lords of the Sea: the Ali Rajas of Cannanore and the political economy of Malabar (1663-1723). (TANAP Monographs on the History of Asian-European Interaction, 14) 225p Leiden 2012 978-90-04-18021-5 17,864 4972 Makhdum, Shaykh Zainuddin Tuhfat al-Mujhidn: a historical epic of the sixteenth century. tr. from Arabic by S. Muhd. Husayn Nainar xxxii,139p Kuala Lumpur 2006 978-983-9154-80-1 1,830 :First written in Arabic in the late 16th century, Tuhfat al-Mujhidn is a pioneering historical work dealing with

    the struggle of the Malabar Muslims against the Portuguese colonisers' encroachment in India. 4973 Malekandathil, Pius Maritime India: trade, religion and polity in the Indian Ocean. xxviii,212p Delhi 2010 978-93- 80607-01-6 2,780 :discusses the socio-economic and political processes that evolved over centuries in the coastal fringes of India and out of the circuits of the Indian Ocean, to give it the consciousness and identity of Maritime India. 4974 Malekandathil, Pius The Mughals, the Portuguese and the Indian Ocean: changing images of maritime India. viii,234p Delhi 2013 978-93-80607-33-7 3,400 4975 Means, Gordon P. Political Islam in Southeast Asia. 456p New Delhi 2011 978-81-3091533-3 Pap. 4,380 :traces the evolution of Islamic politics in Southeast Asia, ranging from the early arrival of Islam in the region to the challenges it generates, and faces, today. 4976 Micallef, Roberta & Sunil Sharma (ed.) On the Wonders of Land & Sea: Persianate travel writing. (Ilex Foundation series 10) viii,189p ills. Cambridge, Mass. 2013 978-0-674-07334-0

    Pap. 2,992 :initiates a comparative study of non-European travel writers in the eastern Islamic or Persianate world from the 18th to early 20th centuries. 4977 michell, George The Majesty of Mughal Decoration: the art and architecture of Islamic India. 288p 300 color London 2007 978-0-500-51377-4 9,750 4978 Michell, George (text) & Amit Pasricha (photo.) Mughal Architecture & Gardens. 401p photos. Suffolk 2011 978-1-85149-670-9 13,425 4979 Miksic, John M. Singapore and the Silk Road of the Sea, 1300-1800. 208p Singapore 2013 978-9971-69-558-3

    Pap. 7,200 4980 Mrz Rostam Badakhsh Trkh-e Mohammad, Vol. 2 Part 4 (900 to 999 A.H.), Vol. 2 Part 5 (1000 to 1100 A.H.), Vol. 2 Part 7

  • NAGARA BOOKS . 13 .

    (1162-1208 A.H.), ed, by N.A. Faruqi (Rampur Raza Library) 3 vols. Rampur 1996, 2003-04 9,760 4981 Mohammad, Afsar The Festival of Pirs: popular Islam and shared devotion in South India. 224p Oxford 2013 978-0- 19-999759-6 Pap. 4,192 :ethnographic study of the textured religious life of Guguzu, Indian village 4982 Moin, A. Azfar The Millennial Sovereign: sacred kingship and sainthood in Islam. xviii,343p N.Y. 2014(12) 978-0- 231-16037-7 Pap. 4,200 :A work of history richly informed by the anthropology of religion and art, The Millennial Sovereign traces how royal dynastic cults and shrine-centered Sufism came together in the imperial cultures of Timurid Central Asia, Safavid Iran, and Mughal India. 4983 Moon, Farzana Babur, the first Moghul in India: in the and of cain. 260p Lanham 2011 978-0-7618-5629-0 5,248 :Biographical account of Babur's life and reign 4984 Mueller, Dominik M. Islam, Politics and Youth in Malaysia: the pop- Islamist reinvention of PAS. (Routledge Contemporary Southeast Asia Series) 202p London 2014 978-0-415- 84475-8 20,250 :Providing an ethnographic account of the Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS) and its Youth Wing (Dewan Pemuda PAS), this book analyses the genesis and role of Islamic movements in terms of their engagement in mainstream politics. 4985 Mukherjee, Rila (ed.) Networks in the First Global Age: 1400-1800. xxvi,384p Delhi 2011 978-93-80607-09-2 5,580 :Viewing the waterscapes as conduits of economic and cultural sharing between peoples and lands, the book focuses on the Indian, the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea, while studying economic, military and cultural transmissions within and across them. 4986 Nadeem, Azhar Hassan Pakistan: the political economyof lawlessness. xiii,375p Karachi 2011(02) 978-0-19-579621-6 2,080

