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A silly poem about an unwanted guest.


<ul><li> 1. Why does he just stare at me, the Snowman sitting there? Why can't he go live outside? He shouldn't be in here! He's gonna get my couch all wet! He's gonna start to melt! He wants to turn my T.V. on. He hides my pants and belt! Every time I turn my back the heater gets turned off! He wants to sleep in my bedroom, or maybe build a loft! With him it doesn't matter if the seat is up or down. Whenever he gets through in there the toilette's wet we've found! He runs around half naked, just a scarf and black top hat! No one that is living here should have to witness that! I thought he was a fairytale, that this could never be. But sure as I am sitting here he's staring right at me! Unwanted Guest </li></ul>