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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Treetop Photography We Take Your Photos To New Heights Slide 2 The first view of a property that a prospective buyer is likely to see is in a photograph... Slide 3 What We Do: Treetop Photography specializes in Ground-Based Aerial Photography We can give your property or event photos an entirely new perspective from an elevated position. Slide 4 We Can Turn This: Into This! Slide 5 How We Do It: A video or still camera is elevated up to 50 ft using a telescopic mast. The camera and its position are remotely controlled safely from the ground. This elevated position results in a unique birds eye view of a property, event or area. Slide 6 The Benefits: Compared to a ground level photo, an aerial photo will convey a true and detailed perspective of the subject. Because the system is ground based, you also avoid the problems associated with traditional aerial photography from an airplane such as flying within restricted or built-up areas as well as the high associated costs. Advertising costs can be lowered significantly by having one photo that shows an entire property instead of multiple shots showing multiple angles and features. Slide 7 Here are just some of the uses of Ground Based Aerial Photography Real Estate (Residential, Commercial, Farm, Etc.) Planning Departments Inspection Roof Surveys Line-Of-Site Surveys Traffic and Road Surveys Tourism and Heritage Sites Historic Buildings Weddings Auto Dealerships Building and Land Developers Construction Sites Festivals News, Production and Advertising Agencies Sporting Events and Concerts Panoramic Photographs Salvage Yards Corporate Events Architects Insurance Company Surveys Structural Engineers Time Lapse Marinas and Boats Landscape Designers Schools, Colleges and Universities Auctioneers Nature and Wildlife Areas Lakefront Cottages Quarries and Excavation Surveys Before and After Shots and many more Slide 8 For real estate, our aim is to attract more property viewings by providing great ground based elevated photos that market properties to their full potential. For business we offer a unique view of your property to show off its features and location. Maybe you are looking for unique and memorable view of your home and family to share with friends. Slide 9 Treetop Photography Joseph Jesso 56 Cherry St. Stratford, Ontario N5A 2E8 Phone: 519-272-7999 E-mail: Website: Licensed and Insured Contact Us Today </p>


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