    4987 Nadiem, Ihsan H. Gardens of Mughal Lahore. 90p photos. Lahore 2005 969-35-1699-0 3,200 4988 Nadri, Ghulam A. Eighteenth-Century Gujarat: the dynamics of its political economy, 1750-1800. (TANAP Monographs on the History of Asian-European Interaction, v. 11) xxiii, 242p maps Leiden 2009 978-90-04-17202-9 18,270 :focuses on the merchants and manufacturers of Gujarat, who amidst complex political developments succeeded in preserving their autonomy and freedom in the market place, and the maritime trade of the Indian Ocean. 4989 Nadwi, Syed Muhammad Rabey Hasani Syed Abul Hasan 'Ali Nadwi: an eminent scholar, thinker, and reformer. (Islamic Heritage in Cross-Cultural Perspectives, 9) xx,251p New Delhi 2014 978-81-246-0746-6 4,200 4990 Na'eemi Karimi, Shah Ahmad Theory and Practices of Chishti Sufi in 19th Century Awadh: life and works of Shah Muhammad Mehdi 'Ata of salon. (IAD Oriental (original) series, 48) xviii,233p Delhi 2014 2,970 4991 Naushh, 'ref Ketb-Shens-ye thr-e Frs-ye Chp Shodeh dar Shebh Qrreh (Hend, Pkestn, Bangldsh): az 1160-1386 h.sh./1195-1428 h./1781-2007 m. (Mrth-e Maktb 240, Ketbshens, 2) 4 vols. Tehran 1391(2012) 978-600-203-038-2 28,880 :[A Bibliography of Persian Printed Works in Subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh), from 1781 up to 2007], Intro. in English by Moinuddin Aqeel Persian imprints, 1781-2007 -- South Asia -- Bibliography -- Catalogs. 4992 Nazim, Muhammad The Life and Times of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazna. Cambridge 2015 978-1-107-45659-4 Pap. 4,492 :Originally published in 1931 4993 Nezm al-Dn Auley Favyed al-Fo'd: malfzt-e Hadrat-e khkeh Nezm al-Dn Auley, Emr Hasan 'Al' Sajz. ed. by Taufq Sobhn 348p Tehran 1390 978-600-92848-3-2 2,660 :Sufism -- India

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    4994 Nezm Nayshbr, Sadr al-Dn Tj al-Ma'ther. ed. by M. Fmr & 'Alred Shdarm 1314p Ysj 1391 978-964-223-837-8 13,120 :(A historical and literary book), Delhi (Sultanate) -- History 4995 Nicolini, Beatrice The First Sultan of Zanzibar: scrambling for power and trade in the nineteenth century Indian Ocean. 250p Princeton 2012 978-1-55876-544-3

    Pap. 3,742 :focused on the Figure of Said Sa'id of the Al Bu Sa'id (1806-1856), Original published in English: Leiden; Brill 2004, with the title Makram, Oman and Zanzibar 4996 Nizami, Khaliq Ahmad Tarikh-i-Mashaikh-i-Chisht, Jild Awal. 463p Karachi 2006 978-0-19-597734-9 2,080 :in Urdu. a comprehensive and insightful study of the most popular and influential Sufi order of South Asia. 4997 Nizami, Khaliq Ahmad Tarikh-i-Mashaikh-i-Chisht, Jild Panjum. 452p Karachi 2006 978-0-19-547509-8 1,780 :in Urdu. a comprehensive and insightful study of the most popular and influential Sufi order of South Asia. 4998 Nizami, Khaliq Ahmad The Life and Times of Shaikh Nizam-u'd-Din Auliya. new edition xv,238p New Delhi 2012(07) 978-0-19-567701-0 2,100 4999 Noor, F.A., Y. Sikand & M. van Bruinessen (ed.) The Madrasa in Asia: political activism and transnational linkages. 303p maps New Delhi 2009(08) 978-81-7304-837-1 3,000 :Indian ed. Since the rise of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, the traditional Islamic schools known as the madrasa have frequently been portrayed as hotbeds of terrorism. This fills a major gap in understanding the dynamics of Muslim education and activism at the grassroots. The contributors who all have extensive first-hand knowledge of the world of the madrasa, provide a balanced overview of the social, educational and political role of madrasas across Asia. From China and Indonesia to Iran.

