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  • 38 Spring 2011 Time Critical Journal of Commerce

    ITN In The News

    UltraEx Celebrates its 30th AnniversaryIn April 1981, Ernie Holbrook started his first

    business under its original name, Speedway

    Delivery and Messenger Service. This year,

    UltraEx is thrilled to be celebrating 30 years in

    business as your same day delivery experts.

    In 1961, Ernie began his career in the same day

    delivery industry as a bike messenger. He moved

    his way up the ranks learning every aspect of the industry eventually realiz-

    ing his business potential and desire to start his own company. Twenty years

    later, Ernie sold his 1956 Harley Davidson to fund his business venture and

    with help from two of

    his brothers and two

    friends, Speedway was

    officially up and running.

    A true entrepreneur at

    heart, Ernie laid a solid

    foundation on which

    the business could grow

    and today UltraEx con-

    tinues to operate as an

    employee based corpora-


    During the past three

    decades the business

    has grown through two

    mergers and more than

    twenty five acquisitions.

    The most significant

    assets to come out of

    those business moves are

    the employees and share-

    holders that have joined

    and remained a part of

    the UltraEx family, says

    Ernie Holbrook presi-

    dent and CEO. It is this

    Dream Team that keeps us on top in an extremely competitive market.

    Now, with over 100 employees and 75 company owned vehicles UltraEx

    thrives on providing outstanding customer service by using state-of-the-art

    technology, and as our customers agree, the professionalism is unparalleled. MCW

    10 Years and CountingContractor Management

    Services is happy to announce

    we have been servicing the

    logistics industry for ten years!

    We have been through many

    transformations over the last

    decade and take pride in the

    progressions we have made

    as a company. We thank our

    clients and all who have par-

    ticipated in the growth of the

    organization; new transfor-

    mations are on the horizon

    as we continue to do every-

    thing we can to stay in front of

    the various challenges to the

    Independent Contractor model

    and the transportation industry

    as a whole. We have evolved

    into a technology driven com-

    pany with IMAGINE, our

    highly adaptive and integration

    savvy system that was devel-

    oped based on the various

    challenges, trends, and com-

    munications with agencies.

    This has become our evidence

    engine as it relates to tracking

    and documenting every aspect

    of the Independent Contractor/

    Logistics Broker relation-

    ship. Please contact us so you

    can learn about what CMS

    IMAGINE technology can do

    for you, your business and the

    services you are able to offer

    your clients. MCW


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