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my images


  • 1. Photography techniquesBy Lily Curtis

2. PortraitThese are my portrait images. I like theseimages because in each image the person has adifferent expression. Next time I would makesure the background was different because eventhough there is not anything behind them on thetwo left images there is a white mark on the wallwhich makes you focus on that instead of theperson. On the other hand I like how the imagesare in black and white because it makes theimage look more effective. 3. MacroThese 3 pictures were the best macro images. The twoimages in black and white are in focus and look good butif they were colour they would have looked betterbecause you would have been able to focus on thecolours of the flower making it a more effective macroimage. However the bottom right image in colour is a bitbright because of the sun, so it doesnt make the imagelook as sharp as the other two images. 4. ArchitecturalThe two black and white images are thebest out of the 3 pictures because theimages are sharp and clear and lookmore interesting compared to the one incolour.AbstractThis was the only abstract image Igot, its out of focus to the left but isthen in focus at the back on theright. The part in focus I think stillworks as an abstract image becauseof the way its been photographed.