    5000 Noorani, A.G. Article 370: a constitutional history of Jammu and Kashmir. xiv,487p Karachi 2011 978-0-19-906508-0 3,350 5001 Osella, Filippo & Caroline Osella (ed.) Islamic Reform in South Asia. 535p Cambridge 2013 978-1-107-03175-3 16,500 :discusses contemporary Islamic reformism in South Asia in some of its diverse historical orientations and geographical expressions. 5002 Pal, Izzud-Din Islam and the Economy of Pakistan: a critical analysis of traditional interpretation. xv,159p Karachi 2006 978-0-19-547001-7 2,370 5003 Pandit, K.N. Baharistan-i-Shahi: a chronicle of mediaeval Kashmir. xxiv,225p Srinagar 2013 978-81-8339-166-5 5,580 :Baharistan-i-Shahi, a Farsi manuscript history of Kashmir by anonymous author and brought down to A.S. 1614, has served as an important and reliable source work for historians from the 17th century to the present day. 5004 Pankhurst, Reza Hizb ut-Tahrir: the untold history of the liberation party. 240p London 2014 978-1-84904-403-5 6,497 5005 Parodi, Laura The Visual World of Muslim India: the art, culture and society of the Decca in the early modern era. (Library of South Asian History & Culture, 2) 360p ills. London 2013 978-1-84885-746-9 16,900 :Between the 14th and 18th centuries, the Deccan stood at the crossroads of far-reaching commercial and diplomatic networks. 5006 Parveen, Kausar The Politics of Pakistan: role of the opposition 1947-1958. xx,363p New Delhi 2013 978-0-19-906466-3 3,980 5007 Pashtoon, Zeeya A. Pashto-English Dictionary, First edition. 853p Hyattsville 2009 978-1-931546-70-6 22,500 :This Pashto-English Dictionary, First Edition is intended for professional Pashto-to-English translators

  • NAGARA BOOKS . 15 .

    of modern Pashto written materials. It contains approximately 55,000 entries arranged alphabetically according to the Pashto alphabet. 5008 Pernau, Margrit Ashraf into Middle Classes: Muslims in nineteenth-century Delhi. 544p New Delhi 2013 978-0-19- 809228-5 8,250 :19th-century Delhi was marked by a curious mixture of political upheaval and cultural resurgence. Drawing on a wide variety of little-known sources in Urdu and Persian, apart from the more conventional British records, this book provides a revelatory and vivid narrative of Muslims in the period covering the British conquest in 1803 to the end of the Khilafat movement in 1922. 5009 Perwita, Anak Agung Banyu Indonesia and the Muslim world : Islam and secularism in the foreign policy of Soeharto and beyond. (NIAS Reports, 50) 222p Copenhagen 2007 978-87-91114-92-2 Pap. 4,157 5010 Pien, Joshua H. & Fauzia Farooqui Beginning Urdu: a complete course. 688p (+CD) Washington, DC 2012 978-1-58901-778-8 10,492 :a complete first-year textbook designed to help learners acquire the language by actively using it in realistic situations 5011 Poor, Daryoush Mohd. Authority without Territorry: the Agha Khan development network and the Ismaili Imamate. (Literatures and Cultures of the Islamic World) 304p N.Y. 2014 978-1-137-42879-0 13,500 5012 Prakash, Om On the Economic Encounter between Asia and Europe, 1500-1800. (Variorum Collected Studies Series, CS990) 350p Aldershot 2014 978-1-4094-1828-3 21,060 5013 Prakash, Om (ed.) The Trading World of Indian Ocean, 1500-1800. (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization, Vol. III Part 7) xxvi,684p Delhi 2012 978-81-31732-23-6 15,870 :The volume is a social history of trade and commercial practices in the Indian Ocean, focusing on the practices of Asian merchants and their interaction with new systems of adjudication and commercial

