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2. Youll Get Two Reports Originality GradeMark 3. Originality Reports Checks to see your work is original Shows you whether or not youve cited your sourcescorrectly Highlights words/phrases/lines 4. Is this plagiarism? 5. No. TurnItIn is bound to detect short phrases that arecommonly used and do not constitute plagiarism. Jargon and commonly used phrases are OK. BUT IF you didnt write it, quote it! 6. Copied & pasted (without citation) 7. The fix? Paraphrase the plagiarized text so that it is written inyour own words. Quote only information that will be altered in meaning through paraphrasing. Add in-text citation(s) with each instance of color so that youre citing the appropriate source. Parenthetical citationsOR In-sentence citations (i.e. According to) 8. Copied & pasted (with citation), but no Quotation Marks 9. The fix? Paraphrase the plagiarized text so that it is written inyour own words. Quote only information that will be altered in meaning through paraphrasing. If you must quote this, USE QUOTATION MARKS! Leave the in-text citation where you had it. 10. Copied & pasted (with citation) 11. The fix? Same as before. Paraphrase plagiarized material. Leave the parenthetical citation where you had it. 12. But I put it in quotes!The introductory phrase is copied.This should be a block quote! 13. The fix? If you didnt write it, it needs to be in quotation marks(yes, even introductory phrases). Introduce direct quotes with your own words. Direct quotes should be sandwiched between your own ideas anyways. If you have a quote this long, make it a block quote! 14. Copy & Paste Collages 15. The fix? Put information into your own words whenever youcan. Do more than think like a thesaurus; pretend youre teaching the material to someone else. Give credit to the source: Use quotes when the words are not your own. Include in-text citations. 16. Poor Paraphrasing 17. The fix? When paraphrasing the new sentences need to beentirely original, both words and syntax. In addition to changing the words of anothersource, also alter the sentence structure. Pretend youre explaining what youve read to someoneelse. Look away from the original words once youve read them, and then, restate them. 18. Reusing a Paper 19. The fix? Umm how do I say this nicely? Do your own work. Itlooks like youll be busy. You cant turn in an assignment twice. 20. TurnItIn GradeMark Reports 21. GradeMark Reports Proofread your paper for you. Point out mistakes you (and your editors) may havemissed. Are not 100% accurate, so think critically about each comment. 22. How to Use this Report Mouse over a purple comment to view details about it 23. Read the Comment Critically Again, think like a human. A computer generated these reports. Was it correct? 2. Go to your paper and correct the mistake if you know what the comment is saying and you agree with what it said. 3. If you dont know what it means, Google the word or phrase in question before changing your paper or dismissing the comment. (i.e. passive voice) If you still have questions, ask your teacher. 1. 24. MAKE CHANGES You should certainly be able to take advantage of the advicerelated to these easy fixes: Spelling Capitalization Run-ons/fragments Punctuation Subject/verb agreement Confused words Compound words Article issues Google the more complicated stuff, and react like a human. 25. Follow the directions on your TurnItIn handout.