Unit 11 Could you please clean your room? (Period 2)

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Unit 11 Could you please clean your room? (Period 2) Slide 2 do the dishes sweep the floor make dinner make the bed fold the clothes clean the window do the laundry clean the table do the shopping Sentence making: Could you please clean your room? Slide 3 Lets make more polite requests by using Could you please do ? It is always right to be polite. Lead- in Slide 4 answer my question Slide 5 cook your own meal Slide 6 give me a ride ( ) Slide 7 Ask for permission politely by using Could I do ? Slide 8 play with you Slide 9 smoke here Slide 10 borrow your pen Slide 11 Exercise: 1. 2. 3. Could I use your car ? Could I stay out late? Could I have a party at home? Slide 12 Could you do ? Could you please do ? 1. can you ? ) 2. 3. Would you please do sth.? May I +do sth.? Shall we do sth.? Would you mind doing sth? 4. Sure./Of course./ Certainly./Great./Well. 5. Sorry / No, I cant. I have to/ need to do Slide 13 A: Could you please clean your room? Yes, sure. Sorry, I cant. I have to do my homework. B: Slide 14 Key sentence structures --- Could you please take out the trash? --- Yes, sure. --- Sorry, I cant. I have to / need to make the bed and do the laundry. Slide 15 Could I (please) do ? 1. 2. 3. May I do ? Would you mind my doing ? 4. Yes, you can. 5. Sorry / No, you cant. Slide 16 Key sentence structures --- Could I borrow the car? --- Yes, you can. --- No, you cant. I need it. I have to go to a meeting. Slide 17 . Could you please take out the trash? Sure, I can. 2. Could you clean the room? Sorry, I cant. 3. He likes to do the dishes. 4. She doesnt like to do the laundry. Slide 18 A: I hate to ___ chores. B: Well, I hate some chores too, but I like other chores. A: Really? Do you like to ___ the laundry? B: No, I dont. Its boring. A: I agree. Do you like to _____ your bed? B: No, not really. But I like to ___ the dishes, because its relaxing. And I like to _____ breakfast, because I like to cook. do make do Fill in the blanks and read aloud.3a Slide 19 Translate the phrases 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. do the dishes do chores do the laundry make the bed make breakfast Slide 20 do make Do Make do the dishes do homework do chores do the laundry do shopping do some reading make ones bed make breakfast make dinner make tea make a cup of coffee Slide 21 I dont like doing the dishes because its boring. I like cleaning the bike because I can be outside. Pairwork3b Slide 22 boring, dirty, endless, easy, difficult, relaxing, interesting, a waste of time feel tired feel happy like eating delicious food like wearing clean clothes like living in a clean and tidy room Reasons might be: Chores are part of fun in life. Slide 23 4. Sorry, I cant! Work in a group. Write each of these chores on a card and put them face down. Turn one card over and ask your partner to do the chores. Your partner says no and gives a reason. Slide 24 Do you and your friends often help your parents at home? What kind of chores do you like to do? And what not? Try to tell the reasons. Slide 25 Do a survey and fill in the form Name Like doingReasonsDont like doingReasons I Slide 26 Chores should be a part of family life. So we often help mom and dad do some around the house. I like _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Anyway chores are part of fun in life. Slide 27 Reading About household chores Who does the housework in your home, your mother or your father? Women did most chores in the past, but in modern society today, it is common to find both men and women cooking the meals, cleaning the house, and taking care of children, or cutting the grass, fixing the car, and fixing things around the house. A reason for this is that both men and women work, so the household chores have to be shared equally( ). Underline the new chores in the passage. Slide 28 A recent survey shows that household chores are not really shared equally, and that men and women think differently about who does what around the house. Recently, some British husband were asked if they did household chores liking preparing meals, washing dishes, cleaning the house. Nearly 48% said they did. However, when their wives were asked if their husbands did the chores, only 38% of them thought that their husbands did their chores. As for children, parents thought they were too busy studying to do the chores. Few children do chores at home. Does everyone in your family do the housework? Slide 29 1.Who did the most housework in the past? __________________________________ 2. Why do men and women share to do the chores in modern society? __________________________________ 3. Do men and women think the same about who does what around the house? __________________________________ 4.What are children busy doing __________________________________ Women did the most housework in the past. It is because both men and women work. No, they dont. They are busy studying. Slide 30 Fun time How to share the chores in a family? Should children help parents do chores? Is doing chores bad for the childrens school work? Slide 31 Children with regular household chores: have a better image become more responsible and competent feel closely connected to the family </p>