    regulation as well as on their social life at sea. 5014 Prasad, Ishwari A Short History of Muslim Rule in India: from the conquest of Islam to the death of Aurangzeb. xiv,677p New Delhi 2013 repr. 978-81-7625-912-5 10,800 5015 Prashad, Baini (tr.) Qnn-i-Humyn (also knowns as Humayn Nma) of Khwndamr (died A.H. 942/A.D. 1535) (Bibliotheca Indica, a Collection of Oriental Works 263) v,92p Calcutta 2011(1940) 978-81-920615-7-3 600 5016 Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, 72nd session, Patiala, 2011. Part I-II 2 vols. Delhi 2012 4,200 5017 Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, 73rd session, Mumbai, 2012. xxiii,1560p Delhi 2013 4,000 5018 Purohit, Teena The Aga Khan Case: religion and identity in colonial India. xi,183p Cambridge, Mas.. 2012 978-0-674-06639-7 6,750 5019 Qasemi, Sharif Hussain (ed.) Al-Biruni: the seeker of knowledge. (I.A.D. Oriental (original) Series, 52) v,226p Delhi 2012 1,400 5020 Qasmi, Ali Usman Questioning the Authority of the Past: the Ahl al- Qur'an movement in the Punjab. xii,348p Karachi 2011 978-0-19-547348-3 2,860 :This study researches the Ahl al-Quran as disparate set of movements originating during the late nineteenth century, mainly in Punjab 5021 Quresh, Hamid Afaq & Khan Mohammed Atif (ed. & tr.) Amir Timur Beg (1336-1396): English rendering of Molana Sharf-ud-Din Ali Yezdi's Persian Zafarnamah, Vol. I. v,275p Lucknow 2008 978-81-89267-61-2 3,500 :Timur, 1336-1405 -- Asia, Central -- Kings and rulers -- Biography 5022 Qureshi, Hamid Afaq (tr.) Yezdi's Persian Zafarnamah, Vol. II. viii,256p Lucknow 2013 978-93-80685-72-4 3,400 :dealing with the life and achievements of Amir Timur Sahib-i-Qaran for the period 1397 to 1415 AD.

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    5023 Qureshi, M. Naeem Pan-Islam in British India: the politics of the Khilafat movement 1918-1924. rev. & updated edition xxvi, 572p Karachi 2009(1999) 978-0-19-597904-8 3,480 5024 Rafique, Mohammad (ed.) Development of Islamic Religion and Philosophy in India. (History of Science, Philosophy and Cluture in Indian Civilization, Vol. VII Part 5) xlii,479p New Delhi 2009 81-87586-37-0 6,000 5025 Rahmn 'Al Shib Firzand Shr 'Al Ahmad bd Tohfat al-Fodal' f Tarjem al-Komal' (Tadhkereh-ye 'Olam'-e Hend). ed. by Bg Bbpr, Ysof 339p Qom 1391 978-964-988-301-4 920 5026 Rahman, Taimur The Class Structure of Pakistan. xxiv,302p Karachi 2012 978-0-19-906507-3 3,300 :The author concludes that the class structure of Pakistan is characterized by Asiatic capitalism, with the non-agricultural sector of the economy dominated by petty commodity production and small-scale capitalism. 5027 Rahman, Tariq From Hindi to Urdu: a social and political history. xix,456p Karachi 2011 978-0-19-906313-0 3,480 :The first of its kind on the socio-political history of Urdu. It analyses the historiography of the language-narratives about its name, linguistic ancestry, place of birth-and relates it to the politics of identity-construction among the Hindus and Muslims of India during the last two centuries. 5028 Ramzi, Shanaz Food Prints: an epicurean voyage through Pakistan: overview of Pakistani cuisine. xv,228p photos. Karachi 2012 978-0-19-906325-3 6,920 :It is, in fact, an authentic and veritable compendium of the cuisine of Pakistan evolved over time in Pakistani homes. 5029 Rao, Vijaya (ed.) Reaching the Great Moghul: Francophone travel writing on India of the 17th and 18th centuries. xxi,168p New Delhi 2012 978-93-80403-19-9 1,180 5030 Raschid, Salman Iqbal's Concept of God. xxvii,122p Karachi

    2011(1981) 978-0-19-547694-1 1,280 5031 Rashd al-Dn, Fadl Allh (748?-718 h.q.) Jme' al-Tavrkh: trkh-e hend va send va kashmr. ed. by Mohd. Rshan (Mrth-e Maktb, Trkh va Joghrfy, 19) 465p Tehran 2005 964-8700-05-2 6,400 :[The history of India, Indus and Cashmere] 5032 Riaz, Ali Islam and Identity Politics among British- Bangladeshies: a leap of faith. 240p Manchester 2013 978-0-7190-8955-8 17,250 5033 Ricklefs, M.C. Islamisation and Its Opponents in Java: a political, social, cultural and religious history, c. 1930 to the present. 560p Honolulu 2012 978-0-8248-3733-4 Pap. 5,700 5034 Riello, Gioegio Cotton: the fabric that made the modern world. 330p ills. maps Cambridge 2013 978-1-107-00022-3 5,250 :explores this earlier globalised economy and its transformation after 1750 as cotton led the way in the industrialisation of Europe. By the early 19th century, India, China and the Ottoman Empire switched from world producers to buyers of European cotton textiles, a position that they retained for over two hundred years. 5035 Riello, Giorgio & Prasannan Parthasarathi (ed.) The Spinning World: a global history of cotton textiles, 1200-1850. xvi,490p Delhi 2012 978-93- 80607-29-0 7,180 :Ranging from China and Japan, to Europe, the Ottoman Empire, South-East Asia, and East and West Africa, the essays in this volume explore the global exchange and use of cotton textiles in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic worlds, as well as the impact of Indian cotton on local consumption and production systems. Taken together, they provide a wide-ranging picture of cotton cloth in the centuries between 1200 and 1850, as well as a framework which decenters Europe in the pre-modern global order. 5036 Rinaldo, Rachel Mobilizing Piety: Islam and feminism in Indonesia. 272p N.Y. 2013 978-0-19-994812-3 Pap. 4,192 :Demonstrates how Islam has been employed by Muslim women activists in Indonesia as part of their

