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  • 1. Political Vectors: There is a severe legal frame concerning the products that areaddressed to people and especially children. Namely, strictrules, with whom corporations have to rigorously abide,concerning the quality of raw materials and the hygiene of theproduction area The very concept of the use of GM foods is excluded- Regularaudit-control The law so as to protect the healthy competitiveness hasinstituted rules that discourage the current market leader to takeadvantage of its dominant strong position:a)The regularity and the intensity of the TV ad campaignsand the promotion of foods concerning children are limitedb)Forbiddance of TV ad messages at particular TV viewingzones Food corporations are obliged to inform their consumers aboutthe specific components of their products, written on thepackages. A policy that augments their responsibility

2. Economic Vectors: Chewing gum is included in the products of supplementary nutrition. It claimspart of the familys budget, that is a surplus after the acquisition- obtaining ofthe basic needs Consumers price sensibility. The first option is yet the economical one The purchasing power is at adults pocket (13-16) Teenagers have, traditionally and now even more than ever, low purchasingpower (17-19) Homing introduces a new introverted habit that also contributes to thereduction of sales Chewing gum is a spontaneous buying Economic Crisis Reduced visitsto the kiosksSocial vectors: The fitness aspect Chewing gum: regular habit in Greece(specially the age group of15- 25 andpopular to the women segment)Technological vectors: The state-of-the-art technology gives to the products the ability to maintaintheir high quality and freshness Advanced research and developments encourages the creation of newand improved products Many distribution channels A huge amount of retail points is achieved 3. Strengths Famous Brand name Renewed products keep publics attention Well organized advertising campaigns with celebrities Possibility for publics participation in production or promotion Product of many distribution points Loyal customers Well design packingFavorite among teenagers Variety of flavorsWeaknesses Defined target group (mostly teenagers) More expensive products than other not well-known brands Spontaneous buying Product 4. Opportunities Not an expensive product well known brand name Product can easily change and renew( in order to keeppublics attention) Chewing gum is a regular habit in Greece(second inEurope) Mostly young people (15-25) consume gums in Greece Daily product in our mindsThreats Competitors Buyers income decrease: austerity Lack of economic recourses in businesses 5. Financial CrisisDue to economic problems families are currently facingyoung people have lost their creativity and inspiration.Educational systemSchool does not encourage student to becreative and to participate in artisticactivities. The educational form is based ontheir entrance in universities.SoTrident Twist gives them the chance toexpress their creativity in various ways. In thisway, they will get emotionally attached tothe product as it is close to their needs andthey can easily relate to it. 6. Product Chewing gum: Gum in diverse flavorsPrice Maintaining the existing low pricePlace Trident twist will be sold in the existing distribution points (kiosks,supermarkets, jumbo, etc) Vending machines will be placed in schools, educationalinstitutes, fast food companies, malls, movie theaters, amusementparks(allou fun park), bowling, cafes ,central squares and parks,bus stops, out-side metro, concert halls and stadiums Online orderPromotionTelevision, Press , Radio and internet advertisingPosters and BannersSocial media: accounts and adsPacks and ads specially formed according students time periodsand other special days (St. Valentines day, exams, vacation,school trips etc)Movie funded by trident TwistTwisted Minds- Twisted Days EventVarious contests and collaborations 7. Contests Drawing- photo contest where the winner will see his design onthe chewing cum pack. Twisted twist contest: teenagers will upload their suggesteddancing moves for the new twist to our You-tube channel andthe winners will get prices and perform the new dance on stage Short film contest Wheel of fortune by Trident twist Contest where the winner will win a supply of Trident Twistproducts for the whole yearCollaborations: Online delivery sites: trident twist will be added as a choice justbefore the order is completed. Allou fun park game Candy crash: lever or feature Nickelodeon, Mtv , Mad: shows by twist or good news show UNICEF: Funding and support Fridays: After the main course Trident Twist will be offered andwhen the customers reach a certain number of points, usingFridays bonus card, they will win trident twist products or gifts byTrident twist. 8. Trident twist: Twist it your Creation of Trident twistway (application& PhotoPark specially made forbooth)skateboarding, bicycleracing and other activities 9. Twisted minds-Twisted days Event Main theme: everything is upside down: famous bands andsingers will perform songs and music of their non-interest Concert (celebrities and students) Hosted by celebrities admired by youth Presenting the new twisted twist dancing moves Drawing contest exhibition Karaoke contest Huge Twister game Trident twist piata Other Trident Twistgames 10. AdvertisementsTwist with the new twist Ad(Twisted Twist)Black and white scene from 60s: Couples dancing twist dressed in the appropriate clothes. A voice yells Stop and camera points to a young man. He is in color and he is dressed in modern clothes. He enters the stage and starts showing them the new moves of the Twisted Twist. As they follow the new moves they become colorful until the whole picture becomes colorful.Note: The new twist moves will be part of the Twist contest.Teacher Ad A teacher in a classroom full of students chewing gums starts shouting Spitthem out! and he takes their gum packs. Later in his office he starts chewingmany gums and pops a gum bubble that gets larger and larger. He getstrapped into to it. The students find him the next morning shouting Get meout.Flirting Ad A young boy sees the girl he is interested in and buys a pack of Trident Twistto offer her in order to get the chance to talk to her. As he approaches her,he opens the pack and everyone stops to take one. Until he reaches the girlthe pack is empty. She gets the point and write in it her number.Music Ad In a central square a symphonic orchestra will be set up and instead ofperforming classical music they will perform rock music. The same thing willhappen by other forms of music. This show will be filmed live with publicsreactions. Everything becomes interesting with a Twist 11. Disturbed sleep adA young man goes to sleep only to wake upin the morning and see that he is sleeping onthe wrong side of the bed and have hissheets twisted. Woke up twisted with a crankymood? Have a Trident Twist and twist yourday in your way! The right way Extra contest and ad Are you tired of everyone eating your gums? Take part in our Contest. Ad showing a huge pack of gums. Find the lucky pack of Trident Twist and have them for free for the whole year! 12. Get young peoples acceptance Profit Socially sensitive profile in publicsawareness Create new market trends