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  • 2. We, at UniCredit Luxembourg, are fully committed to deliver financial services in a comprehensibleand understandable way.At UniCredit Luxembourg, you can find confidentiality and a reliable partner who is easy to deal with.Every day we strive to create value with comprehensive advice and high quality services.Our Client Advisors and Specialists dedicate their time in identifying individual needs and translating them intopersonalized solutions.We feel accountable for our independent view on the markets and the selection of best-in-class solutions.According to personal preferences and risk attitude, we suggest the best applicable investment approach for eachof your goals. By doing so, we provide a transparent framework for your individual decisions to protect and optimizeyour overall wealth through generations.UniCredit Luxembourgs commitments guarantee a high quality customer experience.Competence leading to clarity is our promise to you.And our welcome. Angelo Brizi CEO of UniCredit Luxembourg
  • 3. A COLLECTION OFINTEGRATED SKILLS OUR MASTERPIECE: COMPLEXITY AT HAND Here, at UniCredit Luxembourg, simplicity is built on It is our task to listen and possibly anticipate your the integration of selected excellences. needs and to set up the best-suited solution, relying on highly qualified professionals, either internal or When you wish to hear music you just put a record external to the bank. on player without any need of knowing the complex job behind this simple gesture. In UniCredit Luxembourg you can find the competencies to manage in the easiest way Similarly with our Bank you just ask and enjoy the the evolution of your financial demands result. through out your life. We want you to benefit from the best-in-market We provide concrete answers, day-by-day, need- products and services with a minimum effort. by-need. Just as for enjoying music, you have to do one simple action: to open a relationship with us.
  • 4. FIVE CENTURIES A HISTORY BUILT ON EXPERIENCE AND TRADITION The groups origins date back over five centuries Our business is conducted through a network that ago, when a public institute, Monte Piet, was operates in multiple markets via country-based created in Italy. banks that have a significant local presence. UniCredit is the result of the merger of several This organizational structure allows us to allocate banking institutions, in Italy, Germany and Austria resources in the best possible way to meet Customers and acquisitions in CEE. needs. It also enables us to leverage our capabilities in all aspects of banking and to rely on an unparalleled UniCredit is today a major international financial branch network that connects us with thousands of institution with strong roots in 22 European countries local communities and millions of Customers. and an overall international network present in approximately 50 markets. Likewise, we, as UniCredit Luxembourg, have a long UniCredit benefits from a unique European tradition in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as we identity, extensive international presence and were one of the first foreign banks to be established broad customer base. Its strategic position in here in the early 1970s. Western and Eastern Europe gives the group one of From the beginning, we have shown a strong the regions highest market shares. commitment to Luxembourg, actively supporting the development of its Financial Centre. Our group has adopted a divisional business model We can leverage on this unique mix of deep that provides us with both flexibility and strength. knowledge, excellent reputation, tradition and first-class consultancy experience to offer you the best available banking services.
  • 5. ABASED ONACCORDANCE FULFILLING OUR MISSION We are committed to generating value for our We have chosen a partnership approach, Customers. working with the highest standards of privacy Focusing on you is a key pillar of our strategies and and discretion to prove our expertise and ability, all our projects and initiatives are designed to bring it thus build your long-term trust and loyalty. into action. Therefore you are our starting and arrival point and every action linked to you is guided by: Partnership also means to have a true knowledge of the Client: only by understanding your objectives Commitment, understanding your views, needs clearly, we are better equipped to enhance and and expectations and responding coherently and innovate the services we provide, developing a transparently; foundation which allows us to become a valued partner. Open communication to resolve any issue and agree on how to develop your financial strategies; Flexible attitude to keep the pace with your changing needs and apply the best ways to protect and enhance your wealth.
  • 6. IN THE INTERNATIONALMARKETS IN THE HEART OF BUSINESS The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, despite its small Investment vehicles such as Specialized Investment geographical size, is recognized as a key market in Funds SIF or Investment Company in Risk Capital the very heart of Europe. SICAR are examples of continuous improvement in the flexibility of investments offered to institutional It has always had a fundamental role in European and qualified investors. There is also the possibility to Union, NATO, OECD, UN and many European access various forms of life insurance encompassing institutions are based here such as: European diversified asset classes. Court of Justice, European Investment Bank (EIB), the Secretariat of the European Parliament. For international companies, an attractive regulatory environment allows to locate and develop in Luxembourg is a country with high political stability Luxembourg corporate banking activities, with and a strong economy. According to the Quality particular reference to: cash management, transaction of Living Survey made by MERCER Consulting, services, financing solutions. Luxembourg is the city with the highest level of personal security and internal stability. Due to its strategic geographical position, excellent infrastructure, stable tax system and high quality of The rating assigned to Luxembourg is AAA and life, Luxembourg is one of the best places to its public debt is below 20% of the GDP. live and develop business. The financial sector, which contributes over 30% of the GDP of Luxembourg, is characterized by a strong Luxembourg also stands out for its openness to the culture of investor protection and strict anti-money world and its multilingual and multicultural workforce, laundering rules. which has extensive experience in dealing with Luxembourg is a leader in financial services: international clients. Furthermore, even if the financial sector plays a key First place in the Euro area for private banking role in the overall economic system in Luxembourg, services; some of the biggest corporations in the world are established here, such as steel, e-commerce Second largest home services for Asset and food companies. Management in the world, behind United States.