  • NAGARA BOOKS . 17 .

    feminism 5037 Robinson, Cabeiri deBergh Body of Victim, Body of Warrior: refugee families and the making of Kashmiri Jihadista. 342p Berkeley 2013 978-0-520-27421-1 Pap. 5,242 :provides a fascinating look at the creation of contemporary Muslim jihadists 5038 Robinson, Francis The 'Ulama of Farangi Mahall and Islamic Culture in South Asia. x,267p maps Delhi 2001 81-7824-119-6 1,950 5039 Ruffle, Karen G. Gender, Sainthood & Everyday Practice in South Asian Shiism. xiii,222p New Delhi 2013 978-81-21512- 48-0 4,800 5040 Ruffle, Karen G. Gender, Sainthood, and Everyday Practice in South Asian Shi'ism. (Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks) 240p ills. Chapel Hill 2014(11) 978-1-4696-1371-0 New in Pap. 3,742 5041 Rh al-Amn Esfahn, Mohd. (d. 1047 h.q.) Bahrmnmeh (smn-e hashtom: chehromn mathnav az khamseh-ye mr jomleh). (Mrth-e Qutbshh, 3) 13p(eng)+154p Qom 2012 978-964-988-262-8 620 5042 Rh al-Amn Esfahn, Mohd. (d. 1047 h.q.) Leyl va Majnn (sevvomn mathnav az khamseh-ye mr jomleh). ed. by Stephan Popp (Mrth-e Qutbshh, 2) 17p(eng)+150p Qom 2012 978-964-988-261-1 620 5043 Ruthven, Malise, with Gerald Wilkinson The Children of Time: the Aga Khan and the Ismailis. 408p photos. London 2014 978-1-84511-722-1 6,370 :This book, which coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the present Aga Khans succession as Imam, or spiritual leader, of the Ismailis, assesses the achievements of his "Imamat" in modernizing the communities institutions and creating one of the worlds leading development agencies, the Aga Khan Development Network. 5044 Saikia, Yasmin Women, War and the Making of Bangladesh: remembering 1971. xix,320p Karachi 2011 978-0-19-

    906476-2 2,320 5045 Sakurai Keiko & Fariba Adelkhah (ed.) The Moral Economy of the Madrasa: Islam and education today. (New Horizons in Islamic Studies) xi,164p London 2014(11) 978-1-13-878904-3

    New in Pap. 6,742 5046 Salim, Ahmad (ed.) Peshawar: city on the frontier. (Oxford in Asia, Historical Reprints) xvi,192p Karachi 2008 978-0-19-547504-3 1,680 :Book One: Peshawar: past and preset (S.M. Jaffar) Book Two: Miscellaneous Articles on Peshawar. (S.M. Jaffar) 5047 Salim, Arskal Contemporary Islamic Law in Indonesia: shari'ah and legal pluralism. 224p Edinburgh 2015 978-0-7486- 9333-7 18,200 :the first ethnographic account of legal disputes, practice and institutions in post-tsunami Aceh, Indonesia 5048 Salles, J.-F. & A.V. Sedov Qani': le port antique du Hadramawt entre la Mediterranee, l'Afrique et l'Inde: Fouilles Russes 1972, 1985-1989, 1991, 1993-1994. (Indicopleustoi, 6) xvi,553p Turnhout 2010 978-2-503-99105-4 24,360 :articles in French, English 5049 Sardar, Ziauddin & Robin Yassin-Kassab (ed.) Critical Muslims, Volume 1: The Arabs Are Alive. 258p London/Karachi 2011 978-0-19-906619-3

    Pap. 1,980 :This book critically examines the established conventions. It seeks new readings of religion, culture, and politics with the potential to transform the Muslim world and beyond. 5050 Sardar, Ziauddin & Robin Yassin-Kassab (ed.) Critical Muslims, Volume 2: The Idea of Islam. 261p London/Karachi 2012 978-0-19-906629-2

    Pap. 1,980 :This is the second book in a series of four volumes presenting Muslim perspectives on the great debates of our times. Building on the previous volume, this edited work focuses on redefining ideas in Islam. 5051 Sauvaget, Jean (ed. & tr.) Kitab Akhbr al-Sn wa al-Hind (237 h.): Relation de la Chine et de l'Inde. (Silsilat al-Jughrfyah wa ak-Rihlt

  • NAGARA BOOKS . 18 .

