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  • January - March 2013For internal circulation only

    Pharmaniaga sets foot in Kidzania Kuala Lumpur

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    Boustead REIT, Corporate Planning & Group Legal Services

    teambuilding - The Royale Aryani Terengganu

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    MHS celebrates30th anniversary

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    Staf Boustead yang dihargai, Kita mengharapkan tahun yang lebih baik lagi dengan berakhirnya tahun 2012 di mana kita telah mencapai keuntungan yang baik iaitu melebihi RM600 juta. Satu-satunya cara untuk mencapai matlamat ini ialah dengan gabungan dedikasi dan kerja keras anda. Amat penting sekali bagi semua Bahagian dan unit perniagaan bekerja kuat sepanjang tahun agar dapat memberi sumbangan lebih baik kepada keuntungan Kumpulan. Pada masa yang sama, kita mesti mengambil pendekatan holistik dalam meningkatkan produktiviti di samping mencari cara-cara baru untuk mencapai kejayaan yang lebih besar. Selain itu, amat penting untuk kita meneroka cara-cara untuk terus menyumbang kepada komuniti di tempat kita beroperasi memandangkan tanggungjawab korporat adalah salah satu bidang tumpuan kita. Tahun mendatang ini menawarkan banyak peluang kepada semua Bahagian kita. Kita berharap harga minyak sawit mentah akan terus meningkat dan hasil yang lebih baik dapat diperolehi daripada Bahagian Perladangan. Kita menjangkakan prestasi yang lebih baik lagi daripada Bahagian Farmaseutikal yang telah memberikan pendapatan kukuh pada tahun 2012, memandangkan terdapat keperluan untuk meningkatkan penjagaan kesihatan di negara ini. Bagi

    Perutusan Timbalan Pengerusi/Pengarah Urusan Kumpulan


    Dear fellow Bousteadians,

    With 2012 behind us after having delivered a good profit in excess of RM600 million, we look forward to a better year ahead. The only way to achieve this will be with your combined dedication and hard work. It is important that all our Divisions and business units perform better during the year with improved contributions to the Groups profit.

    At the same time, we must adopt a holistic approach in increasing productivity while finding new ways to achieve greater success. Additionally, it is important that we explore ways to continue contributing to the communities in which we operate, as corporate responsibility remains one of our focus areas.

    The year ahead holds many opportunities for all our Divisions. We are hopeful that crude palm oil prices will trend better and we hope to see healthier yields from the Plantation Division. As our Pharmaceutical Division delivered strong earnings in 2012, we expect to see them perform even better given the need for improving healthcare in our nation. From our Property Division, we are excited about the future development of Jalan Cochrane and we are eager to replicate the success of Mutiara Damansara in this new area.

    Our Finance & Investment and Trading & Manufacturing Divisions are expected to continue performing well, as they

    Bahagian Hartanah pula, kita sesungguhnya cukup teruja dengan pembangunan masa depan Jalan Cochrane dan berharap dapat mengulangi kejayaan yang kita kecapi di Mutiara Damansara. Bahagian-bahagian Kewangan & Pelaburan serta Perdagangan & Pembuatan dijangka akan terus menunjukkan prestasi yang baik seperti tahun-tahun kewangan sebelumnya. Bahagian Industri Berat pula seharusnya memberikan sumbangan yang lebih baik hasil daripada tumpuan mendalam yang diberikan kepada bidang perniagaan terasnya. Pada dasarnya, kita yakin bahawa setiap Bahagian akan lakukan yang terbaik sepanjang bulan-bulan mendatang ini. Cabaran sentiasa ada, cuma cara kita mengatasinya yang membezakan kita sebagai konglomerat yang berjaya. Paling penting, saya yakin semua staf Boustead menyedari bahawa kita perlu bersedia dan menetapkan matlamat yang lebih tinggi untuk perkembangan peribadi dan juga untuk pertumbuhan keseluruhan jabatan, unit perniagaan dan Bahagian masing-masing. Semoga tahun ini menjadi tahun pertumbuhan untuk kita. Terima kasih.

    Tan Sri Dato Seri Lodin Wok Kamaruddin

    Deputy Chairman/Group Managing Director's message

    have in the previous financial year. While the Heavy Industries Division should deliver an improved contribution as a result of a sharper focus on its core areas of business.

    In essence, we are optimistic that every Division will do its utmost during the months ahead. Challenges will always be there, it is how we overcome them that sets us apart as a successful conglomerate.

    Above all, I am certain Bousteadians will realise that we have to do better and aim higher for your own personal growth and for the collective growth of your respective departments, business units and Divisions. Let this be a year of growth for us.

