using space to engage learners in science

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Using Space to Engage Learners in Science Shoeburyness High School Space AcademySSAT National Science ConferenceWarwick University, 29th June 2012Aims of this presentationShoeburyness High School Space AcademyTo describe how space can be used as a context to increase the engagement of KS3 studentsTo share the other outcomes of the SSAT Leading Space Education !rogramme" at Shoeburyness High School#ac$groundShoeburyness High School Space AcademyShoeburyness High School % Technology &ollege since '((()mpro*ing &ommunity School in a selecti*e authority'+,, students including -th form#ac$groundShoeburyness High School Space AcademyApplied to the Leading Space Education !rogramme" .SSAT/ST0&/#1S&2 in 3uly 4,,56esignated a Space School" in September 4,,5Shoeburyness Space SchoolShoeburyness High School Space Academy7ain focus % our students89ften low aspirationsLow awareness of how Science is important1eed pro*ision which is:)nspiring7oti*ationalExciting!ractical % hands;onDeveloping an Engaging CurriculumShoeburyness High School Space AcademySeptember 4,,5 ; already adopted the old buildings88@e wanted our Science 6epartment to reBect our new ethos:)nspirationalExciting7oti*ational7eetings were held with SLT and site staC to formulate a plan> A Positive Learning EnvironmentShoeburyness High School Space AcademyThe Science 6epartment corridors and most labs were repainted Space School #lue"The Science entrance contains Space School related displaysThe Science plasma screen shows space related materialA Positive Learning EnvironmentShoeburyness High School Space AcademyA local art studio agreed to ma$e some inspirational can*asses for our walls for an extremely good price8A Positive Learning EnvironmentShoeburyness High School Space Academy9ne lab was chosen to become our 7ission &ontrol"D where outreach e*entsD Space &lub and Space Academy acti*ities ta$e placeScience staC and Space &lub" students ha*e specially made polo shirts to promote the Space School proEectWoring !ith Primary SchoolsShoeburyness High School Space Academy9utreach is a $ey component of the Leading Space Schools !roEectAs a 6epartmentD we wanted to oCer something memorableD exciting and inspirational to our partner primary schools888@e ha*e used the Space context to rein*igorate our primary school outreachWoring !ith Primary SchoolsShoeburyness High School Space Academy@e de*eloped our Space Academy 6ay" to oCer to all of our local primary schools9Cers a cross;curricular day held in our Science 6epartmentD with aspects of literacyD numeracyD history and 6T8Woring !ith Primary SchoolsShoeburyness High School Space AcademyActi*ities include:6esigning mission badgesSpace exploration timelinesThe chemistry of roc$etsFoc$et building and launching#uilding and testing 7ars Landers"ext StepsShoeburyness High School Space Academy6e*eloping Space Academy themes into G&SE !hysics topicsExtending community lin$s e?g? !arentsD local businesses#etter sharing of resources with other schoolsSupporting #evelopmentsin other schoolsShoeburyness High School Space AcademySharing resources for the =ear 5 Space Academy" course@or$ with schools in a wider area to de*elop space in the Science curriculum&ontact: mar$smithHshoeburyness?southend?sch?u$http://tinyurl?com/ShoeburynessSpaceAcademy

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