    'inda al-'Arab, 6) 41p+81p+xli Paris/Beirut 2009 1,760 5052 Sean Pue, A. I Too Have Some Dreams: N.M. Rashed and Modernism in Urdu poetry. (South Asia Across the Disciplines) 288p Berkeley 2014 978-0-520-28310-7 10,500 5053 Seland, Eivind H. (ed.) The Indian Ocean in the Ancient Period: definite places, translocal exchange. (BAS S1593) 93p ills. Oxford 2007 978-1-4073-0009-2 7,540 :In 2001 a project entitle "Trade, migration and cultural change in the Indian Ocean" was launched at the Dept. of History, Univ. of Bergen. 5054 Sengupta, A., S. Chaterjee & S. Bhattacharya (ed.) Eurasia Twenty Years After. xviii,598p Kolkata/Delhi 2012 978-81-7541-639-0 6,600 :The volume focuses on Eurasia during the last two decades, which mark both the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the appearance of fifteen new independent states in the global arena, compiled out of presentations made at the International Seminar "Eurasia Twenty Year after: 1991 in Retrospect" organized by the Maulana Abul Azad Institute of Asian Studies in Feb. 2011. 5055 Serajuddin, Alamgir Muhd. Muslim Family Law, Secular Courts and Muslim Women of South Asia: a study of judicial activism. xvi,310p Karachi 2011 978-0-19-547968-3 3,380 5056 Sezgin, Yksel Human Rights under State-Enforced Religious Family Laws in Israel, Egypt and India. (Cambridge Studies in Law and Society) 319p Cambridge 2013 978-1-107-04140-0 14,850 5057 Shafiq, Suhanna Seafarers of the Seven Seas: the maritime culture in the Kitb 'Aj'ib al-Hind by Buzurg Ibn Shahriyr (d. 399/1009). (Islamkundliche Untersuchungen, Bd. 311) 181p Berlin 2013 978-3-87997-424-5 9,106 :This study is a synchronic investigation into medieval maritime terminology as found in Buzurg Ibn Shahriyr's Kitb 'Aj'ib al-Hind, the etymology of the nomenclature, as well as a diachronic inquiry to establish if there is a continuity of its use from the classical and medieval period to present times.

    5058 Shahid, Ayesha Silent Voices, Untold Stories: women domestic workers in Pakistan and their struggle for empowerment. xxiii,247p Karachi 2010 978-0-19- 547730-6 1,980 :a socio-legal study about law, empowerment and access to justice for women domestic workers in Pakistan 5059 Shaikh, Arshad (tr.) Historical Narrative of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. 2 vols. New Delhi 1,350 :translated from Urdu [Roodad-e-Jamaat-e-Islami] Reports of the general body meetings of Jama??at-i-Isla?mi? (India), religio-political organization of Indian Muslims. 5060 Sharaf al-Dn 'Al Yazd Trkh-e Pasanddeh, tahrr az Zafar-nmeh-ye Yazd. moharrer Rh Allh Monsh, neh ehtemm-e Jamshd Keynfar 2 vols. Tehran 1390 978-964-331- 551-1 13,400 :Iran -- Central Asia -- Timurids -- History -- Early works to 1800 5061 Sharma, Arvind Studies in "Alberuni's India". (Studies in Oriental Religions, 9) vi,155p Wiesbaden 1983 3-447-02279-5 3,170 5062 Sharma, S.K. The Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir: a perspective with reference to the Constitution of India. lii,577p New Delhi 2011 978-93-5035-100-0 3,000 5063 Shyegn, Drys yn-e Hend va 'Erfn-e Eslm: barss-e majma' al-bahrayn-e Dr Shekh. tr. by Jamshd Arjomand 508p Tehran 1387 964-321-125-8 6,840 :[Les ralations de l'Hindouisme et du Soufisme "Le Majma' al-Bahrayn"] 5064 Sheriff, Abdul & Engseng Ho (ed.) The Indian Ocean: oceanic connections and the creation of new societies. 256p London 2014 978-1- 84904-426-4 Pap. 5,197 :The maritime world as a conveyor of goods, ideas and peoples unites the contributors to this history of the Indian Ocean

