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Greek Week 2014 University of Missouri- St. LouisRules and Regulations General Rules

Greek Week is open to members of social organizations recognized by the Inter-Fraternity Conference, Panhellenic Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and the University of Missouri St. Louis.

Eligibility Requirements

To participate in Greek Week members must meet the following requirements:

University of Missouri St. Louis students only

Must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours for the current semester

Must have at least a 2.25 cumulative G.P.A. inclusive of the fall semester

Only active, dues paying, undergraduate members may participate

Member Participation

If a member of an organization should at any point reach alum status within their chapter they will no longer be able to participate in any Greek Week from that point forward. A member of an organization may only participate in a maximum of 5 Greek Weeks at UMSL

Persons whose names do not appear on the official roster by the specified deadline will be ineligible to compete in any and all events during Greek Week. Participation by any persons not on the roster, or participation by those who are not currently attending UMSL will result in the disqualification of the organization for the event in which the infraction occurred, also resulting in zero points for that organization in the event.

If a member of an organization is currently a member of an UMSL sports team (basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, golf) they will not be able to participate in that particular event during Greek Week. Additionally, a member of the UMSL baseball team cant play softball, a member of the golf team cant participate in mini-golf, and roller/ice hockey cant play hockey.

Before every event, participants must check in with the Steering Committee. Each participant will be required to present their UMSL or state-issued ID and sign their chapters roster for that event. If the participant does not have their ID present or cannot verify their name on the roster, that team will not be allowed to participate in that event.

Alcohol and Substance Policy

All fraternity and sorority members participating in Greek Week 2014 shall understand that all activities relating to Greek Week are not to involve the possession or consumption of illegal substances. The Steering Committee, IFC, PHA, and the Office of Student Life will have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for all events concerning Greek Week for any fraternity or sorority member, regardless of age.

Any of-age member wishing to consume alcohol at any Greek Week event must check in with the Greek Week Advisor and Steering Committee to verify age and obtain a wristband provided by the Steering Committee. Any member wishing to consume alcohol at any Greek Week event must adhere to the Interfraternity Council Minimum Risk Standards regarding quantities of alcohol.

Violation of this policy will result in disqualification of the entire team of the event in question, or may result in disqualification of the entire team from all Greek Week events.

Greek Week Team will be subject to disqualification if:

Alcohol is consumed by any underage member of the Fraternity & Sorority community at any Greek Week event.

Any member is in possession any illegal substances at any Greek Week event.

Any member is observed or cited by law enforcement officials for any alcohol or illegal controlled substance violation at any Greek Week event.

Any member attends a Greek Week event under the influence of illegal substances.

All members of the approved chapter roster are to be held responsible for the above chapter policies.

In the event that a member/members of a Greek Week team is/are cited for a violation of the alcohol and substance policy as stated above, the teams chapter presidents and chapter advisors will be notified.

Greek Week Chapter Rosters

Each chapter must submit their monthly roster on the second Tuesday of every month. The roster submitted on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 will be considered the official roster for Greek Week. If the official roster has not been submitted by the specified time, the organization will not be permitted to participate in Greek Week.


If one team is disqualified for points, the other team will lose points as well. If you are part of a team, you are accountable for everyone on that team.

A disqualified team will have 24 hours to fill out the attached grievance form to dispute the disqualification. This will be taken into account by the Steering Committee and agreed upon before the end of the week.

Steering Committee

The Greek Week Steering Committee will consist of two members from each participating organization with each having one alternate available. Only the two MAIN representatives may speak or have a vote when the committee meets as a whole. As the financial support for Greek Week, the Inter-fraternity Council (IFC) and Panhellenic Association (PHA) will have final decision-making power regarding all Greek Week events and expenditures. Both IFC and PHA will provide a liaison to attend Greek Week Steering Committee meetings and report back to the Councils accordingly.

