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Delhi Brotherhood Society


  • Brotherhood UpdatesEmpowering the people to create their own destiny

    Annual ReportThe 35th Annual Report of the DBS Programmes is under

    preparations. It involves a collection of Annual Reports

    from all our units in Delhi and UP, auditing of accounts

    and drafting of the reports from the material that is

    submitted to the Office from all the units. All this has

    evolved over years into a technical and elaborate exercise.

    But it is worth the effort for of accountability and self

    evaluation of the units. We hope to place our Annual Report

    after the summer break in your hands.

    Brotherhood Office and

    Projects closed for Summers

    All our Deenabandhu Schools have closed and the office

    will also close for one month from 1st June till 1st July for

    the summers. The Summers in Northern India start in early

    April and peak in May, with average temperatures near 36

    C (98 F), although occasional heat waves can result in

    highs close to 45 C (114 F) in May and June. The

    monsoon starts in late June, so we hope for rains when we

    open on 2nd July. During this period, we warn as our replies

    to mails and letters will be delayed.

    Delhi Brotherhood Society, 7 Court Lane, Delhi-110054. INDIA, Ph: 011 23931432, Fax: 011 23981025No. 22 May 2012

    For private circulation

    Celebrations of the

    Ascension EveThe religious name of the Delhi Brotherhood is 'The

    Brotherhood of the Ascended Christ' and so the

    festival of Ascension has a special significance for

    us. The Brethren observe a Quiet Day, two days

    earlier normally Monday. Tuesday is a busy day for

    prepara t ions and the ce lebra t ion begins on

    Wednesday evening, i.e. the Ascension Eve. This

    year it was 16th May. The Eucharist was held in

    the open lush green lawns and the altar was set up

    on an elevated stage. The garden was illuminated

    with lights and chairs were laid out for people to

    sit. Guests do welcome a cold drink before the

    service as it unwinds them in the warm evening.

    The Eucharist began exactly at 7.00 pm. Bishop

    Col l in , our senior member, pres ided a t the

    Eucharistic and brethren joined in concelebrating

    with him. Bishop Sunil K Singh, the present

    ordinary of Delhi also joined us and gave his

    blessings. The Eucharist was sung, the gospel was

    continued on page 2 column 1........ Children leaving school, much relieved from heat

    Brethren during the Ascension Service

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    Income Tax Act. 1961. Details will be found on the receipt.

    1. Friends outside India can also do Bank Transfer. It is a quick and safe way to

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    Bank Name: Syndicate Bank

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    Name: Delhi Brotherhood Society

    For more information on any of our projects please write or visit us.

    Fr. Monodeep Daniel or Fr. Solomon George

    Delhi Brotherhood Society, 7-Court Lane, Delhi-110054. INDIA

    Tel: 011 23931432, 23941165 fax: 011 23981025

    A b o u t D o n a t i o n s

    continued from page 1 column 1..... Celebration of

    the Ascension Eve.....

    Fr Ian in the U.K.

    Fr Ian will be in the Scotland and

    England several times in the course

    of this year, as he will have to keep

    returning for his treatment at St

    Stephen's Hospital. Please pray for


    Brother Jaikumar takes chargeBro. Jaikumar has returned after completing his theological studies

    from Gossner Lutheran Theological College at Ranchi. It is large

    and beautiful city in the heart of Jharkhand State of tribal India

    here a very large

    Christian presence.

    All tribes, Munda,

    Oraon, Ho, Kharia

    and Santhal have

    large churches

    spread out in deep

    in ter ior and

    fores ted a reas .

    Often in the middle

    of nowhere one

    comes across large

    churches, mission

    hospitals, schools,

    hos te l s , a b ig

    convents and religious houses of Jesuits, Franciscans and Carmelites.

    The response to the gospel since the last 150 years was such that

    the Pope insta l led a Cardinal in Ranchi e levat ing i t to an

    Archdiocese. It also has a large presence of Anglican, now CNI,

    and the Archbishop of Canterbury made a great visit there. In the

    northern India the Anglican Church is the most 'anglicanized' among

    these tribal who recite large sections

    of l i tu rg ica l responses in the i r

    indigenous languages by heart and

    spontaneously. All this rich history

    of mission and now the intense

    problem of violence from non-state

    agencies there have been a source for

    Bro Jai to garner the relevance of

    theology among the poor and the

    deprived and the disadvantaged of


    The Community Study Centre at Rajpur Road

    proclaimed and the use of incense

    added to the grace of the solemn

    occasion. More than 300 friends came

    for the evening. Many priests, both of

    the CNI Diocese of Delhi and Jesuits

    were also present. Peculiarly there is

    always a threat of storm and rain which

    had made us in the previous years to

    rear range the ent i re event indoor

    hurriedly, fortunately the storm passed

    over Delhi only after midnight.

    Af ter the Service there was a

    fellowship dinner of biryaani and ice

    cream. This we have offered since last

    two years . The people grea t ly

    appreciate this as it takes away the

    burden to cooking later in the evening.

    This is important as a lot of people have

    to come from faraway places and those

    who once l ive in the par ish have

    procured houses in the satellite cities.