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    5065 Siddiqi, Mohammed Suleman The Junaydi Sufis of the Deccan: discovery of the seventeenth century scroll. foreword by Carl W. Ernst 294p Delhi 2014 978-93-80607-52-8 4,780 5066 Siddiqua, Najma Persian Language and Literature in Golconda (during the Qutb Shh reign A.D. 1518-1687). x,534p New Delhi 2011 81-7435-559-6 3,580 5067 Siddique, Abubakar The Pashtun Question: the unresolved key to the future of Pakistan and Afghanistan. 292p London 2014 978-1-84904-292-5 7,800 :Most accounts of instability in the region argue that Islamic extremism is rooted in Pashtun history 5068 Siddique, Osama Pakistan's Experience with Formal Law: an alien justice. (Cambridge Studies in Law and Society) 448p Cambridge 2013 978-1-107-03815-8 17,250 5069 Siddiqui, Firdous Azmat A Struggle for Identity: Muslim women in united province. 200p New Delhi 2013 978-93-8299-306-3 6,000 :an attempt to understand the social and economic profile of Muslim Women in India, particularly after 1857. 5070 Siddiqui, Iqtidar Husain Composite Culture under the Sultanate of Delhi. vii,191p Delhi 2012 978-93-80607-37-5 3,180 :Divided into three parts, the first explores the role played by the metropolis of Delhi as an integrating nucleus, and examines the cultural and social relationship between the Hindus and Muslims, and the intellectual and diplomatic atmosphere of the times. The second part focuses on the nature of the relationship between the sultans of Delhi and the Mongol rulers of Central Asia. The third part examines the life and position of women and the attitude of different classes of society towards their women folk during the sultanate period. 5071 Siddiqui, Iqtidar Husain Indo-Persian Historiography, up to the thirteenth century. viii,199p Delhi 2010 978-81-908918-0-6 3,180 :Using literary works as sources of history, this book examines the methods employed by the early Indo-

    Persian historians to write the history of India. It is a pioneering work insofar as it attempts to study the social background and the religious and political ideals of each of the writers included in this book. 5072 Siddiqui, Shahid Rethinking Education in Pakistan: perceptions, practices, and possibilities. 241p Karachi 2010(07) 978-969-494-765-5 1,490 5073 Simon, Gregory M. Caged in on the Outside: moral subjectivity, selfhood, and Islam in Minangkabau, Indonesia. 248p Honolulu 2014 978-0-8248-3830-0 8,550 :an intimate ethnographic exploration of the ways in which Minangkabau people understand human value. 5074 Singh, Kr. Amit & Pawan Bakhshi Ta'alluqdars of Oudh. xvi,755p New Delhi 2013 978-93-82563-33-4 6,780 :The book, introduces the feudal lords, the ta'alluqdar - with insights which have remained unattempted till date, and describes, not merely the ta'alluqdar and "his" profile, but also the "institution" of ta'alluqdars, their evolution trajectory and subsequent decline in the labyrinth of history, and their contributions to the societal fabric. 5075 Al-Srhend, Yahy bn Ahmad Trkh-e Mobrak-e Shh. ed. by Mohd. Hedyat Hosayn vi(eng.), 278p Tehran 1382 repr. (1931) 964-331-167-8 3,850 :Repr. of Indian ed. (1931) [A history of the Sultan of Delhi from the time of Mu'izz ad-Dn Muhammad bin Sm to A.H. 838] 5076 Solahudin The Roots of Terrorism in Indonesia: from Darul Islam to Jem'ah Islamiyah. tr. by Dave McRae 256p Ithaca 2013 978-0-8014-7938-0 Pap. 4,042 :Solahudin's rigorous account fills many gaps in our knowledge of jihadist groups, how they interacted with the state and events abroad, and why they at times resorted to extreme violence, such as the 2002 Bali bombings. 5077 Souza, George B. Portuguese, Dutch and Chinese in maritime Asia, c. 1585-1800: merchants, commodities and commerce. (Variorum Collected Studies Series, CS1037) 346p Surrey 2014 978-1-4724-1700-8 23,400

