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1. YOUR BRAIN IN YOUR HANDS What will you do with it? www.nicolamorgan.com 2. www.nicolamorgan.com 3. For schools and teachers 4. Today, I want to share with you: USEFUL THINGS Something about how our brains learn How teenage brain changes affect you What stress is and why its good What bad stress is and how to deal with it 5. How you can get more information: My books About your teenage brain: About teenage stress: My website: www.nicolamorgan.com And my blog Ask me a question Your handouts today My presentation is online see my blog today 6. Warning Im going to change your brain 7. She does not seem to have a great deal of apptitude for science subjects. 8. She does not seem to have a great deal of apptitude for science subjects. 9. Would you like to see a brain? 10. How we do things: pathways between 100 billion neurons 11. Unused neurons More developed neurons 12. How do we grow those connections? Trying and practising Watching someone else Sleeping Sleeping brain focuses on things we struggled with (Also: breaks + F2F socialising + exercising) 13. What can makes life different for teenagers? Internal: things in your brain and body External: things going on around you 14. Biological differences in: Sleep need more; sleepy later Emotions stronger; harder to control Risk-taking extra need for excitement Social pressure VERY important Self-consciousness overwhelming 15. PREFRONTAL CORTEX (thinking + control) AMYGDALA (emotion + instinct) Alexilus - Fotolia.com 16. STRESS 17. Chemicals Adrenalin and cortisol Heart beats faster and we breathe faster Blood + oxygen +energy rush to brain and muscles => SUPER-PERFORMANCE 18. Good stress / bad stress Stress is good when it helps us perform well But bad if it is too strong (panic) or goes on too long without breaks affects sleep, mood, health, mental health, performance 19. Common causes of stress for you Exams and schoolwork Friendship problems Problems and worries at home Teenage brain changes Emotions fear, anger, sadness Intrusive thoughts 20. Intrusive thoughts: negative pathways 21. ESSENTIAL STRATEGIES 1. Instant: Breathing/relaxation skill (see my website) 2. Daily time to switch off: exercise; read for pleasure; laugh; meditate; have a bath; do a hobby anything you find relaxing 3. Everything changes; youre not alone; talk RELAXATION IS NOT A LUXURY 22. MY MAIN MESSAGE You have more control than you think: control your brain, control your life 23. More information for you: www.nicolamorgan.com