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Twisted Tradition intro pages


  • Twisted TraditionNovember/December 2009Camille Blair & Emily Worthington

  • Twisted TraditionNovember/December 2009Camille Blair & Emily Worthington

  • Twisted TraditionNovember/December 2009Camille Blair & Emily Worthington

  • Twisted TraditionNovember/December 2009Camille Blair & Emily Worthington

  • Design ThesisThe purpose of our magazine is to present a variety of homes, spaces, & settings that all create a warm and comfortable environment. We hope that through the use of muted bright colors we are able to capture the attention of our readers, and we strive to maintain interest by presenting new ideas in a simple and easy to follow manner. The majority of our inspiration comes from our traditional and family oriented backgrounds, however, as college students, our eyes have recently been opened to an abundance of new ideas. With that being said, we cant help but let these new influences effect our inspiration and style. We hope that our readers enjoy our magazine as we strive to spice up tradition.

  • hrough the designs we have captured, I hope to reveal much about who we are. Coming from a traditional background centered around family and togetherness, I cannot seem to stray away from environments that are warming and comforting to be surrounded with. There is not much that makes me more uncomfortable than walking into an ornately decorated room, furnished with the finest imported upholsteries, but not finding a place where I can kick off my shoes, curl up on the couch with my large bowl of chocolate ice cream, only to find out who will end up with the final rose on the most current season of The Bachelorette. I strive to create comfortable and livable design that is traditional with a kick of surprise or originality. I love finding new ideas wherever I go, and my hope is that through the pages of Twisted Tradition, you will uncover a glimpse of what keeps Camille and me going. We have filled our magazine with photographs of mostly residential spaces with a few commercial spaces mixed amongst them. We have captured the interiors and exteriors that we love in hopes of capturing an audience that is similar to us. With this issue of Twisted Tradition we hope to inspire a sense of creative desire within our readers to get out and express themselves in a new and innovative way.

    Emily Worthington

  • Camille Blairrowing up in a casual but traditional home, I was exposed to an atmosphere that was nicely and uniquely decorated, but was a space that I could relax and be most comfortable. The first thing I notice when I walk into a room is its coziness factor. If the room feels cold, bare, or too ornate, then I am not comfortable there. While some like bright colors and wild patterns, I like to keep it simple. Muted bright colors are my favorite to use and I like patterns and accessories in a room that will never go out of style. I hope that through these pages, you will see the twisted traditional environments that Emily and I have discovered in our search. By looking at all of the elements of design in the world around us, we have both seen great ideas of traditional homes with a new and twisted feel to them. It is my hope that as you look through this magazine, you can appreciate the style that Emily and I treasure the most and maybe you can obtain ideas just like we have from putting this magazine together.