twisted fates

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Just a weird love story of two people meeting.



    I awoke to Kid Ink's new song blaring on my radio. Great, I thought,

    morning. I turned my alarm clock off and started fumbling in the dark for my light

    switch. The light blinded me as it flashed on. I grabbed my clothes from my

    overflowing closet and got dressed in the bathroom. I straightened my hair and I

    looked in the mirror and sighed. My Hawthorne Heights t-shirt, black holy jeans

    and the necklace from Catt. As good as Im going to get I guess. I turned to leave

    my room and stopped, turned back, and grabbed Catts sweatshirt that hed left.

    One of the few things he left for me. I pulled it on and zipped it up. It was purple

    and had black stripes scattered across it. It was warm and comforting and even

    though it was seventy-five degrees outside I pulled the sleeves down. I wasnt

    cold but I was hiding something. I had cut my wrists the night before and I didnt

    feel like being questioned about it. I just had Catt on my mind and how much I

    missed him. My best friend moved and I havent seen him in almost two years.

    Everything I do reminds me of him. My cuts tingled at the thought of his smile. I

  • put my ear buds in and put on Kid Ink. I walked out my door and towards the

    bus-stop, ready to start my day of endlessly drowning in a sea of nostalgia.


    I grew up earlier than most.

    Growing up in what was called the ghetto, was one of the best and worst

    things that ever happened to me. I learnt so much, from who not to cross, and

    who not to let cross you. Looked down on constantly, made me create a different

    perspective of life. I remember I couldnt even hang out or socialize with the

    white kids unless being judged, eventually it turned me cold hearted. Taught me

    so much, but mainly to just keep to myself unless I wanted others crossing my


    Really growing up in the ghetto with constant negativity around me started

    to affect me. Constant pressure; pressure on Ma and I of trying to have enough

  • money to pay the bills each month, being drug into dealing, pressure of trying to

    make it to get my bro and sis out of this place. Struggle; with trying to stay out of

    the drug game just to keep my family safe but I could never decide what was

    more important. Money and the risk of losing the ones I love, if I slipped up or

    not being able to provide what was needed for my family? It was hard growing

    up, not knowing what to do, never really had a male role model growing up,

    because my dad walked out like the dead beat he was, no guidance, but the

    guidance I got from my ma when she wasnt busy with the youngins.

    Overall I held on, through the struggle, pain, and the all in all worse. I've

    been from hell and back, when the heat was on, I fired back. I showed none the

    less, the world, myself, the haters, speculators, that nothing was going to stop

    me from succeeding.


    If I could just hide in a dark cave somewhere, cut off from all humanity

    forever, I swear that I would, I thought as I flopped down face first onto my bed.

  • My entire day had been awful. The highlight of it was making a 79 on an algebra

    quiz. I dont know what Im so surprised about though.

    Its been like this since Catt left. I get dirty looks, Im shoved into walls and

    called awful rotten names. It was like this when Catt was here, but I was able to

    ignore them. Hed always stand up for me and when theyd make fun of him,

    hed simply ignore them and move on smiling brightly. He wasnt afraid of the

    words that slandered me so harshly. I was always told that sticks and stones

    could break my bones but words would never hurt me. Its all a lie. For me at


    Ive been verbally tortured for years and people have no idea how badly

    theyve hurt me and if they do they just dont care. I got up and put on KidInk.

    Whenever Im listening to him I always feel somewhat better. I feel like there is

    finally someone I can relate to. He had to rise up from everything I am going

    through and he is still young and overcoming it. It makes me feel as if I can

    overcome this. Like there is still a little bit of hope. As if I can still make something

  • of myself and my life. I laid there thinking and listening to the beat and words of

    the song and, even though it was only about four oclock, I drifted off into a safe

    blanket of dark sleep.


