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<ul><li> 1. Les Passetemps Unit 9</li></ul> <p> 2. Les Passetemps jouer de la guitare le footcourrirpatiner faire du vlo le basket le football amricainnager aller au concert les checsfaire une promenade 3. Expressions of Jouer Different prepositions will follow the verb jouer depending on the activity: jouer is used with both sports and board games.Jouer Sports/GamesJouer de InstrumentsIl joue au foot.Je joue du pianoElle joue aux dames.Tu joues de la guitare.Nous jouons au volley.Marie joue des cymbals.jouer de is used with musical instrumentsThese prepositions will contract with the definite article of the noun (activity) that follows: + le = au + les = aux de + le = du de + les = des(Note - la and l do not contract with either or de, so the preposition and these articles will remain two separate words.) 4. Quand et Combien? When?How often? 5. Irregular Adjectives General Rules Agreement add an e to make it feminine (no change if already ends in e.) add an s to make it plural (no change if it already ends in s.) Placement follow the nouns they describeIrregularities Agreement some adjectives double the final consonant and add an e to make the feminine form. ex. bon (m/s) bonne (f/s) Placement some adjectives come before the nouns they describe. Use the acronym BAGS to remember the categories: beauty, age, goodness and size.EnglishM/SF/SM/PF/PIrregularityGoodBonBonsBonneBonnesBothBadMauvaisMauvaisMauvaiseMauvaisesPlacementFatGrosGrosGrosseGrossesBothSmallPetitPetitsPetitePetitesPlacementBigGrandGrandsGrandeGrandesPlacementNiceGentilGentilsGentilleGentillesBothPrettyJoliJolisJolieJoliesPlacementEx. The pretty girl La jolie fille.The big house La grande maison.The fat dogs Les gros chiens 6. PronounsStress pronouns follow prepositions! When you see words like de (of, from, about), pour (for), avec (with), chez (at the home of), or (to, in, at) you know that a stress pronoun will follow! Definition words the replace nouns. Types Subject Pronouns perform the action Object Pronouns receive the action Pronouns in French Subject I je we nous you tu you vous he/it il they ils (males or males &amp; females) she/it elle they elles (females only) Object (Stress) me moi you toi him lui her elleus nous you vous them eux (males or males &amp; females them elles (females only)Ex. Paul studies with us Paul tudie avec nous. I listen to you. Jcoute toi. 7. Expressions of Avoir avoir to have jai nous avons tu as vous avez il/elle a ils/elles ont Expressions we have already learned: avoirans to beyears old avoir besoin de to need avoir faim to be hungry avoir soif to be thirsty il y a there is/are Other expressions you may have seen: avoir froid/chaud to be cold/hot avoir raison/tort to be right/wrong avoir sommeil to be tired avoir de la chance to be luckyAttention! Most phrases in English that use is/are (a form of the verb to be) will use avoir, NOT tre, in French! These types of expressions are called idioms they are phrases that do not translate directly between language. It is important to translate them according to the rules of each language.Salut! Je mappelle Marie! Jai quinze ans. Maintenant, jai faim. Jai besoin de manger. Jai de la chance! Il y a un bon restaurant prs de mon cole. Aprs mon repas, jai sommeil. Je dois faire un dodo! (nap) 8. RSVP Rpondez sil vous plat How to respond to invitations: Acceptances: bien sr of course! je veux bien I really want to jaimerais bien I would really like avec plaisir with pleasure!Regrets: Je ne peux pas I cant Je suis occup Im busy Je regrette Im sorry Je dois.. I must Je suis dsol Im sorry</p>