using qr codes to engage learners

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Richard Lilleker E-learning Technologist Middlesbrough College. Using QR Codes To Engage Learners. Searching The Library Catalogue. QR Code Treasure Tour. 2 Loanable iPod touch devices iNigma QR code reader app installed. QR Code Treasure Tour. Learner Feedback. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Richard LillekerE-learning TechnologistMiddlesbrough CollegeUsing QR Codes To Engage Learners

Introduction to presentation. Growth and popularity of QR codes harness the technology to engage learners within the LRC at Middlesbrough College.2D barcode which can be scanned by various devices (e.g. mobile devices) to reveal additional content. Might be a URL linking to a website, some text, telephone number, SMS.History in the manufacturing industry with a use for tracking parts in factories.Inspired by various studies/projects that had been previously conducted about the use of QR codes in education, in-particular the research by Andy Ramsden at Bath University.


QR Codes are everywhere. Mobile devices have changed the way consumers access the Internet as well as the way marketers are trying to reach customers.Recent billboard by Calvin Klein in NYC is an example of how a QR code is being used on a huge scale.Other example is the Jetstar QR code store in Stockholm scan the QR code to purchase a product.All about linking to additional resources this is what we wanted to do in the LRC use them to provide additional information to students.Chart shows the global growth in mobile barcode usage between Q4 in 2009 and Q3 in 2011. Massive growth in just under 2 years.2

Searching The Library Catalogue

One of the ways we utilised QR codes was for searching the online library catalogue system.Placed QR codes on various book bays throughout the LRC which provided links to common search terms, thus allowing students to obtain search results relevant to their location.For example; sports nutrition placed near the sports nutrition books. Scanning the code with a mobile device takes users to the online library catalogue and displays a list of search results for the term sports nutrition.Advantage is that students dont have to go backwards and forwards between a computer to check for books and their decimal numbers in their hands right at the location of the books.Disadvantage is if students have no Internet connection.Shortened URL also provided for accessibility purposes as an alternative method to scanning the code if users dont have suitable QR code scanning software.3QR Code Treasure Tour

2 Loanable iPod touch devicesiNigma QR code reader app installed

Second project was to create a treasure-hunt style tour of the LRC using QR codes.Each code provides a text-based description of the location, therefore providing students with useful, additional information.Fun and easy way to help students familiarise themselves with the LRC space and discover what resources we had to offer.Self-orientation in a modern, interactive way.By using alphanumeric text we didnt have to rely on devices having an Internet connection to link to information.Just updated for 2012/13 academic year revised version having lost the third floor.4

QR Code Treasure Tour

Learner FeedbackA fun way to discover the LRCWould have liked to go around in groups, finding different areas so it was more of a competitionLiked using the smartphonesPositive feedback received from the studentsStudents were keen to scan the codes.Added incentive of winning a small prize (chocolate!)6ChallengesIdentifying most suitable QR code scanning applicationsAwarenessNot all learners have a smartphone with QR scanning capabilitiesInformation CardLoanable devices

7Free and easy to create using online toolsPrintable can be added to any form of printed materialsIncorporation into teaching materialsVisually consistent and recognisableIncreased usage = increased was used to create our codesLRC staff were given instructions on how to create the codes and they created them for the various book bays based on their subject areasHas encouraged teaching staff to try and incorporate them into their teaching materials8Free and Easy NewslettersMarketing materials for College mobile applicationOn printed learning materials linking to additional online resourcesPresentation slides in lectures linking to online versions or related resourcesCombined with Augmented Reality

Other Learning Resources UsesFree & Easy Newsletters starting from September 2011 issue we started adding a QR code to each edition. People who picked up a printed copy could scan the code and download an electronic version of the newsletter to their mobile device ideal for reading whilst on the move.Combined with AR started experimenting with an app called Layar which detects objects and can link to resources such as videos. One idea is that we would be able to scan the QR code near our printers and this would load a video which demonstrates how to use the printers.9

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