    Thank you.

    Tan Sri Dato' Seri Lodin Wok Kamaruddin

    MHS celebrates 30th anniversary

    MHS Aviation Sdn. Bhd. (MHS) recently celebrated its 30th Anniversary with the official opening of its new engineering office building in Kerteh, Terengganu on 11 March 2013. The event was graced by MHS's Chairman, YBhg. Tan Sri Dato Seri Lodin Wok Kamaruddin. About 100 guests and 300 staff came together to celebrate this special occasion held at MHS hangar at the Kerteh Airport. The event started off with a speech from MHS's Chief Executive Officer, En. Masom Mahadi. This was followed by a speech from Tan Sri Lodin who congratulated En. Masom and his key management team for having been in business for three decades. Guests were then presented with a slideshow on MHS background and endeavours over the past 30 years before witnessing the signing ceremony for the handover of MHS's newest helicopter, an EC225 between MHS and Eurocopter Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

    This was immediately followed by the highlight of the day which was the ribbon cutting and opening of the new building. Guests then toured the building and were briefed on the Kerteh operations before stepping foot into the MHS hangar where they got the chance to get up close and personal with MHSs various fleet of helicopters. Lucky guests were even treated to a thrilling 40-minute ride along the Terengganu coastline on the Eurocopters state-of-the-art EC225 helicopter.

    Tan Sri Lodin officiating the new building

    All ready to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter experience

    Tour of the building

  • Phase 4B houses come with a standard lot size of 22 x 73 and selling prices start from RM484,000.00 per unit. Built-up areas vary from the minimum size of 2,159 sq. ft. to the largest, 2,442 sq. ft. Each house has either four or five bedrooms and four bathrooms, a spacious car porch and gardens on both sides. Rini Heights comes with perimeter fencing and guard post built at the main entrance for proper security monitoring besides providing residents with a green, peaceful environment with an emphasis on community living with modern lifestyle.

    The following day, Mutiara Rini Johor organised an interactive family day for Mutiara Rinis residents and visitors called Magical Carnival at Rini Heights development site. The event was held to foster closer ties between the developer, residents and visitors. The days programme started on early Sunday morning with a special opening gambit followed by a welcome speech by our Regional Manager (Johor), En. Shahril

    Mohd Khairi. The carnival entertained visitors with a string of exciting activities including Cha Cha clown magic show, juggling aerobatic show, face painting and sand art. It was indeed a fun-packed day filled with activities. We also received encouraging response and registration for the newly launched phases as well as future developments at Rini Heights.

    4 5

    Mutiara Rini Johor recently launched Phase 4B @ Rini Heights, offering 132 units of double storey terrace houses. The launch was held at its sales office in Skudai on 23 February 2013. The response was overwhelming with many units taken up on the launch day itself. Subsequent to the successful launches of Rini Hills, the new site of Rini Heights is strategically located within the region of Iskandar Malaysia, near Nusajaya.

    It is well served by a network of highways, making it accessible from key locations within Singapore and Johor Bahru and within proximity to existing amenities and facilities. Among these include the international school, colleges and universities, Legoland Malaysia, Columbia Asia Medical and Johor State Administration Centre at Kota Iskandar.

    Pharmaniaga sets foot in Kidzania Kuala Lumpur

    UNVEILED: Dato Farshila officiating the Opening

    Ceremony of CitrexVitamin Research Institute in Kidzania Kuala Lumpur,

    watched by MohamedIqbal (from left) and Tunku Dato Ahmad Burhanuddin

    Shahril welcoming visitors to the CarnivalMutiara Rini's

    Phase 4B Launch & Magical Carnival

    MANUFACTURING ENVIRONMENT: The children being supervisedby instructors during the learning process

    Rini Heights Phase 4B show unit

    Mutiara Rinis Director, YBhg. Dato Ghazali Mohd Ali (middle) havinga conversation with his staff about the Phase 4B launch

    Children having fun with sand art activity at the Carnival

    REWARDED: A sample of Citrex Vitam

    in C to take home

    Much to the pleasure of children, and to parents who would like their children to experience work as medical researchers, Pharmaniaga Berhad (Pharmaniaga) unveiled an establishment known as Citrex Vitamin Research Institute in Kidzania Kuala Lumpur recently.

    Officially unveiled on 10 March 2013 by Pharmaniagas Managing Director, YBhg. Dato Farshila Emran, the Citrex Vitamin Research Institute is a place where children get to learn how vitamins are made.

    At this establishment, the children will be given a basic understanding on how Citrex Vitamin C is being produced at Pharmaniagas manuf


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