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    5078 Speziale, Fabrizio (ed.) Hospitals in Iran and India, 1500-1950s. (Iran Studies, 7) ix,243p Leiden 2012 978-90-04-22829-0 20,097 :During the Safavid-Mughal periods hospitals were still tied to Avicennian medicine. However, in Qajar Iran and Britush India hospitals became important instrumewnts for the spread of modern Western medicine. 5079 Steinfels, Amina M. Knowledge Before Action: Islamic Learning and Sufi Practice in the Life of Sayyid Jalal al-din Bukhari Makhdum-i Jahaniyan. (Studies in Comparative Religion) 264p Columbia 2012 978-1-6111-7073-3 7,492 :A study of the teachings of a revered South Asian Sufi master 5080 Subrahmanyam, Sanjay Courtly Encounters: translating courtliness and violence in early moder Eurasia. (Mary Flexner Lecture Series of Bryn Mawr College) 336p ills. Cambridge, MA 2012 978-0-674-06705-9 4,492 :provides a fresh cross-cultural perspective on the worlds of early modern Islam, Counter-Reformation Catholicism, Protestantism, and a newly emergent Hindu sphere. 5081 Subrahmanyam, Sanjay Mughals and Franks: explorations in connected history. (Oxford India Paperbacks) xiv,232p New Delhi 2012(05) 978-0-19-807717-6 Pap. 1,500 :reflects on two and a half centuries of Mughal-European relations, beginning with the early years of the Mughals in India, and ending with the 18th century. 5082 Suvorova, anna Lahore: topophilia of space and place. xiii,246p Karachi 2011 978-0-19-906355-0 2,980 :Foreword by Carl W. Ernst Tr. from Russian by the author 5083 Tripathi, D.N. (chief ed.) India, Central Asia and Russia: three millennia of contact's. ed. by R.C. Agrawal & P.K. Shukla (Indian Council of Historical Research) xxxviii,332p New Delhi 2013 978-81-7305-294-1 6,000 :Most of the paper presented in the international seminar on "India, Central Asia and Russia" held in New Delhi on 6-8 Nov. 2001. Section I: Ancient period, II: Medieval period, III: Modern

    period, IV: Contemporary period 5084 Trivellato, F., L. Halevi & C. Antunes (ed.) Religion and Trade: cross-cultural exchanges in world history, 1000-1900. 296p Oxford 2014 978-0-19-937919-4 Pap. 2,992 :focuses on trade across religious boundaries around the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic and Indian Oceans during the second millennium. 5085 Tudor, Maya The Promise of Power: the origins of democracy in India and autocracy in Pakistan. 256p Cambridge 2013 978-1-107-03296-5 14,300 5086 Uddin, Sufia M. Constructing Bangladesh: religion, ethnicity, and language in an Islamic nation. (Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks) 272p Chapel Hill 2014(06) 978-1-4696-1519-6 New in Pap. 4,492 5087 van der Maij, Th. C. & N. Lambooji (ed. & tr.) The Malay Hikayat Mi'rj Nabi Muhammad: the Prophet Muhammad's nocturnal journey to heaven and hell. Text & translation of Cod. Or. 1713 in the Library of Leiden University (Biblioteca Indonesica, 37) 288p Leiden 2014 978-90-04-27761-8 18,676 5088 Veen, Blusse Rivalry and Conflict: European traders and Asian trading networks in the 16th and 17th centuries. 382p Leiden 2005 978-905-78-9104-5 9,642 :This collection of essays seeks to explain the abrupt change in the relationship by analyzing the European interaction with the maritime world of Monsoon Asia. 5089 Verma, S.P. Ordinary Life in Mughal India: the evidence from painting. xx,82p ills. photos. New Delhi 2012 978-81-7305-424-2 5,800 :The volume, containing no less than ninety illustrations, provides an authentic visual documentation of people's life and their work, and throw light on various aspects of the life of village men and women. 5090 Verma, Som Prakash Mughal Pinting. (Oxford Short Introductions) liv,198p ills. New Delhi 2014 0-19-94511-3 2,070 5091 Virani, Shafique N. The Ismailis in the Middle Ages: a history of survival, a

  • NAGARA BOOKS . 21 .

    search for salvation. xix,301p maps N.Y./Karachi 2010(07) 978-0-19-973141-1 2,880 :Virani examines the most obscure portion of the period, from the mid-13th century to the end of the 15th century. 5092 Visweswaran, Kamala (ed.) Everyday Occupations: experiencing militarism in South Asia and the Middle East. (Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights) 320p Philadelphia 2013 978-0- 8122-4487-8 11,250 :examines militarization from the stand-points of both occupier and occupied. 5093 Vora, Neha Impossible Citizens: Dubai's Indian diaspora. 264p ills. Durham 2013 978-0-8223-5393-5 Pap. 3,742 5094 Weinreich, Matthias Pashtun Migrants in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. xii,103p Karachi 2011(09) 978-0-19-906294-2

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