    Eventually, I started doing the one thing I love the most and that would be

    songwriting and rapping. I started from the bottom, building myself up. Of

    course, at the time that I started I was 15 yrs old, like every other nigga out there

    trying to get in the rap game, I was looked down on, just because I was just

    another one of them. I wasnt trying to get big for the wrong reasons, I was

    trying to get big for all the right ones; to provide for my ma, brother, and sister,

    get them out of the place filled with negativity.

    They had many rap battles out on the streets but I knew that those were

    not going to do me any justice, I still went to them and jumped in sometimes, but

    I started out on open mic night at bars, coffee shops, and small places. Getting

  • used to the people, knowing everyone was judging everything I said and did, but

    I didnt care anymore, I knew I was doing it all for a reason.

    As I started getting noticed, a man reached out to me, to recruit me.

    Offered me studio time, then from there on my life took off. Looking back

    watching my best friend get shot, hearing of my cousin getting raped, watching

    my mom cry herself to sleep every night, watched my uncle die from the girl of

    the night giving him aids, living in the trap house just to protect my family, and

    seeing more the blood than an ER doctor. I could go on and on about the many

    things Ive seen and had to go through, but Im not one to drown myself in the

    past. What Ive seen and dealt with is more than imaginable.

    Thankful to have the chances I do now, to have put my mom in a house,

    brother and sister in a good school. Im just trying to make it on my own now.


    I woke up the next morning with an awful stomach cramp and realized Id

    slept for 18 hours. Just like my family to not wake me up to eat or anything. I

  • sighed and went to the kitchen. I returned five minutes later with a bowl of coco

    pebbles and switched on my TV and started watching some show about a talking

    dog. Just as I took the last bite of cereal, a commercial came on and Kid Ink was

    staring at me from my television. Yo what up? Its your favorite rapper Kid Ink

    and to show my appreciation for all yall have done for me Im giving out two free

    tickets and backstage passes to my next show. And to make it even better you

    and your guest get to hang out with me in our own private after party! Just go to to enter! The winner will be chosen this Monday. Peace out

    yall and stay yourself.

    The show came back on and I nearly fell of my bed grabbing my laptop. I

    typed quickly and filled out the information boxes and clicked submit. I refreshed

    the page and repeated. And repeated, and repeated, and repeated. I now realized

    how my entire weekend would be spent. The contest ended at midnight on

    Sunday. I made it my mission to win. But I never get what I want. Ever.


    I know many people are dealing with the many hardships of the economy,

    dealing with seeing the constant fighting and arguing everyday, having to see and

    go through things they shouldnt. Blessed enough that i am, Ive decided that d

    allow someone tickets to my concert and backstage passes for afterwards to just

    chill. I remember what it was like back in the day always wanting to do something

    like that, and not being fortunate enough to pay for it.

    Im going to start a contest for people to enter in at my website,

    KIDINKHANGOUT.COM, Im going to hand out a set of tickets for one person to

    invite another to my concert and backstage afterwards, Ill announce the winner

    on live TV; just so I can get a real feel of who this winner is. Who knows they may

    have some special talent that they never even knew of themselves. I think it was

    just be pretty cool to get a feel from someone else what it was like when they

    grew up. Not just to get to know them like that, I feel like I need to connect with

    someone real, someone not so superficial, anyone different from these fake

  • people in this game for all the wrong reasons; money, girls, drugs, parties. I just

    really need to break out of my box, the same ole path Ive been on lately, just

    trying to do me, is getting pretty tiring.

    Im very interested to see who is chosen and who they will bring along.


    I woke up early Monday morning and realized it was only 6 a.m.

    Considering it was the first day of Spring Break, that was too early. Then it hit me;

    contest. I had been up until the closing at midnight submitting entries. I have to

    have over 3,000 entries. I have a good chance of winning but there are still tens,

    if not hundreds, of thousands of other kids. Its still a very slim chance. The

    winner was being announced today at 5 oclock. This was going to be the longest

    eleven hours of my life.

    Five minutes until five. The minutes have finally stopped their mind

  • bending torture