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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Understanding Cross-site Linking inOnline Social NetworksYang Chen1, Chenfan Zhuang2, Qiang Cao1, Pan Hui31Duke University2Tsinghua University3Hong Kong University of Science and Technology</p> <p>1MotivationA number of OSN sites with different functionality</p> <p>It is quite common for an individual user to have multiple accounts on different OSN sites.How to efficiently manage accounts on different OSNs?</p> <p>2</p> <p>Interact with friendsShare breaking newsJob searchLocation-centric social interactions2The Cross-site Linking Function</p> <p>The cross-site linking function allows a user to link her account on one OSN site to her accounts on other OSN sites3</p> <p>3Cross-site Linking: AdvantagesMake cross-site content posting easyHelp Foursquare users automatically post tips to Facebook and Twitter Avoid repeated efforts in social connection establishmentImport the contact list from other OSNsProvide more information of a userVisit the linked profiles on other OSNs</p> <p>4</p> <p>4Why Foursquare?A representative LBSN service, one of the most popular OSN sitesFoursquare app: customized discovery and recommendation engineSwarm app: real-time location sharing with friendsSupports the cross-site linking functionA user can link his profile to Facebook/TwitterEvery Foursquare user has a public profile page (http://foursquare.com/user/ID/)5</p> <p>5Data CollectionGoal: analyze the entire Foursquare user baseTo avoid the disadvantages of biased samplingChallenge: IP-based rate limitingCrowd crawling:100 crawlers around the United States, each crawls one chunk of IDsDataCollected between Jul. 22th, 2014 and Jul. 29th, 2014Public profiles of 51.15 million Foursquare usersAlmost all (if not all) Foursquare users6IDGenderTipsCheckins FriendsFacebookTwitter123male5281015576473eric_c6Linking OptionsTwitterFacebookLinking OptionPercentageYesNoTW only3.82%NoYesFB only44.19%YesYesFB+TW11.96%NoNoNeither40.03%About 60% Foursquare users have enabled the cross-site linking function56.15% users have added their Facebook accounts15.78% users have added their Twitter accountsThe cross-site linking function is widely used among Foursquare users7Percentage Distribution of Linking Options7Group-based Analysis: Gender</p> <p>Very little difference between male users and female users in terms of the distribution of linking optionsGender options:51.52% Male42.92% Female5.56% Rather not say8</p> <p>8Group-based Analysis: Country</p> <p>Top four countries: USA (27.61%)Turkey (9.49%)Indonesia (8.17%)Brazil (7.04%)</p> <p>9CountryBRAIDNTURUSAPercentage82.25%50.51%80.33%50.33%Percentage of users that have enabled cross-site linking</p> <p>9Group-based Analysis: ActivityTwo factors: social connections and location-centric activities (leaving tips, check-ins)# of Friends# of Checkins and TipsGroupPercentage=0=0Zombies28.23%=0&gt;0Loners9.50%&gt;0=0Watchers14.02%&gt;0&gt;0Ordinary users48.25%1010Group-based Analysis: Activity (cont.)</p> <p>Most zombies/loners have not enabled cross-site linking, as they are socially isolated. Watchers v.s. Orindary usersWatchers are less motivated to link to Twitter, as they dont publish73% watchers and 71% ordinary users have linked to Facebook (users from both groups are connected with other Foursquare users)</p> <p>1111Behavioral Difference among Users with Different Linking Options Users who have enabled the cross-site linking function are more activeCross-site linking will deliver published contents to more prospective audienceTW only &gt; FB onlyPublicly viewable tweets can be quickly spread through the Twitter networkFB user status is only visible to friends by default (fewer possible audiences)</p> <p>12</p> <p>12User Privacy Concerns &amp; Cross-site LinkingProfile PictureGenderResidential LocationLast NameBiographyEnabled (%)66.99%94.44%91.68%94.61%3.29%Disabled (%)33.01%5.56%8.32%5.39%96.71%In Foursquare, users can customize their profiles according to privacy concerns (a user can choose whether to enable an optional field)13</p> <p>Alices Foursquare ProfileAlices Facebook ProfileAlices Twitter ProfileMore information about Alice!!Intuitively, cross-site linking might cause concerns for users who care a lot about their privacy.13User Privacy Concerns &amp; Cross-site Linking (cont.)</p> <p>Whether or not uploading personalized profile photo is an indicator for the adoption of cross-site linkingEnabling any of the five optional field indicates a higher probability of using the cross-site linking function1414Cross-site Information ConsistencyFirst NameLast NameGenderPercentage of users who have entered identical information in a selected filed89.84%87.02%99.30%Cross-site Information Consistency (Foursquare-Facebook)Users have a high probability to manifest cross-site information consistency15</p> <p>A user might choose to expose the same or different personal information on different sites15Cross-site Information AggregationUser InfoFoursquareTwitterIDGenderTipsIDTweetsListsUSER A1m10198210017USER B2f203450USER C5f019903201USER D9m756312274Aggregate the information of the same user from different OSN sites (learn more about a user)Applications: friend suggestion, point-of-interest recommendation, personalized advertising, Example: gender-based analysis of Twitter1616Gender-based Analysis of Twitter</p> <p>17</p> <p>Female users publish more tweetsMale users are involved in more lists17Gender-based Analysis of Twitter (cont.)URLDescriptionLocationMale32.07%62.82%56.87%Female25.02%64.73%57.35%The Use of Optional Fields (%)Male users have a higher probability to add a URLBoth male and female users have a nearly 63% probability of adding a description, and a nearly 57% probability to add the location information.</p> <p>1818Related WorkCross-OSN linking papersOttoni et al. [ICWSM 2014]: Pinterest-Twitter linkingChen et al. [WOSN 2012]: Google+Both of them used biased sampling methods, while our study is based on the entire Foursquare user populationWang et al. [IEEE Internet Computing, 2014] compared a series of user activities across Foursquare, Facebook, and TwitterWe focus on the cross-site linking functionGoga et al. [WWW 2013], Liu et al. [SIGMOD 2014] investigated how to identify accounts on different OSNs that all are owned by the same userUseful for the OSN sites which do not support the cross-site linking function19Lets do a quick review of the related work. There are some cross-site linking papers, studying the Pinterest-Twitter linking, and the links between Google+ and other OSNs. Both of them used biased sampling methods. Differently, our study is based on the entire Foursquare user base, and we avoid the disadvantages of the biased sampling. Also, Wang et al. compared a series of user activities, and we focus on the cross-site linking function. Also, some researchers have investigated how to identify accounts on different OSNs that all are owned by the same user. Their methods are useful for OSN sites which do not support the cross-site linking function.19ConclusionAbout 60% of Foursquare users have enabled the cross-site linking function, and these users are more active than other usersAdding contents to an optional field indicates a higher probability of activating the cross-site linking functionIf a Foursquare user has linked his account to Facebook, he will have a high chance to provide consistent information to both Foursquare and FacebookThe use of cross-site information aggregation helps us investigate the gender difference in using Twitter 2020Future WorkInvestigate cross-site links among more mainstream OSN sitesDiscover general patterns to characterize cross-OSN linksA volunteer-based study Access the non-publicly viewable data (e.g.: check-in history) a deeper investigation into cross-site information aggregationBuild practical services/applications based on cross-site linksMalicious account detection2121</p>