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  • Training Seminar on Contract Farming A capacity building workshop for those interested in mainstreaming contract farming 26th 30th of January, 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

    World population growth, high prices of food & agricultural commodities, growing disputes over large-scale land acquisition, increasing demand for food safety and sustainability certification, impact of climate change, etc. have driven the rising interest of private investors, policy makers, and development partners in promoting inclusive business with smallholders in developing countries. Contract farming in particular is expected to be a promising tool to integrate smallholders in sustainable value chains.

    Sound planning, appropriate skills and adequate approaches for starting-up and operating contract farming (CF) schemes are key to success and sustainability. Therefore GIZ has issued the Contract Farming Handbook, which provides a practical and process-oriented approach guiding practitioners through sound planning, starting up, consolidation and up-scaling of CF schemes.



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    Takeaways of the training: Understanding the concept of contract farming as an inclusive business model Appreciation of causalities between CF business model strategies and success or failure Ability to develop concepts for promoting sustainable contract farming schemes

    Training approach: Presentations and discussions of theory and case studies, group work and field visits

    Who should attend? GIZ staffs, public and private organisations interested to facilitate CF, training institutions, contracting companies

    Number of participants: up to 25

    Course fee: 500 EUR*

    Trainers: Margret Will (author of the CF handbook) Dr. Yotsawin Kukeawkasem Contact:


    Download: GIZ Contract Farming Handbook

    *The course fee includes: registration, field trip, venue, lunch & dinner, welcome reception, joint dinner & training material. Hotel accommodation and transport to / from the venue is not included in the course fee. Please arrange for it individually.

    This training is organized by the GIZ Sector Project Agricultural Policy and Food Security in close cooperation with the GIZ SNRD Working Group Agriculture, GIZ Training Bangkok and the GIZ Project ASEAN Sustainable Agrifood Systems


  • Training programme outline:

    Day 1 Sunday 26th, January 2013

    Afternoon: Arrival, registration

    6 pm: Official welcome, objectives, expectations, scene-setting

    7 pm: Welcome reception

    Day 2 Monday 27th

    Participants views: CF in rural development; Conditions for success and failure

    GIZs CF handbook: Structure, contents and use; Three phases for CF development

    Conceptual foundations: CF models and contract types; Incentives and disincentives for CF

    Inclusive business models: CF and the bottom of the pyramid/ smallholders, gender, youth

    Preparation of field visit: Briefing and discussion of essentials to be explored

    Day 3 Tuesday 28th

    Field visit

    Day 4 Wednesday 29th

    Participants feedback: Outline and presentation of the CF business models visited

    Review of the field case studies in the light of the three phases for CF development:

    Phase 1: Initiate & Plan

    Phase 2: Implement & Learn

    Phase 3: Sustain & Grow

    Joint dinner

    Day 5 Thursday 30th

    Facilitating CF development: Moderation of processes; Technical and financial assistance

    Participants interest: Concept development for the promotion of sustainability in CF

    Way forward: Agreement on joint action (if of interest for participants)

    5 pm: Concluding: Workshop evaluation and closing

    Please note this programme is still subject to confirmation

    Training Seminar on Contract Farming: 26th 30th of January, 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

    Features of GIZs CF Handbook: Experiences with CF have been documented

    at large. Indeed, GIZs handbook is the first to provide hands-on advice on how to plan, start-up and operate CF operations.

    CF is about usually fragile farmer-buyer

    linkages. GIZs handbook provides practical guidance for business model innovation at the farm supply-firm procurement interface.

    Contract Framing as a Business Model A business model is characterised by the logic and the arrangements of how a company (farm or firm) creates, delivers and captures value. The CF business model is challenging since it closely links the buyers strategy with the farming systems at the farm supply-firm procurement interface. Hence contractors are interdependent and face risks involved if the design of the CF model is not appropriate for committing one or the other partner to fulfill their obligations.