unit 9 photography techniques - task 6

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  • 1. Unit 9: PhotographyTechniques Task 6:

2. I like this photo because of the way the mountains frame the photo.I also like the way how the photographer has framed the photo so that we get two differentContrasts, one being winter because of the snow top mountains and the other being summerBecause of the colourful flower with the bright green trees. The flower is delicate andBeautiful and is able to be able to live in such an environment such 3. I like this photo because it has two completely different sides in the photo, its almost as if theyAre two completely different photos, one being taken in winter and one summer. Thats justThe pure beauty of Canada. 4. The reason I choose this photo is because of the way that the lake reflects the mountains backOnto it, also the way that the sun has broken through the clouds and had reached the top ofThe mountain summit.