transitions: supporting your child through change pal workshop august 2015

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Transitions: Supporting your Child throughChange PAL WorkshopAugust 2015Jane

Anthony CarmenSecondary School CounselorGrade 9-12Jane FarrellySecondary School CounselorGrade 6-8

Counseling Team Aaron AllenElementary School CounselorECC-Grade 5Suzanne JeffreyUniversity Guidance Counselor

Introduce our selves - allThe Roles of a School CounselorSupporting social-emotional well beingSupporting goal-setting for positive changeCollaborative academic support University counselling and guidance

Transitions:Early Years Elementary Middle Secondary UniversityWork

Various learning environments involve significant changes that can be both exciting and worrying to students and their families.

Successful school transitions are vital to the development of students' self-esteem, social emotional well being and academic self-competence and success. Suzanne

Importance of Transitions Starting school is an important time for children and families. Children who make a positive start to school are more likely to:

feel comfortable, relaxed and valued feel excited and motivated to learn have good relationships with others develop a sense of belonging within the school community.

Transitions are NOT just the first day. It often takes weeks or sometimes months to adjust.

AaronPersonal Transitions:

Brainstorm:What some of the transitions you have experienced in your life?Talk TimeWhat made some of those transitions a positive experience?What made the transition a negative experience?Share


Chart Positive & Negative How can we make sure that your children are getting the positive experiences

Personal Transitions:

DiscussHow can you use your personal experience to help make successful transitions for your children?


Chart Positive & Negative How can we make sure that your children are getting the positive experiences

Changes for your ChildPhysical EnvironmentRules, procedures New expectationsTonyGrowth & Development social-emotional, physical

More formal learning experiences and changes in the learning programs PYP, MYP, DP, UniversityChanges for your ChildSchool Systems that Support Transitioning StudentsBefore School : Admissions, School Tours, Base Camp, Summer SchoolBeginning the School Year: Orientation ProgramsGrade 11 and 12 RetreatBack to School Presentations Week Without Wall in the SSBuddy Systems, School MentorsCheck in Surveys with New StudentsTonySchool Systems that Support Transitioning StudentsMid YearPATH/RAFT Transition celebrations for students coming and leaving mid-year.Towards the End of the SchoolPATH/RAFT CelebrationsGrade 5-6 Bridging Day, Moving Up DaysStudent & Parent Transition WorkshopsTeacher Transition MeetingsThroughout the School YearPTA, Website, Tours, Small Group Advisory, Presentations Parent information about PYP, MYP & DPW.A.A.G (Week at a Glance)University Counselor

TPATH/RAFT Transition celebrations for students coming and leaving mid-year.University GuidanceAdvisement on the University Selection and Application Process from Grades 9 - 12Coordination of all Applications WorldwideCollaboration with Students, Parents, Faculty, and University RepresentativesHelping with a Successful Transition from Secondary School to University

Managing Change with the Support of a School CounselorTeam Approach Teacher, parents, advisors, and studentsOffering Workshops in Mindfulness, positive thinking, etc.Encouraging Community to be Help SeekersSupport Advisory ProgramTry individualized strategiesCounselors step in when other systems fail.AaronParent Strategies that WorkCommunication

Listen to your childTeach friendship skillsHelp children manage their emotions through communicationMake time for conversation remove technology from family time.Talk about the new rules and proceduresEncourage self-helpJaneParent Strategies that WorkFreedomAllow for downtime. There are many things to do when you transition to a new place or school. Make sure you plan in rest.Reassure them that it takes time to feel comfortable in new situationsAll children will need lots of sleep.Try to establish a routines as soon as possible.

JaneParent Strategies that WorkSchool SupportCheck in with the childs teacher regularlyArrange times for social interaction after schoolGet to know other families in the community

janePTA1st PTA General Meeting

Friday, August 28 at 8:30am,ES Atrium. Mr. Ted Sharp to be guest speaker

Volunteer opportunity following PTA meeting To go to BSB to help Roundabout set up the Book Fair

1st PTA Social Event Friday, September 11. Meet at National Art Museum and/or go to lunch nearbyJaneThank YouPlease feel free to ask questions now, or you may like to make a time to come and speak with us personally.

Email ContactsElementary School Counselor: Aaron.Allen@bcis.cnMiddle School Counselor: Jane.Farrelly@bcis.cnHigh School Counselor: Anthony.Carmen@bcis.cnUniversity Guidance Counselor :


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