enhancing content to better engage with learners

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Enhancing content to better engage with learners By Ciarán Friel Northwest e-Learning Team

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  • 1. Enhancing content to better engage with learners By Ciarn Friel Northwest e-Learning Team

2. The Northwest e-Learning Team Our Aim To support, proliferate, and enhance the quality of e-learning Developments from the NHS northwest e-Learning Community.yh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 3. The Northwest e-Learning Teamyh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 4. The e-Learning Developer Programmeyh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 5. The e-Learning Developer Programme Phase 1: Lectora Training (Basic) Phase 2: Key Quality Principles in e-Learning Design Managing an e-Learning Project Phase 3: Lectora (advanced) Adobe Flashyh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 6. Enhancing your Content to Engage with Learnersyh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 7. Assessment 1 1. In what month will the Scottish referendum happen in 2014? 2. How many rings on the Olympic flag? 3. Whose nose grew when he told a lie? 4. What football team are currently Premier league Champions?yh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 8. Answers 2 1. 2. 3. 4.September Five Pinocchio The mighty Manchester Unitedyh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 9. Well done!yh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 10. Assessment 2 1. What country does the current Pope come from?2. How many league titles have Manchester United won in their glorious history? 3. Of which nation did George W Bush once say:Their problem is, they don't have a word for entrepreneur? 4. Which company was founded by Bill Gates? yh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 11. Answers 2 1. 2. 3. 4.Argentina The mighty Manchester United! France Microsoftyh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 12. yh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 13. Gamification Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems - Wikipediayh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 14. Gamification examples Badges as rewards for progress Bonus points for completion of additional learning Beat baddies at different stages Avatars They can become equipped with tools and skills as the learner progresses League tablesyh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 15. Tell me, Ill forget Show me, Ill remember Involve me, Ill understand Ancient Chinese proverb Confucius Benjamin Franklinyh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 16. Scenario Based Learningyh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 17. Create a scenario with decision nodes One Scenario Element fail path 1 success path Scenario fail path 2feedback [Go Back] feedback [Continue]Next scenario elementfeedback [Go Back]fail path 3 - detrimental impact [Re-start] Remediation path Supporting you with your LT needsyh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn 18. yh.hee.nhs.uk #YHeLearn