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Battle over golden legacy


<ul><li> 1. Two familiesin battle overgolden legacyUnitajs: The late Colts great's oldestson and sircoml wife square off in court(o contest the company that markets tin;Golden Arm's name and Image. By AKDKZW RATHER Standing beneath an Imposing bronze flRure ofhis father, beside the downtown football stadiumthat many fans lobbied hard and lULUely to haverenamed for his father. John C. Unllas Jr. Is recall-Ing sweet memories of his ciad and the BaltimoreHe's lost In a moment, but it's not a touchdowndrive. No. In his mind's eye. Unllas Jr. Is ball boyagain for the Colls a lad with a beeswaxedcrewcut resting In the top bunk In the players' camp In Westminster with his dad stretched out in the bed below. ~l never looked at my father as a celebrity. He was my fa- ther," said Unllas Jr.. 47, of Unllas Sr. who died Sept. 1L "He'd spend hours al home studying film, cradling me and my sister on his lap. Dadwould get a game boll from abin game, like Ihe 'SB champi-onship or somelhlng Impor-tanL We would take off with It John Unltas Jr. nndand then go play wflh It out Ua father farmed front and lose It. He didn'tLS Management.care. He was a great man, agreat man." Unllas Jr. adored his father,went Into business with him and Is now being accused ofattempting to steal from himby people who also were doseto his father his own step-mother and Unllas' secondwife. Sandra, and his father'sattorney and accountant. Thethree recently took control ofthe company thai father andson formed In 1991 to marketUnites for promotional pur-poses. Sandra Unltaa re- Last year, the company cently took control of earned almost $1 million by the company, selling licensing rights, auto-graphs and appearances by man known as 'Johnny U." and the question of who w)H pro til from It have triggered a court battle and an acrimonious public exchange of accusations. The emotional price ls already heavy within Unltas' extended family. The children of his firs', marriage say they didn't know their father's ashes were being laid to rest this spring until they were no- {See Unites. ift| </li></ul> <p> 2. Page IDA: Sunday. July 20.2003: The Sun "They're eating John [Jr.] right now. Lawyers don't come cheap. Asa friend, it just breaks my heart. If his father had meant for any of this to happen, his father would have yanked the business from him long ago."Stive Spean, a Chicago attorney who earlier represented Unltat Management, referring to John Unltat Sr attorney Charlet M. TWelbaum and accountant Howard H. MoffetUnitas families in a legal battle[Unites, from Page IA] Johnny U.'s work ethk: and back- ground and character that some titled afterward with a ceme- company will want to Identify tery map snowing where they with.'could visit. They were also left Unitas acknowledged that hisout of ceremonies to announce timing was better In releasing a Uie renaming of Towson Univer-football than cashing la quite sity's stadium and 19th Street In aware that lesser talents who Ocean City In their father'!followed him earned much honor.more. As his fame grew duringUnitas hd five children withhis Colt years, he began accept-the former Dorothy Jean HoeUe,ing commercials and appear-whom he met In high school In ances for extra cash, althoughPittsburgh on a bus to a school he thought It was difficult tobasketball fame. They married make good money for such workIn 1954. Their children are Jan-beyond New York.Ice, 48: John Jr.. 47; Kobe/I, H5; "You go to a banquet In Balti-Christopher. 43: and Kenneth.more, and If It's not tree. It's S2i.'35, The couple divorced In 1972.he wrote In a 1W5 autobiogra-She died in May 2002 at age 67. phy. Pro Quarterback: MU Ownfour months before her former Slory. with Ed FlUgerald. Hehusband.filmed one local commercialThe Colt quarterback hadwith his family singing for "Marythree children with the formerSue Easter Eggs.' He lamentedSandra Lemon, whom he met atthat It was "the worst commer-a department store football pro-cial rd ever sen' and only pro-motion and married the day of vided fresh material for discon-his divorce, near the end of histented fans who would holler.career. Their children are Fran-'Get Mary Sue out of there."cis Joseph. 29. known as Joe:Chad, 24: and Alicia Ann Paige. On comeback trail21. known as Paige. After Unitas" career, and hisThe families gathered for holi- emergence from S3 million Indays and birthdays, and the debt thanki to his Chapter 11half-siblings, nearly a generationbankruptcy proceeding, his sonapart, referred to each other ascrossed paths with a Washing-"brothers' and 'sister*.' But Itwas a more tenuous balancenamed Warren S, Rosenfeld.than tt appeared to most oulsid-Unitas' first offspring...Unitas Jr.. then In his 30s. was John C. Unltaa Jr. (ceoter) held a oewi conference lart month to mpoMl to the law*ult against him. Standing behind him arc his brotb- selling ads In legal publications. -We had a mother whose atlt- en Kenneth (left) and Robert. At the table are attorney Robert R. Bowie Jr. ne- gotlaie deals during the dispute have rapidly eroded cash flow.Some sports-marketing exec- utives fear that opportunities available In the year afler Unltas' death, with emotions highest, have been all but lost'John Jr. was concerned for some lime about what they would do lo Ihe business. He didn't feel they managed his fa- thers business affair* well." said Steve Spears, a Chicago attor- Unltas Management, referring to Tatelbaum and Moffet. 'In all the lime that Senior controlled39.90 AFTER SALE S7S.9S A 6 .9 0 AFTER SALE $68 .95 3 9.9 0 AFTER SALE 159.95 the company. If he wanted Tatel- baum and Moffei to have hadFranco Sarto Topai'.in brown or bla Clarki Mitchell Navy, brown, burgundy Nordstrom 'Glide' in a variety of colors. In slim, anything lo do wlih 11, nil he had lalhr.7-10n; 4-12.13m: 7-10w.or black. 5-11 (whole siies narrow, medium, wide and cxtr.i-w de widths. to do was to say the word. He Women's Shoas.Woman's ShoWorn sShoi never did."John Jr. li not a rich man. This business dldnt make him aBur '' JutT "-30 with your Hcrdsiron crtdH or Nordtlrom Viu* ejrd and Mrn doubt* thi rtward pain. Eidudei NonJilrom Rick. Stylti may v j.-y by itor*. rich man. I have no Idea howwion Town Cinltr O3.lf6.liit. Annapafo Hall 4tO.57J.1QV Tht Mall in Columbia 410.715 2J. Shipping chargti may apply. Mf* Atinhrtrury Silt at norditrom.com he's paying for the litigation.' </p>


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