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<ul><li><p>8/8/2019 Undesirable Facts About Srebrenica Genocide</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Undesirable Facts</p><p>Date: 28 September 2010.</p><p>While watching the documentary animation Srebrenica Mapping Genocide, you will not see</p><p>photographs, nor will you hear cries and voices. Nonetheless, the facts presented about the genocidecommitted in Srebrenica are sufficient to bring you back to the year of 1995.</p><p>This is merely one project through which we are trying to raise awareness, primarily among youth,</p><p>about what had happened in Srebrenica. I will be proud when one day Srebrenica MappingGenocide becomes the title of a history lesson, or when this CD becomes available in libraries. I will</p><p>be proud when the city I live in is not pasted with posters congratulating the day of liberation of</p><p>Srebrenica, and when July 11 is marked as the Day of Commemoration of Srebrenica Genocide, saidMaja Mii, Director of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights Serbia (YIHR) at the presentation of</p><p>the Project Srebrenica Mapping Genocide, held at Belgrade Media Centre on September 28.</p><p>The Project is comprised of 17 animated maps which denote developments in Srebrenica between the</p><p>6th and the 19th of July, 1995. The audience at the Media Centre attended half-hour long screening</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Undesirable Facts About Srebrenica Genocide</p><p> 2/2</p><p>of one map of developments, gaining insight into directives, statements by victims and witnesses</p><p>All pieces of information presented in scope of the Project are facts confirmed by three sources the</p><p>ICTY, the United Nations Report and the Report produced by the Commission set up by theGovernment of Republika Srpska, said NedimJahi, YIHR B&amp;H activist.</p><p>Director of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights B&amp;H Alma Mai underscored that the Project hasa view to establishing itself as an animated educational model of causes and phases through which</p><p>genocide unfolds, serving both as an instrument for education and archive material.</p><p>When you mention the words Srebrenica and genocide to someone in Serbia in the same sentence,</p><p>they will all shake their heads in dismissal. Some who are braver will use quasi-legal arguments, trying</p><p>to tell you that you have been misled if you think that genocide had taken place there, while the bravest</p><p>ones will speculate about the number of victims, as if talking about statistics of sorts, rather than aboutlost human lives, about people who had family, friends, went to work and school, Ms. Mii said.</p><p>The Project Srebrenica Mapping Genocide is implemented by YIHR B&amp;H, and it is supported bythe National Endowment for Democracy, Civil Rights Defenders and the US Embassy in Sarajevo.</p></li></ul>