There must be two committee members present at every event during Greek Week. The alternate may fill in for one of the main representatives, if one member is unable to attend an event/meeting. The Greek Week Steering Committee shall have final say in any event not covered by a referee and/or any incident in which a referee will not call.

If the result of an event is to be protested, Steering Committee members must be notified via the grievance form within twenty-four hours of the event/incident. The Steering Committee will then collaborate within twenty-four hours to make a decision on the given situation.

The Greek Week Steering Committee will operate under a zero tolerance/one strike policy. Physical violence/ verbal abuse and any other inappropriate actions (i.e. punching, threatening violence, etc.) will not be tolerated. Any action that may fall under this category is up for review and may result in the removal of the individual from an event or the remainder of Greek Week. This decision will be made by the Greek Week Steering Committee.

Majority vote is the ruling during Steering Committee voting. Steering Committee will meet at the end of each day during Greek Week to review point tallies. In the event of an overall point tie, the highest place will be awarded to the organization with the most first place wins in single gender sports.

If an organization does not have enough members to participate in an event, they will have 15 minutes for participants to arrive or the event will be forfeited and the organization will receive zero points.

Officials will be provided for each event that requires referees. Only team captains may petition the officials call during play, and the officials decision on all calls is final.

Any organization that violates any of the rules stated here are subject to disqualification of events. The Greek Week Steering Committee will have the final and deciding vote.

April 24th-May 3rd, 2014



Steering Members

Thursday, April 24th

Kick Off: 4:00pm @ Sigma Pi

Greek Physique and Athena: 6:00pm @ Pi Kappa Alpha

Window Painting: 7:30pm @ MSC Bridge

Trivia: 8:00pm @ MSC?

Kick-Off: Kristen, Sam, David, Kyle J., Tyler, Brooke, Danielle, Kevin, Devin

Greek Physique: Kristen, Sam, David, Kyle J., Tyler, Brooke, Danielle, Kevin, Devin, Anna

Window Painting: Devin, David

Trivia: Kristen, Sam, David, Kyle J., Tyler, Brooke, Danielle, Devin , Kevin, Anna

Friday, April 25th

Service Day # 1

Saturday, April 26th

Service Day # 2

Sunday, April 27th

Golf: 9:00am @ Eagle Springs

Foosball: 7:00pm @ Pike H

Golf: David, Kyle J., Kyle G.

Monday, April 28th

Leadership Awards Banquet @ MSC Century Rooms

Tuesday, April 29th

Food Drive: 11:00am 1:15pm @ MSC Bridge

Basketball: 7:00pm @ Mark Twain

Basketball: Steering members watch all games when not playing

Wednesday, April 30th

Food Drive: 11:00am 1:15pm @ MSC Bridge

Volleyball: 7:00pm @ Mark Twain

Volleyball: Steering members watch all games when not playing

Thursday, May 1st

Food Drive: 11:00am 1:15pm @ MSC Bridge

Hockey: 5:00pm @ Mark Twain

Mini-Golf: 5:00pm @ Swing Around Fun Town

Hockey: Sam, Kristen

Mini Golf:

Friday, May 2nd

Soccer: 9:00am @ UMSL

Kickball: 3:00pm @ UMSL

Bowling: 7:00pm @ Olivette Lanes

Soccer: Steering members watch all games when not playing

Kickball: Steering members watch all games when not playing

Bowling: Sam, David, Kyle G.

Saturday, May 3rd

Track: 9:00am @ McCleur South Berkeley High School

Softball: 11:30am @ UMSL

Football: 3:30pm @ UMSL

Pool: 7:00pm @ Fucifinos

Darts: 7:00pm @ Fucifinos

Track: Kyle G., David, Anna

Softball: Steering members watch all games when not playing

Football: Steering members watch all games when not playing

Pool/Darts: Sam, Kristen, Kevin, Kyle G.

Points Breakdown


Date and Time


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Food and Shoe Drive (Co-Ed)

April 29 May 1, 11am 1pm

MSC Bridge




Trivia (Co-Ed)

April 24, 8pm


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