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Meetings Industry and TARP how to value the importance of meetings in your organization


  • 1. Trumping TARP Christine Duffy CEO Maritz Travel
  • 2. Meetings Media
  • 3. CIC Credit Todays Webinar is worth credit toward the CMP application. Download the presentation from the left-hand side of the webinar player and print out the last slide. Include this slide with your CMP application or recertification f tifi ti form.
  • 4. May 27: Citywide Solutions: Leverage Your Massive Meeting Citywide Solutions: y Leverage Your Massive Meeting May 27, 2009 1:00 p p.m. EST/12:00 p.m. CST p 11:00 a.m. MST/10:00 a.m. PST
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  • 8. Transforming Meetings, Events, and Incentives in a Post- AIG World: Managing Perceptions Creating Val e and World Perceptions, Value, Measuring Impact Christine Duffy, President and CEO April 29 A il 29, 2009 Meetings Media Webinar PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL, MARITZ COPYRIGHT 2009 8
  • 9. The Perfect Storm for the Industry Perfect Storm AIG-Effect Tones Down Goldman Sachs Moves Lavish Business Events Event to New York from Media Feeding g Miami Frenzy Wells Fargo Cancels Las Vegas Trip g p Politicians You can t go take a trip to You cant Let's get this straight: These Let s Fanning the F i th Las Vegas, or go down to guys are going to Vegas to roll Flames the Super Bowl on the the dice on the taxpayer dime. taxpayers dime, They're tone deaf. It's - President Barack Obama outrageous.quot; -Rep. Shelley Moore Capito Rep (R-WV) PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL, MARITZ COPYRIGHT 2009 9
  • 10. Government Intervention & Reaction New Government Stimulus package: any company who took or will receive government assistance will be subject to Regulation new Treasury regulations on luxury travel. 56% of corporate planners canceled one or more meetings 48% of corporate planners will reduce the number of meeting Business attendees Impact 56% of managers at Fortune 1000 companies are postponing or eliminating at least a portion of their incentive programs in 2009 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL, MARITZ COPYRIGHT 2009 10
  • 11. Needed: Focused, Strategic Campaign Make it safe for businesses to Goal get back in the water Policymakers: change political calculation Media: broaden and provide context to the story Strategy gy Businesses: tools to resist pressure Change the Victim Value to Business Value to Communities Business travel and events The American worker is the Messages are a smart and cost- unintended victim of the effective way to retain and Business events and demonization of business develop employee talent, meetings are the lifeblood of meetings and incentive travel generate ideas and share many local communities. programs. knowledge that drives future business growth. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL, MARITZ COPYRIGHT 2009 11
  • 12. How Companies Responded Short-term responses to the criticism have been swift, with several companies canceling all meetings, events and incentives Nearly half of respondents (48%) also feel there are non-financial risks associated with running ME&I programs in the current economic climate. D5. Do you, or does your organization feel there are risks -- beyond financial -- associated with running meetings, events, and/or incentive trips in this economic climate? (n=89) Negative stakeholder Don't perception know 15% Stakeholder No perception of value 37% Bad press/PR Yes. Market pressures Examples are: 48% Low attendance Maritz Marketplace Poll January, 2009 *Asked f l f h *A k d of only of those who responded that their budgets either decreased or they expect their budgets to decrease in D2 h ddh hibd ih d d h hibd d i and/or D3. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL, MARITZ COPYRIGHT 2009 12
  • 13. Managing Perceptions What are the negative images that we need to combat? Spending frivolously while laying people off Serving only the privileged Another example of excess compensation Insensitive to environmental impact PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL, MARITZ COPYRIGHT 2009 13