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Monitor Foundation accounts; Budgets; oversee compliance with government regulations and reporting standards back to Unitech.Voluntary Support of Education (VSE); work with outside vendors to keep the database clean and accurateoversee accuracy and efficiency of reports created; restrictions on accounts,and payments/ withdrawals on accounts; work with distributors and, brokers approve payments to certain vendors review and suggest new budgets; resolve customer relation problems. *** FOR A FULL job description contact Unitech via email Development director Employment:Washers can use more than 50 gallons of water per load, so avoid washing a lot of small loads whenever possible. Also, be sure to choose the lowest level of water needed for each load, use warm water instead of hot, and set the rinse cycle to use cold waterNot just the furnace, but the water heater too -- set it at 130 to 140 degrees. Turn the setting to low or off when you leave for the weekend or for a long vacation, and then put a note on your bath-room mirror so youll remember to turn it up when you return.Think about saving water when you shave, wash dishes, do laundry, water the lawn, wash the car, hose off the sidewalks.... avoid sending water and $ down the drainUnitech Building Systems is proud to present to you our recently completed project of PHASE 1 of our housing project in La Piedad, Michoacn Mexico. We are excited at the opportunity at working on PHASE 2 which will consist of building 100 subsidized 44 square meter homes for underprivileged individuals that fit within Mexicos government housing initiative program in providing sustainable, and ecological housing. Unitechs ability at building a 2 bedroom, 1 bath 44 square meter home in 3 days has a significant impact at filling the current need of over 8 million homes in Mexico. To see more of these photos or to view more videos of a Unitech house install, visit us at: New This Month:Strength, Cost Effective, Quality123Know Your Local C&D Material Recycling/Salvage RequirementsJANUARY 2011 EDITIONThink Green! orContact us today @ 1+855-4-UNITEC 486-48325Prevent waste in the design phase.Save!432Reuse/Recycle waste on site.Clean your home with natural products, just about anything can be cleaned with vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda.1If you're still buying conventional construction building material, invest in Unitech Building Systems technology today! Green Goals, Think UnitechAs the interest in Green Building grows, building rating systems such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) have emerged as one way to rate the environment impact of construction. These rating systems are founded on the four guiding principles of green building North American Forests have grown 20% since 1970 Wood product manufacturing produces far fewer greenhouse gases. As the worlds only renewable building material, wood cannot only be recycled, but regenerated as well. Did you know? . . . Wood Surpasses Steel and concrete in the following categoriesENERGY USEWood Products require much less energy to produce that concrete or steel. An independent comparison of the energy needed to obtain, manufacture, transport and install building materials for identical wood frame, steel frame and concrete houses proves woods environmental superiority over alternative materials. The result is more fossil fuels saved with less air and pollution. STATSEnergy Use- Pollution- Green BuildingResource Use- Environmental impact- Eco Friendliness Results show that manufactures of wood materials use 53% less energy than steel and 120% less energy than concrete when produced. Although wood products make up 47% of all raw materials manufactured in the United States, its share of energy consumption during manufacturing is only 4% We recommend using compact fluorescent bulbs with solid state ballasts that fit into a regular light bulb socket, using 1/4 of the energy of a regular bulb while generating the same amount of light.Design for deconstructionDocument Your Green Efforts for LEED and/or GBIKeeping ItCleanTurn DownThe HeatThe RunningFaucetA Dim Bulb2.


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